Facial Sprays!

The beauty market is exploding with facial sprays. In my opinion all of them do the same thing. Ideally you use a facial spray to, A) set your make up or to take away the powdery feel, B) freshen up or cool you down or C) to tone your face.
    I have tried my fair share which include;
    • Mac Fix+ (£11 100ml)
    • Body Shop vitamin E face mist (£7 100ml)
    • Lush tea tree water (£3.25 100ml or £6.45 250ml)
    • Liz Earle instant skin boost tonic (£4.75 30ml)
    • La Roche Posay thermal spa water (£6.50 100ml)

    I have recently tested;

    • Evian brumisateur (£3.50 50ml or £6.95 150ml or £8.95 300ml)
    • Avene thermal water (£3 50ml or £5.25 150ml)

    The only one that is comparable to these to is the La Roche Posay. All are made from thermal water and use the same aerosol spray can packaging.

    The only downside with aerosol face mists is that you can not add anything to it. I used to customise my fix+ by adding some vanilla pigment and rose oil for a moisturising glow.

    However, aerosol face mists are not like normal spray mists as they contain natural mineral water. So, unless you are allergic to water you are safe! They are mineral balanced and PH neutral. (Remember, we always want our PH level in our skin to be balanced!)

    What do I think overall?

    I like Lush's tea tree water to tone my face. I don't often use it to freshen up as I feel it can be drying if used too often.

    I don't favour the Body shops vitamin E face mist or Liz Earles instant skin boost tonic as the packaging for some reason puts me off and therefore have never repurchased, even though the product itself is nice.

    I love Mac's fix+ as I can use it to tone, freshen up and fix my make up but the price compared to others is a bit expensive. I would recommend you use this to fix your make up and customise it if you wish and use a cheaper smaller alternative to carry around in your bag.

    La Roche Posay thermal spa water was lovely to use as I can also use it to tone, freshen up and fix my make up. However I felt it was a bit expensive.

    The Evian brumisateur and Avene thermal water can also be used to tone, freshen up and fix my make up. I really like that both of them are available in 50ml which is really small and cute, making it practical to carry around in your handbag.

    In conclusion..

    The cheapest facial spray that can be used for everthing a facial spray should be used for is the Avene thermal water with the Evian a close 2nd. I really like facial sprays in general and clearly the cheapest appeals to me as I go through bottles quite regularly. The fact that these don't upset the PH balance of skin is also a vital factor. However, I still wouldn't mind a Mac fix+ sitting on my table, but not to carry around in my bag. It all depends on your reasoning for wanting a facial spray.

    Do you use a facial spray?

    I was sent the Evian, Avene and Body Shop vitamine E face mist for review purposes from 3 separate PR firms. I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned. This is my honest opinion as always.


    LillianZahra said…
    I like the Evian facial spray - it's great for freshening up make-up in the summer. I used to always stock up in France as I don't think it used to be available in the UK. x
    Roshni said…
    I have the mac fix plus and I love it. My skin looks dewy and I feel less tired. Furthermore, I've been using it everyday for the last 3 months and I'm
    nowhere near half way! Therefore I think it is good value for money and you can even use it on eyeshadows to further the pigmentation :)
    Matea said…
    I was thinking of publishing a post about facial sprays, and then I came across yours :)
    I really like Avene products...they work wonders for me! Dermatologists in Europe very often recommend this brand, as all of their products contain thermal water! But be careful how you apply them..you should spray your face, let the skin absorb a part of it, and then remove the rest with a towel or something else, as the minerals from the spray might make your skin a bit dry. But that's how thermal water works. At least that's what my dermatologist told me.


    Muhsine Emin said…
    @LiluLipstick yes I remember looking for the Evian a while ago and couldnt find it which is why i ended up getting the la roche posay one instead. It's available now though :)

    @Roshas yes it does last a long time :)

    @sweetmouse24 ooo thanks for that :)
    Lady Danger said…
    I must admit I'm a sucker for Fix+, I love how it can make your makeup look once you've applied it and the smell is lovely.
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @Lady danger yes I LOVE the scent! :)
    Moni said…
    I have been using the spray Evain water every summer for about 10 years now, and love it!
    My skin care is super simple it conissts of three products: rose water, baby wipes and moisturizer (that I have been given by dermatologist). I buy cooking rose water and pur it to spray bottle (from boots) I use only rose water and baby wipes to clean my facew with. I had massive spots and skin problems about a year ago, since I started using only rose water my skin looks perfect.
    I will do a post on my skin care. Over time I realized that less is more definetly if it comes to skin!:)

    Loving your blog!!! xxx
    Devea said…
    OMG I love the idea of customizing MAC's Fix+!! I am going to try that! Thanks for the tip!

    Michélle said…
    Great post! I just recently purchased the Mac fix + spray, but I don't use it that much really..
    Maybe I still don't know how to use it :S haha
    xo Michélle
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @Moni wow that sounds amazing!!

    @Hope no prob! :)

    @Michelle You will soon be addicted! :)
    Hollywood said…
    I have the Avène one and I love it in summer I put it in my fridge it's soo great it tones the skin perfectly <3
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @Hollywood Ahhh the fridge! Excellent idea!! x
    Computergirl said…
    I have the Avene one, I have been using it for about 6 years and love it. I also use Mac Fix+, Neal's yard facial spray, and a couplof spray toners. I havent treid the evia one, though that would be interesting. Will have to look out for it!

    I find sprays useful when workign at the computer.

    Emma :)
    Dandelion said…
    i have never used a facial spray but i really want to try the evian one
    Stephanie said…
    I love the evian facial spray too..especially in summer, its so refreshing!
    Anonymous said…
    I like my shiseido hadasui, so cheap! works as well as MAC fix+! Though like you would mind getting my hands on another bottle if it wasn`t so expensive in Japan!
    Shortiee31 said…
    I got asked to review the Evian facial spray but declined as I saw it as a 'Summer' product! Nice to hear what you thought of them! :)
    Dye-A-Graham said…
    I really like the Aquafina facial mist...it is so lovely and refreshing and it has vitamin e, so after I mist my face I have a nice glow.
    Kajal Couture said…
    I love MAC Fix+!!! Facial sprays are such a luxurious product!

    I've only tried the Lush Tea Tree Water, but I like the sound of an aerosol, especially in summer.

    Tali said…
    LOOOve my fix+

    But also use the evian one to freshen up.

    As for sprays I use the vit e moisturizer in spray form from Body Shop and mix it with rose water for a custom fix +!!

    Great post!
    Saimese said…
    I'm going to the Middle East this summer so I've been reading reviews on face sprays & also looking around for homemade face spray recipes. It's way too hot there & I think it would be nice to carry a face spray around to freshen up in that heat!

    I like the Evian so far, but I'd love to customize a spray with some peppermint oil or something.

    I love the idea of adding vanilla pigment to face sprays as well, but I think I'd use that with Fix + & keep that at home
    Natalie said…
    I'd love to try these! I JUST started using fix + and I love it so much! I always kind of knew about these products but I never felt the need to purchase any. It has really become a necessary item for me because I MUST set my foundation with powder and I hate to look powdery.. the spray definitely fixes that. :) Thanks for the post! I think I may do a comparison as well!
    Unknown said…
    I am a huge fan of facial sprays. Thermal water is always in my toilet closet, from LRP typically, sometimes from Avene.
    I love Mac Fix+ and i do think you would love Clarins makeup fix, it is great!!
    Alexandra said…
    I reaaallly like Clarin's 'brume ecran' it's supposed to protect your skin from pollutants, but it's kinda pricey. For now I am happy with my evian.
    Dermalogica Soothing Protection Spray is great. I have been using it for a couple of years and it feels lovely on your skin. Would recommend for normal/dry skin. x
    ErynneC said…
    I have Fix+, Evian and Avene facial sprays. Among the 3, I like Evian's the most. Although it is cheaper than Fix+, I feel it performs better. I use it everyday to touch up my makeup. Usually, I'll just blot my face and spray this on and my makeup will look all fresh and new again without the need to powder up. And yeah, I have Evian facial spray in the 50ml bottle and it's great for my everyday makeup bag. It's running out soon though. I should get a back up soon! =)
    Tina A. said…
    Great post Muhsine!

    I 'm currently using the Vichy one, I love it to cool down/calm my face, haven't used it on top of my makeup though!

    Will try to check the ones you 've suggested once I 'm out!

    Kate Gene said…
    I don't use a facial spray, but have been curious about them for quite awhile. Thank you for doing this review! You've given me a lot to think about!
    Anonymous said…
    People on Y!A have said that it's just a rip-off and nothing but regular water in a spray bottle, but it seems to be getting good reviews on Sephora. It says that you can use it to set makeup and some reviewers have said that it gives their skin a soft glow. So, is it sort of like a liquid version of bareMinerals's Mineral Veil?
    Royal Canadian mineral water spray review

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