Lip & Cheek Stains

A lip / cheek stain is a liquid formula product that does exactly what it's supposed to do, which is to stain. I really like lip & cheek stains, as they last a long time and you don't look like you are wearing any make up because they dry completely matte with no shimmer, glitter or gloss to them. I don't use them as often as I used to as I discovered lots of lovely new blushes recently, but with the sunshine approaching I think these are great products for the summer, as with a dewy liquid foundation, they look very pretty and natural.

  • A cheek stain is for you if you like the idea of a cream blush, dislike the powdery texture and want a fresh looking blush that lasts ALL DAY.
  • A lip stain is for you if you hate wearing lipstick as you can't stand the texture or want something to last ALL DAY on your lips.
I currently have four in my collection, and wanted to share my thoughts on them.

    • BODY SHOP - LIP & CHEEK STAIN (£9.50 - 8ml): This was actually the first stain I tried about 5 years ago and I went through about 20 tubes of it. It has a doe foot applicator and a watery consistency. The colour is like a Rose berry toned red. I used to wear it on my lips and my cheeks at the same time. It doesn't have a scent, overall a great product but I went through them TOO quickly. Omg, I have just checked the website and it's now also available in shimmering coral and bronze glimmer!
    • Would I re purchase? Yes, but only in different shades as I am a bit bored of the colour I own.

    • BENEFIT - BENETINT (£23.50 - 12.5ml): I discovered this soon after I discovered the Body Shop one, I have only ever purchased 2 bottles of this. It looks a bit like a nail varnish bottle, with a brush applicator. I loved this at first because of the rose scent, and because of the pink berry red colour. But, I actually find it hard to use as it's SO watery, as soon as you put it on your cheeks, it drips down. You have to work really quickly or your left with dodgy patches. Benefit also have 'Posey Tint' which is a thicker pinkified version of this, which I have never tried.
    • Would I repurchase? No.

    • BOURJOIS - ROUGE HI-TECH (£7.29 - 8.5ml): I first purchased one of these about 2 years ago, and have recently been reunited with another colour. These are much thicker in consistency than the others which give them better control. It has a does foot applicator making it easy for application. The Bourjois stains are actually marketed for your lips, but they are certainly safe to use on your cheeks. The colours are also more vivid looking and there is a wide variety of colours available. The most striking one for me is the coral (82 -Rouge Futuriste) as it's hard to find a stain in the warm toned family. The berry red (86 - Cyber cassis) looks like a dupe for the Benetint and Bodyshop stains, it looks more pigmented upon initial swatch, but once blended, it's from the same family.
    • Would I repurchase? Yes.

    See swatches below, you can see that the 'Bene Tint' didn't even behave for the picture, drip drip drip all the way down.

    Once blended, they all look very wearable, you can build the colour up to as dark or as sheer as you want.

    Here are the swatches again with the initial swatches to show you how sheer yet buildable they are.

    I have also tried Smashbox O-gel, which I didn't really like. I am gutted I never purchased Mac's 'Just a pinch' LE gel blush as I think I would have got a lot of use out of it.

    What do you think of lip & cheek stains? Any favourites?

    Disclaimer: I received one of the Bourjois products for review purposes, I was not paid for this post & I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned. This is my honest opinion as always.


    missmascara1983 said…
    Great post, I have never really tried stains that much, as I have always felt that they are quite expensive for what they are. I would rather have another mascara! I do have the two colours in the 2True range from Superdrug, as they were so cheap, I didnt think I had anything to loose. They are suprisingly good but I just always forget I have them! xx
    I've just received the Body Shop one in a swap, can't wait to try it! Looks very promising from your swatches. Thanks for sharing this! xxx
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @missmascara1983 lol @ the fact that you would have another mascara, I can tell by your name :) I haven't tried anything from the 2true range, but they are all the same really, mememe does them too! x

    @Rocaille try it on your lips as well as your cheeks! X
    Anonymous said…
    I like posts like this as I have never tried a cheek stain before and its nice to see what different products are out there! I had considered the Benefit one before but think i'll give that a miss now- looks far too drippy! The body shop one looks nice though, i always forget how they do makeup aswell as skincare x
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @Gemma, I'm glad, I wanted to do summaries of some of the products I own so thought these kind of posts would be helpful. Bodyshop have a few bits and pieces in their makeup line worth talking about. :)
    Hollywood said…
    I can't make them work for me cause I use a Mineral foundation. Do you have any tips for this?

    Thank you,
    Chloe <3
    Lucy said…
    I love the Bourjois lipstains :-)
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @hollywood oooo no they won't work on top of powder, it would just go patchy! No tips xx
    Tali said…
    I also went through about 20 tubes of the body shop one. Its just such a good color but it dies run out fast!
    I tried the bronze bodyshop one that came out a year ago and that was ok (the shimmer kindof split from the base color) but i think they may have change the formula now.
    Gaby Fauchon said…
    Thanks for sharing this. I haven't tried cheeks stain yet. The one from the Body Shop looks gorgeous!
    Asiya said…
    i am a little bit weary of cheek stains because i'm always worried i'll look like i smudged marker on my face.
    what brush do you use to apply them?

    Asiya said…
    oh, and i have an idea that might work for HOLLYWOOD because i use mineral foundation.

    whenever i need to use a product that requires a liquid foundation underneath, i tend to mix my mineral powder with a moisturizer and apply it as a tinted moisturizer instead of in its powder form. I don't know if this will work with a stain though, since i've never used one before, but it's worth a go.

    Really interesting post.

    I only own Benetint and totally agree with you about working fast with it.

    From the swatches I think you have convinced me to buy one of the Bourjois tints.

    Thanks again for the post.

    Fee x
    I did a post on comparing benetint and posietint a while back, and I agree with you benetint is just too runny to really work with. Posietint is a much better formulation, but I prefer the colour payoff of benetint
    LillianZahra said…
    I've always been quite scared of stains...I've had Benetint applied on me a few times when I've had makeovers at the Benefit counter and I really like the effect...just not sure if I could apply it properly myself! The Bodyshop one looks really good - I always forget to look at their make-up. x
    Anonymous said…
    I can honestly say I've never been disappointed in bourjois products. They have lots of pigment and they have incredible mascara!!! Back to my point I've tried they're stain the color is rich and really pretty!
    I'm hesitant although about the bodyshop products they always feel cheap and ruin my skin.

    AllThingsGirly said…
    I'm liking the look of the body shop one must check this out online... I have something similar at the moment which i do like for a sheer hint of colour but the texture is just far too watery which i don't like and i don;t think it lasts that long but it could be me ... ELF studio line have just brought out a lip stain in a few different colours so i am going to try one as i prefer a lip stain sometimes to lipsticks/glosses and they are a versatile product, i use mine on eye lids, cheeks and lips...x
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @aaina I always use my fingers, never a brush. xx

    That's a good tip for @Hollywood, it would actually be interesting to mix powder with moisturiser, might try that with some pigments :)
    Ashwini said…
    Bourgoise and Benetint look like the best colors. I might try to find Bourgoise Futuristic in my local ULTA. Thanks for the helpful post. I'm liking these multi-product posts. :)
    Christel said…
    Awesome post!
    I would love to get my hands on some of those Bourjois stains. They look devine!
    Unknown said…
    Beautiful blog so happy mizzworthy recommended yours. Look forward to your reviews.xx

    how do you go about applying let alone "evenly" applying a cheek stain?
    Fiona M said…
    I also have tarte's cheekstain which I don't really like as it is tacky. I love love love Posie Tint - it is my go-to blush. I also have 2 lip and cheek stains from Stila which are really pretty. Stains are probably my favorite blush type as they are so natural.

    A year a go I was doing my search with "Lip and cheeks stains" and I also looked at the Benetint one. It didn't convince me at all. Like you say, is very watery and difficult to apply. But I tried the "Beachtint" from Becca cosmetics, and I love it. It has a light creamy texture and it beautifully lights your face without looking like "Heidi" (if you know what i mean). Plus, it has a subtle watermelon scent. I highly recommend it : )
    Daisy said…
    That Body Shop lip stain takes me back! It was one of my first beauty products too!Great post x
    LushBlush21 said…
    Thanks for doing this post :) I wanted to try a cheek stain but was afraid! haha

    blog award :)
    LushBlush21 said…
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @Carly Thank you! :)

    @vadilucia I just dab it on my cheek area and blend with my fingers right away, easy once you get used to it!

    @Marta omg 'beachtint' sounds like something I 'need'!!! :)
    Εvi said…
    FIY I have this Body Shop stain in Bronze Glimmer and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! When applied it looks like there are two different tones going on- the same rosy stain as a base and on top of that some bronze shimmer... Somehow this rosy-bronze combination doesn't look flattering at all :(
    Unknown said…
    I agree the Bourjois ones are good. Well so I thought until I tried Beauté Liqui-Gel stains. I wasn't sure if they would live up to the hype (and the price!) but they completely do. I love the consistency of them (not at all runny, more slightly gel like), and they blend beautifully. I have found that they also have much better staying power than Benetint and Bourjois. What I love too is that there's a choice of colours (I'm the colour of a ghost but they do shades that suit different facial skin tones too), and I find that I use them more on my lips and not just my cheeks, which I've tended to do with the others. So , all in all, I think I'm getting my money's worth from my little investment.
    Unknown said…
    Better than Bourjois? I havent heard of Beauté before, where do you get it?
    Unknown said…
    @x0Dimples0x - If you havent tried Beauté stains, I cant recommend them enough. I get them from
    Muhsine Emin said…
    @cbsg5861 Ooo thanks for that!! Will pass. x

    @Fairyface uh oh!!! :) I have tried the weightless lip creme and gloss from Beaute, so the lipstains will be next on the list! xx
    Anonymous said…
    there is carmine in the benetint so never buy it! carmine is made of crushed insects! check wikipedia and other sites!

    oh and i love the body shop one :)
    Anonymous said…
    love the bourjois ones! i think these are discontined, are these?

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