Revlon Photo Ready Review + Spring Collection and Gray Suede!

Are you ready for Photo Ready?

'Photo Ready' is the latest foundation from Revlon to achieve a huge interest within the beauty community. Revlon has had a huge success with Colorstay, therefore expectations for this one are high.

The foundation comes with a great pump for practical and controllable usage.

The texture is much lighter than color stay, but still quite thick. I have the shade 003 'Shell' which is quite light for me, but I wore it anyway minus the fake tan.

It is very easily blended with no streaking.

It looks quite dewy on instant application but dries to an invisible matte finish, if you close your eyes and touch the area in which you applied, it's not detectable. Even though it is matte, it looks like there is a sheen, which looks pretty.

Hit the sunlight and is there an Edward Cullen factor?
Errrr, YES!

Direct sunlight enables you to see tiny sparkles, it's very hard to capture in a photograph but I almost managed it in the photo below - taken with no flash.

The foundation itself feels light on the skin, I think it's a great foundation for when you want to be photographed or perfect for a night out. It's a medium coverage foundation with coverage that is buildable. I will NO WAY again wear this during the day in direct sunlight as I look like I have attacked my face with a sparkly highlighting powder. But, I think it would make a good highlighter . I recommend you swatch this on your hand in the shop and walk out into direct sunlight to see how you feel about the sparkles before purchasing if you are planning to use this as an everyday foundation.

Revlon Photo Ready £12.99 (available in 8 shades.)


The pastel colours are very striking and perfect for spring. In addition to what you see in the picture below there is a lilac nail polish and 2 other shades of lipgloss. Available in March 2010.

  • Super lustrous lipgloss £6.49
The lip glosses are the star of the collection for me, they are incredibly pigmented and long lasting. I wore 'Coral Reef' on Saturday for the whole day and my lips looked as fresh as ever. Application is with a doe foot applicator and the formula is quite smooth, it's not sticky at all and feels more like a moisturising lip balm. All of the glosses are milky pastel shades with no shimmer or glitter. the packaging also looks quite expensive compared to other drugstore brands, I like the touch of gold!

See swatches of 'Lilac Pastelle', 'Pink Pop' and 'Coral Reef' below.

  • 'Summer Suedes' eyeshadow quad £7.99

The colorstay eyeshadow quad is limited edition, it includes a matte baby blue, red toned brown with slight green sheen (few shades lighter than Mac 'Club' e/s), matte pink and a matte coral. The colour payoff of the eye shadows are very impressive, however they are very dusty.

  • Nail polishes £6.29
Minted (028) is a pale milky mint green which is similar to Peppermint Patti. It looks very pretty and perfect for the Spring season.

Gray Suede (030) is a nude taupe colour with not much hint of gray. It has a subtle sheen to it and is perfect colour for the summer. I find it hard to wear most peachy nudes as they make my hands look ill, but this one has enough pigmentation in it for it to look perfect against my skin tone. I plan on wearing it with turquoise flip flops and a silver toe ring. It looks very sophisticated and alluring. Gray suede is available in June.

I used 2 coats for both shades with no base coat, it was easy application and no streaking.

Have you picked up anything from Revlon recently?

All products were went to me for review purposes, I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with the brand. This is my honest opinion as always.


Anonymous said…
Good idea about doing a hand swatch of the foundation and looking at it indoors AND out in the sun before purchasing- i am not sure about the glitter idea so will definatley be doing this! Fab review as always :)
Sophie said…
Wow, Nice! I want to try all of that, looks gorgeous :)
I like the looks of Edward but I don't know if I want the 'Edward' look myself. LOL. I love the glosses! Must investigate Canadian availability!

Unknown said…
I wore Revlon Photoready over the weekend and didn't notice the shimmer on me at all - just aswell! I like it as a whole though. Nice coverage and not too heavy as you say.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Vex in the city
Lucky you! :) It showed up on me A LOT! x
Ashwini said…
Gorgeous colors! I really love the lipglosses and might try it when Revlon has its many BOGO sales. Thanks for the yummy pictures too!
Anonymous said…
I love the glosse ,I always like their super lustrous glosses and I luv the polishes !!
xo mw
Unknown said…
I won the Lilac Pastelle polish in a Grazia competition and I love it! Pics on my blog if you want a look!

I'm definately picking up some of the glosses on Wednesday, probably Peach Petal and Pink Pop, and you've just convinced me to check Coral Reef, thanks!
Lola said…
I got so excited when I saw there was a lilac lip gloss. Yes!! lol I absolutely LOVE a lilac lip. It kind of reminded me of MAC's ever so rich lip glass, its pretty sheer but from the looks of it the revlon one seems to be a lot more pigmented, like you said already.

The foundation looks really nice, not sure about the shimmer though. Great review and great pictures, as always :)

oooh, I can't wait until I can get this in the states!
My friend bought the Revlon Photo Ready foundation and discouraged me from buying it. In photos it washes your face out because of the shimmer, (especially with the flash on!)
iliketweet said…
Love the colours, I quite fancy having a sparkly face...


binia said…
tell me, WHERE did you get the photoready? is it out in the UK yet?
(lipsglossed look lovely, the colours are fab!)
I love the Minted Revlon nailpolish - so exciting to have a similar colour to Peppermint Patti available. And if you can get a top coat with light green shimmer on it - you'd have a dupe for Chanel Jade. I bought Claire's Dreamcatcher as a Jade dupe - but my kids emptied half the bottle out on the carpet! Not too bad though - as the Claire formula is pretty dicey. Think Revlon would be nice and smooth though!

I love Revlon lipglosses - I have # 010 (Shine City) in my make up bag at all times. Very moisturising and long lasting. And the packaging is like a shorter & fatter Chanel glossimer!
Anonymous said…
So pleased there is a pump with the new foundation. All the lovely colours make me feel very summery!
I have been looking for Photoready every week and it's still not being stocked on shelves. It makes me want it even more! Gray Suede looks nice and the Lilac lipgloss looks interesting, but I don't think lilac would suit my colouring!
Harpreet said…
does the foundation make your skin look greasy due to the shimmer?
Muhsine Emin said…
@Binia I had it sent to me x

@Ella pretty awww ur kids got happy :) x

@Harpreet not at all! it's so matte, you only see the sparkles in the sun and even then it's not greasy looking.
Michélle said…
Great review! Not very tempted to buy the foundation, although it looked amazing on your hand! :)
Tali said…
Those lipglosses are gorgeous... I cant believe they are revlon!!! xx
Rosa Adores... said…
love the colour of gray suede and the lipglosses look lovely!
Lucy said…
Oooh pink pop looks NICE!
masriya said…
what under eye concealer are you using in the ripe peach and ember glow FOTD?
Anonymous said…
Lovely post gorgeous. I am worried about the sparkle factor with the new foundation but I'm going to pick some up anyway. I love the packaging and just cant resist it. If I find it too shimmery I'm just gonna mix it with my other foundations.
Dazzledust25 said…
Superb post! as always. I want it all :) The revlon foundation looks great despite the sparkle effect I think I'll give it a go. Thanks for sharing x
I love the look of the lipglosses, shame about the sparkles in the foundation, it would have been so good otherwise x
Muhsine Emin said…
@reem-ccecream it was YSL touche eclat, I forgot to mention it xx
Nikki said…
Wow Pink pop looks like a gorgeous spring colour! I have been looking for a pink that isnt too light at the moment and I think this might just be the shade I am looking for! :)
Kate Gene said…
I keep hearing good things about those glosses. I should go get some. I really like the colors you picked up! And yes, the gold makes them look luxe.
Would you have bought the Revlon stuff with your own money had you not been sent it?

(Genuine question - I believe your review but the acid test for me is if a blogger would have purchased it anyway)

Hope you are well?

Emma x
Anonymous said…
ooohhh I love the idea of the revlon photo finish! Is it safe to try on sensitive skin?


The Fac Couture said…
OMG I love this Mint color!!! It's Revlon ya? I'm gonna get it...not sure if it's available in my area though... thanks babe!

JN from The Fac Couture
Dhriti said…
hey! i wanted to ask how do you get companies to send you products to do a review on them? Do you send them email to request them to send you their products? If so, what do you write in the email?

I'm going out to look for Coral Reef today, thanks for reminding me, lol. Last time I went to Ulta, they were out of stock! I think it would look perfect over Vegas Volt l/s. Thanks for the swatches

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