Favourite nude lip products!

There's nothing more I like than nude lips, they look sexy yet understated. I don't actually own too many, as I stick to what works for me. The ones below are the ones I adore and ones that I will repurchase..

  • GOSH - DARLING: Is a very pale pinky peach nude colour, it's creamy and looks lovely on my lips teamed with a heavy smokey eye and any lipgloss.
  • MAC - CREME D'NUDE: Is my favourite nude lipstick as it goes with anything, it's more peach than pink, and ever so creamy because of the creme sheen formula.
  • MAC - HUE: Is a pink toned nude and I love wearing it during the day.
  • REVLON - NUDE ATTITUDE: Is a peach toned matte nude, perfect for when you don't want to draw attention to your lips. It's also warmly pigmented enough to wear during the day.
  • RIMMEL - NUDE DELIGHT: This one is actually my mums but I keep stealing it from her, it's a gorgeous peach toned creamy nude, works well during the day for even the palest skin tones.
  • BODY SHOP - #46: This is the darkest nude I own, it's very peach toned and ever so creamy, this looks gorgeous with just mascara and eyeliner, no need for a smokey eye.

I 'think' I want Mac "Peachstock" lipstick to add to my collection, but I will have to compare it to the Bodyshop and Rimmel ones to see if it's similar. If they are different, then Peachstock WILL be mine. :)

See swatches below.

My favourite lip glosses to team nude lips with are the ones pictured below, this was hard to choose as I own SO much more lipgloss than I do lipstick.

  • MAC - (LE) EMBER GLOW: Is the latest lipglass addition to my collection, it's such a beautiful peach colour that will work well with Body Shop #46, Gosh Darling or even on its own.
  • MAC - UNDERAGE: Is a pinky peach nude lipglass and looks beautiful teamed with any nude lipstick or worn on its own as it's SO pigmented, love it!
  • MAC - C-THRU: Is a peach toned nude lipglass and looks great teamed with any nude lipstick.
  • MAC - (LE) ELLE: This looks pink or a caramel colour depending on the light, it's a very pretty lipglass that gets lots of attention even when worn on its own.
  • ILLAMASQUA - EXPLODE: Is from the Dystopia collection, it looks white but has a pearly pinky lilac sheen, it looks gorgeous worn on its own or teamed with any nude lipstick.
  • MAC - MORNING GLORY: This lustre glass has lilac and pink sparkles and creates a lovely mauve type finish when teamed with Creme d'nude, I love it!
  • MAC - (LE) KITTY KOUTURE: This dazzle glass is a pale light pinky white with pink sparkles, it creates high shine to wherever it's added, I tend to use it on the centre of my lips.
  • MAC - BABY SPARKS: This dazzle glass is pink with pink and blue sparkles, it looks gorgeous teamed with Gosh Darling.
  • NARS - TURKISH DELIGHT: Is a beautiful milky pale pink colour with no shimmer, it's probably my favourite lip gloss. It looks amazing teamed with anything or on its own.
  • BENEFIT - DIDN'T HEAR IT FROM ME: This is my most purchased lip gloss, I have gone through about 10 tubes of it. This was the only lip product I would take with me on holiday in the past and I would use it every night. It's a milky pale peach that is quite simialr to Underage. It looks gorgeous on its own.

See swatches below.

I decided to reorganise my lip products again as the way it was before wasn't that practical, it was nice as everything was laid out but it got a bit confusing in the mornings. This time I organised them all by colour. I am such a freak I know. :)

TIP: Ladies do NOT keep products that you never use, they will just take up space, expire and shadow products that you love. Pass them on!
I only ever keep products I use regularly.

My top 5 nude lip products that I would recommend are:
  1. Mac - 'Creme d'nude' lipstick
  2. Mac - 'Hue' lipstick
  3. Mac - 'Underage' or Nars 'Turkish Delight' lipgloss (They are pretty similar!)
  4. Mac - 'Ember Glow' lipglass
  5. Mac - 'Morning Glory' lustreglass

But I LOVE everything I included in this post, so I want to include them all! :(

I am planning on doing this kind of post for pinks, corals/reds and brown lip products too! Yay or nay?

What are your favourite nude lip products?

Disclaimer: The body shop and Illamasqua products were sent to me, I was not paid to talk about them & I am not affiliated with them. This is my honest opinion as always.


BELLE said…
. said…
Good afternoon :) Yes, please do one for reds soon! My favorite nude is by Victoria's Secret, its called melt. Smells sooo yummy as well.
Stephanie said…
Yay to doing the same thing for other colour families!
My favourite nude lipsticks are GOSH darling and YSL Rouge Volupte #2, both so creamy and moisturizing! I find that Rimmel's Nude Attitude clashes with my skin tone and is too drying and accentuates lines!
Hollywood said…
Oh thank you for all the swatches I can't find a nude that doesn't look like concealer on me (I guess I always pick them too light)! The GOSH one looks so creamy and a little bit glossy I may be tempted by this one =).
Also I love how all your lipsticks are classified per colors it's so cute.
Anonymous said…
Would love to see more...I have Ember Glow and love it too!
Εvi said…
I'd love to see your collection of corals and reds! But who am I kidding, I'd love to see all your lip products from every colour family! I clicked on the last picture and I was staring, staring, admiring the sight... There's something about looking at all those products gathered together like that which makes me think of my next lipgloss purchase!!!
Belle Du Jour said…
You are so organized. You are my idol! I love Gosh Darling, last time i was in london I bought 4 tubes! Hue is my favorite mac one obviously. I am loving some others right now too! xx
Anonymous said…
Definatley yay to more of these posts! I would like to purchase a peachey/coral lip product (most likely a lipstick) so it would be fab to see what you recomend :)
Tali said…
My fave nudeas are... Opal Lipglace from Laura Mercier (a brown nude)
Mac Creme de nude (but i have to top it with gloss to make it work) and pretty much all the nude dior glosses i own. They always have a bit of sparkle to them so they are uber wearable!

Great post. I did try color coordinate my lip products recently but after a few days it all got mixed up and ive given up!!!
VaidaG said…
Thanks you for this post, i was actually in hunt for good nude lip product... i think i will go with Gosh lipstick, it looks the most gorgeous for me :)
Michélle said…
Love this post! You have a lot of my own favorites! Love how you organize them too ;)
xo Michelle
Rosa Adores... said…
yes please! the same for other colour catagories would be great! :)
i love how you store your lip products xxx
It was an earlier post of yours that pushed me over the edge and made me decide that I needed to pick up Ember Glow and I am so glad I did! It's such a great colour, i don't kno how I almost passed it up. It really doesn't look like too much in the tube, but on the lips it is pure LOVE.

I have heard many great things about GOSH Darling and MAC Creme D'Nude. I've been wanting to get that MAC one for a while but I seem to always end up spending my beauty budget on all the LE things and miss out on getting permanent items! Great post! :)
Unknown said…
great post and very useful since we have similiar skin tones.
Roshni said…
Thank you for doing this post.. I was thinking of
buying some nude glosses! I want to get
mac hue, creme d'nude and shy girl :) I hope they don't wash my skin colour out... I'm an nc37 so hopefully they will look fine on me? X
iliketweet said…
I generally wear no lipstick or bright red lipstick, I need to get in on the nude lip action I think...


Anonymous said…
I have just bought GOSH Darling because of your post! hee hee! You have so much makeup - love it! x
Unknown said…
yayy for benefit 'diddnt hear it from me!'!

discontinued i think though :( xxx
Anonymous said…
Swatches are really helpful! x
missmascara1983 said…
Great post. I have the rouge volupte, rimmel nude delight, darling and others I cant even remember. I have just bought shedloads of nyx nudes online and cant wait to try them out. x
Sheefa F said…
love this post and love ya collection :D
Anonymous said…
Ok, I think I am getting the Rimmel nude now as well as the Benefit gloss, both are gorgeous!!
Libbeh said…
I love, love, love this post!!

You've fueled my many lemmings for nude, pink, and coral lippies!

Oh how I dream of having a nude, pink, & coral lippie & lip glosses collection!

Marina said…
I really like that you have only those products that you use! Now I am the same way ;) Don't see the point of having tones of products and never use them.. And great post. Would love to see your fav coral products x
Marina (makeup4all)
Muhsine Emin said…
Yay! love reading all of your comments :) thanks for the support! Will do my favourite pink, reds/corals and brown lip products too! X

@Hollywood gosh darling will look gorgeous on you!

@Tali dior glosses are LOVELY!

@SoVeryFabulous Ember glow is just amazing, as soon as it touches the lips and blends out it looks so natural and beautiful!

@Rochas hue and creme dnude are quite pigmented, they wont wash you out. x

@Marina glad you like it, if I kept everything my collection would be disgustingly huge and I wouldnt get around to using my favourites. :)
Anonymous said…
Already adore Hue and Underage but your little collection is fab and has thrown up a few newbies to dream about!
Sara said…
Great post! Badly need that Ember Glow lipglass and Underage! I Adore MAC's Jubilee lipstick as a nudey shade. You may or may not consider it more brown but to me its a nude. For ligloss a good cheapie is Bonne Bell Cappucino- my all time favorite since highschool! They also have a creamy milky pink shade that I adore, reminds me of Turkish delight, I actually like it better because its not as sticky AND cheap! I also love Turkish Delight, Revlon Smooth Nude lipstick, MAC Hue, MAC Freckletone (again you may or may not consider this brown. I dont own it but Peachstock is BEAUTIFUL and I musttt get it! Thanks beautiful, take care! ♥
Muhsine Emin said…
@Sara I don't have jubilee or freckletone, I WILL check them out and save my pennies or use up some of my products so I can back to mac :) I love nude browns, the lip products in my 'browns' section are all basically nude brown lip products, really lovely. x
Ally said…
Great post, would love to see more like it! :)
I love nude lip colours, you've a great collection, unfortunately I've pale skin and dark hair so I don't think I could pull them off! :(
LillianZahra said…
I love the L'Oreal "Made for Me" Nude lipstick. Your collection looks great - I really like the look of the Body Shop nude lipstick. x
Nayooo said…
Yes you should definitely do posts for the other colour groups!
I love how you've organised your lipsticks by colour family - what a great idea!

I have Creme d'Nude and Myth...and am still considering getting GOSH darling - as I like the pinky undertone. How much does it cost at Boots? I may get hubby to pick it up for me when he goes there at the end of this month (In Canada - GOSH lipsticks cost around the same as MAC lipsticks - don't know if that's the same in the UK?)

I also want to look into NYX lipglosses to match my nude lipsticks - I've heard that a lot of their glosses are amazing.
Daisy said…
Love this post! My favourite is creme d'nude too- love how it has a peachy tone to it. Also love Gosh darling. My fav nude gloss is Florabundance x
Dandelion said…
i wish i could get my hands on gosh darling
Miss Beautify said…
I love how organised your collection is!
Also, my sister swears by GOSH Darling. Never tried it myself though, must have a try next time I see her =)
I have RIMMEL NUDE DELIGHT, and I love pairing it with an orangy gloss!
Heather S. said…
I loved this post--very informative! It would be great if you did a post like this for your corals/reds, pinks, and browns :)
Sofia said…
great nudies..I love ur swatches do u do them under natural light?
Muhsine Emin said…
@sofee thank u, yes under natural sunlight so it doesn't interfere with the true colour.
Do you know of any peachy lipstick that comes close to audrey hepburn's in breakfast at tiffany's?
Beautygirl24 said…
Thank you for this post! I have been deciding if I should get underage, hue, and creme d nude. I am waiting to get a little tan though, because I am quite pale at the moment and I'm not sure they will look right on me!
Stephanie said…
I loved this nude post! But I'm surprised gosh Darling works for you. I have it but I haven't tried it yet. I can already tell it'll make me look like paste on my lips. Nude Attitude gives me a dead look. I love Rimmel's Nude Delight. Another thing that makes me look like paste is Elf Nymph. You may like that one if you liked the others... I will have to look through your posts for photos of you wearing gosh darling to see how it looks with your skin tone. You seem on the medium/tan side?
Muhsine Emin said…
@Ella Pretty Gosh is almost half the price of a mac lipstick in the UK :/

@Stephanie yes, I'm on the medium - tan side. I only wear gosh darling when I do really heavy eye make up to balance the look, I dont just wear it during the day, it's way too pale for that. Nude attitude works for me during the day as it's quite warm, I like to wear it with warm bronzed eyes. Hope that helps, the searchbar on the left should help you to find me wearing the lipsticks I mentioned. x
lina said…
wow it's a nice post
my favourite NUDE lipstick is YSL Rouge Volupte №2 (cream,natural color)
Ashwini said…
A beautiful post with great pictures as usual! And no you are not a freak for organizing! I totally agree on discarding or giving away unloved makeup. I'm putting together a little love bundle for my sister full of my unloved makeup for her to play with.
luckymirai said…
great faves !!
I actually love Mac's Peachstock and it was highly recommend to me by the makeup artist at Mac. I pair it with Viva Glam lip gloss. I suggest for you to try it.
I also LOVE Gosh Darling and it's also one of my favourite lipstick at the moment. I am actually searching for someone who could send me Gosh or if someone would love to swap. :)
nadia davey said…
Wow, you have so many nude lip products! I love your blog soo much. I have just got my blog started and would love your opinion if you have some spare time :). thank you xx
Tina A. said…
Quite a collection you 've got there! :)
Great products and I love the way you organise them! :)

exellent post! i would love to see your favourite browns :)
beyoutifulkaye said…
thanks for this post.
so helpful!
im def loving underage and pinky nudes :]
Unknown said…
I LOVE nude lip products- a really useful post so thanks!

Your blog is great :)

on345667755 said…
yay i just bought Turkish delight :)
I LOVE Hue lipstick from M.A.C & Turkish Deelight lipgloss from NARS! They're MUST-HAVE!!!

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