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Hey girls, you all know that I want longer hair. My aim is to grow it another 6 inches. Realistically I would probably reach this goal at the end of the year, not by summer! :( Anyway, I have been obsessed with the condition of my hair and I have cut down on the amount of heat styling in a bid to avoid regular trims. The past month, I have been bombarding my hair with hair masks...

Here's a photo below of my hair mid length. It looks quite smooth as I just straightened it, the colour is looking a bit random so I may do a semi permanent hair dye as my roots are showing. My hair has grown about an inch and a half since the beginning of February when I got my hair cut and coloured.

Sometimes I just feel like giving up on growing my hair and feel like getting a sexy short angled bob instead. I may do that one day, just for fun!

Here's what I have been using... I use all treatments prior to washing, I apply all over my hair and wear a shower cap so that I can let my hair sweat for roughly 30mins. I then shampoo and condition as normal.

  • BODY SHOP- BRAZIL NUT MOISTURE MASK. This is to restore and strengthen dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. I apply to dry unwashed hair. I have used and purchased this many times before over the years, I can really see a difference after I use it. It feels and looks much healthier and softer. Price £8 / 200ml
  • PHILIP KINGSLEY - ELASTICIZER. This is an intensive moisturising treatment for all hair types to add elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. You apply this to wet unwashed hair. This is my favourite mask to use as when I rinse this out, my hair feels incredibly soft and it really feels stronger and less dry after I dry my hair. Price £23.50 / 150ml
  • LUSH - MARILYN. This is a hair moisturiser for blonde hair, that doesn't put me off just because I'm a brunette. I apply this to dry unwashed hair. I feel like it neutralises the colour of my hair making it look less brassy. I don't feel it makes a major difference with regards to softness. Price: £7.60 / 225g

When I don't put my faith into science, I generally use pure oils as a deep conditioning hair mask. I either use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or avocado oil. I may mix them depending on the mood I am in. If I have got time on my hands, I will try to massage the oils deep into my scalp to stimulate hair growth.

(Images: Google - made into a collage by me.)

What's your favourite hair mask?

Disclaimer: The elactizer and brazil nut hair mask were provided for consderation for review. I did not get paid to mention them and I am not affiliated with the brands. This is my honest opnion as always.


Coconut oil and olive oil are my main treatments. I do one or the other once a week (on the weekend).
I feel like I lose more hair when I do the oil treatments but the hair is over all lot better after the oil treatment!! I usually leave it on over night and put a towel over my pillow.
Ive never used a mask before, but I am tempted to try!!
Unknown said…
I swear by coconut oil. I also like mixing it with bannanas and you have got yourself a super natural hair mask.
mizzworthy said…
I still need to try the elasticizer - how often do you use these treatments on your hair?
Muhsine Emin said…
@Tunics & Tamarind Chutney That's interesting, it can be hard to wash the oil out sometimes. It's great to leave it in over night, I like to do that with avocado or coconut oil as it doesn't smell as much as olive oil. X

@Shellsea Oooo I have never mixed coconut oil with bananas, I must try that!!!
Unknown said…
I usually use natural/organic oil for my hair masks, but I also do have marylin mask and I must say it works great on my blonde hair!

When I have the time I treat my hair with:
1/2 fresh,smashed avocado
1 egg
1/2 fresh, smashed banana
1 ts organic olive oil
1 ts organic coconot oil

I mix it all together and leave the mask on my hair at least an hour.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Mizzworthy about once a week... but if I feel like I need an extra something I may use it twice a week. X
Aru said…
My favourite mask is by Sephora and it's a soya protein based mask, I use it on wet hair and keep it for 5 min..than I wash my hair and it strenghtens and repairs them, keeping them very soft =)

Muhsine Emin said…
@SummerBabe that sounds perfect, I have used eggs in my hair before too, ooo the things we do :)
Anonymous said…
bir ara TBS fındıklı saç maskesini kullanmıştım memnundum ama şimdi daha farklı ürünler kullanıyorum.
Belle Du Jour said…
I must try that brazil nut one. That's my favorite body butter. My hair is in need of some TLC.

Anonymous said…
i've tried the Kérastase Masque Oléo-Relax but found the smell to be overwhelming and it weighed my hair down a lot. i already have thick wavy/curly hair so i didn't need the weight.

i prefer this Kiehl's hair mask that they've since discontinued but it was pink and had a pepperminty smell.

right now my hair is quite healthy because i haven't coloured it in ages and i only blowdry and straighten my bangs. but i still want to try a mask for extra nourishment so i'm looking for a light one. any suggestions?

Εvi said…
Personally I don't use masks on my hair ;)

Although when I want to "weigh my hair down" to aid my straighteners perform at their best, I use a hair mask as a conditioner- it works wonders!
fantastic said…
thanks for the reminder to pay special attention to hair...mine often gets thrown back in a band, when i feel as though i've gotten off track with it. i love the nut fragrance from body shop! x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Dani the lush masks are quite light in my opnion, maybe try those? xx
LilyRibbons said…
I had the same aim as you a year ago Muhsine, and now im at the stage where its almost too long.
I just never get it cut! I use a semi permanent black dye which fades to a nice colour and i use the intensive conditioners that come with the dye for about 15 mins every week, my fave is Loreals casting creme gloss, the conditioner is amazing! I really recommend not cutting! Its a pain for a while, but now mines the length i want and i love it!.. plus its in great condition i get so many compliments about shine and lenth! Keep going you'll get there!
Lil xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@lil that's good to hear :) I will be getting a semi perm dye soon... can't wait for it to be super long :) xx
Onna said…
I'm in the same position as you!! wanting to grow my hair and buying loads of products to try to help it along the way!!! I find it gets so boring growing your hair but I'm determined!
Dandelion said…
don't cut it your hair looks sooo gorgeous!!!
my hair is very dry and really needs some hairmasks
Hollywood said…
I love your posts they're always so useful I don't use anything on my hair cause I didn't know where to start and I didn't want chemicals in my hair...Coconut's oil sounds perfect for !
Claire M said…
your hair looks in fab condition- eurgh you should see mine!***shame*** It really needs a cut!
I love your page by the way!
Kim said…
I love giving my hair a massage with warm olive oil every weekend.. for a super conditioning mask try the egg-olive oil conditioning mask.. basically one egg whipped with olive oil and a tiny bit of lemon juice/vinegar..smells as bad as it sounds but money can't buy the shine you get out of this thing.. I'm trying to grow my hair out now as well and am using Amla hair oil.. it is really working!!
I apply oil to my hair twice a week. I put in Black Castor Oil on my scalp/roots, and leave it overnight.

I also use Dabur's Vatika (has coconut oil, henna and other natural ingrediants). I warm it up and apply it to my ends, and leave it in for around 6 hours.

I tried Lush's H'suan Wen Hua because my cousin RAVED about it - but it didn't do much for my hair at all. Have you ever tried it?
M said…
ok, something totally offtopic :) but after i've read your first makeup storage post i liked your laura ashley drawer box so much i just knew i had to have it. so after 6 months i finally got someone from london to buy it for me but now i need to know how much does it weigh. Do you have any idea are those boxes under or more then 2 kilo (when empty) ?
i so wish you can tell me...
javaholic said…
What really helps to speed up hair growth is contrast shower , cold - warm, cold -warm for a few times and finish with cold shower. My hair is waist length and I swear by this method. And it doesn't cost a dime.
The Vanity Page said…
Ooh this post was timed perfectly, I was just considering what to do with my hair because it's looking quite dry at the moment. Elasticizer here I come :)
Will probably get some oils too, coconut sounds more appealing than the olive oil in my kitchen xx
My favourite one is Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Hair Mask. It's an amazing product. I'm having a make up contest, would you like to join it? :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@kim ooo will have to try it. x

@Ella Pretty yes I have tried Lush's H'suan Wen Hua but didn't think it was anything special, it was just blah. x

@maja it's certainly less than 2kgs, it's basically pretty covered cardboard. xx

@javaholic thanks, I will try that, it's worth a shot :) x

@Lipstick on the cup That mask sounds lovely, if I have time i will enter your contest, but doubt it :( xx
Anonymous said…
hey bubblegarm! I use the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment once a week- I usually leave it in overnight and then wash it out in the morning, and it leaves my hair so soft and moisturized.
Hi Muhsine,

My hair is fine and I highlight it so I have to take extra care of it. I think my hair experienced an important change when I tried the range Bonacure from Schwarzkopf. I like the color save or the hair repair treatment, both are great. I also use the shampoo and since then, my hair is stronger and revitalised.

Thank you for your great reviews :)
Ashwini said…
You should continue with coconut oil based products. I believe the Indian brand Dabur enriched coconut oil has additional aryurvedic herbs in them to stimulate hair growth. Best of luck with it--I think your hair is gorgeous anyways!
Anonymous said…
I recently went from brunette to blonde and it completley ruined my hair. I have thought about Hair Masks and recently bought H'Suan Wen Hua from Lush - fingers crossed it will help my poor hair. I am thinking about Marylyn aswell.. will see how this goes. xxx
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to try the coconut products, my hair is a disaster from monthly lightening!!!


Sophia said…
I use L'oreal nutri gloss masque (the pink pot - available from supermarkets) it's amazing for making your look so glossy!

Unknown said…
Coconut oil and indian gooseberry oil is good for hair, I personally used it makes my hair soft and shiner.
Stace xx said…
Hi, i use 100% pure jojoba oil on my hair, you can buy it from holland & Barrett, its not that expensive & makes my hair very soft, i massage it in my hair & leave it 4 a while then shampoo/condition as normal :-) xx
Unknown said…
I like picking up some protein filler at my local beauty supply store and adding it to my deep conditioner, then leaving it on for 5 minutes or overnight and rinsing in the morning. Also, I've noticed that by leaving my hair natural most days and only using the blow dryer/flat iron once or twice a week my hair has gotten really shiny and healthy!

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