Sticking to what's best for ME!

Today I purchased quite a few skin care products from Neal's Yard using my 20% discount from Marie Claire magazine.

I have been using quite a few Neal's Yard products on and off for over a year now. Click HERE to see my first ever skincare post on this blog. I really should never have experimented with new skincare and should have stuck to what was best for me. I recently posted about how much I love the Olay UV fluid, but the chemicals inside it do concern me, I really do prefer natural organic skincare.

I have also tried other 'natural' skincare including Liz Earle (review to come), Dr Organics, and a few more brands from 'Planet Organic'. However, even though the products themselves are quite nice, I just don't like the packaging.

For me, Neal's Yard skincare has quality products and beautiful glass bottle packaging. *Perfect!*

Here's what I purchased...

My skin type is currently 'normal' with dry areas.

  • JASMINE ENRICHING CREAM - This is the richest cream they do, it's for dry or neglected skin. It contains jojoba to help the skin retain moisture, vitamin E to protect and restore dry or sun damaged skin. I use this as a night cream as the texture is very thick, the scent is quite 'herbal'. My skin is in good condition, but I love sunbathing and used to go on the sunbed quite a lot, so I feel like this cream corrects damage.

  • ORANGE FLOWER WATER - This toner is AMAZING, it's supposed to tone, refine dry skin and encourage a fresh glowing complexion. It contains neroli oil distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Whenever I use this, my skin just feels and looks better. I don't know why my skin loves it so much, but it does.

  • LEMONGRASS SUN SPRAY SPF15 - This is a 1st time purchase, so I can't tell you how it feels. I was told I should apply this after I apply my moisturiser for a layer of protection. The consistency is very light and sheer, it's quickly absorbed and hopefully will perform well.

  • NOURISHING ORANGE FLOWER FACIAL POLISH - This is also a 1st time purchase. It's a gentle exfoliator to smooth and nourish dry skin which includes honey and orange flower oil. I was told to use it roughly twice a week.

  • I also purchased a spray pump for my orange flower water and got samples of the calendula cleanser, re hydrating rose daily moisture cream which I have never tried and the wild rose beauty balm, (I always get samples of this as full size is SO expensive, the sample lasts me about 3 uses, I use it at night for an intense moisture mask.)

    POWER BERRY MOISTURE CREAM - This was the cream that was free with Marie Claire magazine, I have been using it everyday for almost 2 weeks in the mornings and decided to buy another magazine & get another freebie as it's £22 for 100ml in the shop, so £3.50 for 50ml is a bargain! The consistency is light and quickly absorbed. It smells really nice and I like that it has a matte finish on my skin even though it claims to give a dewy finish. It claims to boost radiance & protect youthful skin. It includes antioxidant rich acai, bilberry and goji berry to help fight the effects of free radicals.

I'm such an addict! Currently I use their vitamin E and avocado night cream which is suitable for all skin types. I will be alternating between this and the jasmine enriching cream depending on the amount of moisture I feel my skin needs. I also have a bottle of the rosehip seed oil to hand for a DIY face massage or to intensify moisture. Furthermore, I sometimes use their orange flower facial oil as an eye cream. As a facial cleanser/wash I am still using my beloved sebamed cleansing bar which I will probably use for the rest of my life, I have plenty of backups as I feel it really helps control and balance the PH level of my skin. I still love the Lush tea tree water, and Boot's original beauty formula vanishing cream for the hot and sweaty summer days.

WOW, that was a major skincare post!

Have you tried Neal's Yard?


Unknown said…
Neal's Yard is one of the ranges that I SO want to like, because its all natural and looks absolutely beautiful but sadly everything I've tried has really disappointed me.

I got the Power Berry moisturiser from Marie Claire and I don't like the smell, so much so that I can't use it.

I think I'd tried the Frankincense moisturiser before and same problem...didn't like the smell and I couldn't use it.

The skincare range I tend to stick with is Clinique which definitely makes my skin look its best - but its a shame the packaging isn't nicer.

It sounds a bit silly doesn't it? But nice packaging somehow adds to the whole beauty experience!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Beth Awww, well you got it spot on! stick to what's best for YOU! I think the scents with natural skincare can be very herby, dont ever try the jasmine enriching cream as you will hate it, it's much stronger than the power berry. I suppose you either love or hate the scent!

On another note I absolutely HATED the frankincense cream too!

I totally get the packaging thing! :)
Unknown said…
I love the orange flower facial polish!
It smells so gorge!!
pinkangelbabe said…
hi great review as usual.
I wondered where you purchased all your Neals Yard items from?
Thanks xoxo
Devea said…
I really want to try some of these products!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Jess it sure does, I just used it! :)

@pinkangelbabe I purchased them from the Neal's Yard shop in Angel on Upper Street.
missmascara1983 said…
I have not tried the one that was free with Marie Claire yet, but am looking forward to giving it a go. The packaging is so pretty too. xx
iliketweet said…
Neal's yard is gorgeouuuus. We used to call in so much into the office just to play with it :)

tweet tweet tweet

Hollywood said…
Your hauls always inspire me and/or made me dream.
It's so difficult to find what is best for our skin, I am still but I love the scent of Jasmine so I may give a try to this product!

Patchoulissime said…
I'm one of those people who absolutely love their Frankincense Nourishing Cream :) I used maybe 5 bigger jars of it before I started to make my own. The Jasmine Enriching Cream was nice too, I just found the Frankincense one to be more moisturizing.

The Lemongrass Sun Spray sounds really interesting, can't wait you to review it :)
Tali said…
SUCH a good brand and so so calming if your skin gets irritated and red easily!! xx
binia said…
im on my way to Neal's yard ASAP! i started using the olay moisturiser after reading your review, but its making me come up in little bumps of whih some are forming into blemishes :(
apparently quite a few people have had this reaction, because they recently changed the formula!
Butterboo said…
I love Neal's Yard products, I just got their Honey & Orange Facial Scrub and will be seeing how it works for me. I just got their Power berry moisturiser in the magazine too and love how it smells :)! Will be posting my skincare routine with an amazing natural brand I discovered recently.

Also am intrigued at how the Lemongrass spray works for you, please can you review it once you've used it a while? Thank you :)!
lucy said…
I really want to try the Jasmine enriching cream now! great haul :)
Sensi-Chic said…
Neal's Yard is one of our favourite brands!!
LOVE their Frankincense Nourishing Cream and Rose Water Toner... delicious!!!
I've never been interested in Neal's Yard but your post has made me want to try everything! Think I'll start with the freebie moisturizer and see how I get on with it x
AllThingsGirly said…
Is it wrong to want to try these because the pretty packaging would look cute in my bathroom *blush*

Do you have any "suggestions" as what you would recommend (Can't think of another word to use as i know you don't have the same skin type as me so won't have used) for oily skin/acne scars?

Again another great review & it has now made me want to try some of this brand even though it is a tad expensive for my budget.

I've also got the freebie from the mag and it will last me so long i was so impressed that i didn;t need a pea sized amount to cover my face it really does only take the smallest amount to go far & when i have used mositurises before they seem to make my skin feel greasy or overly oily than it was before it but this didn't it really felt amazing on the skin and left it dry to the touch instead of a greasy film and this was after one useage and i love it

Sorry for the long comment!x
Unknown said…
I dont know it and not sure if it's available here but I'll def look for it, sounds great!
jalyssacakex said…
I just received the power berry moisturizer, but wasn't too sure about which cleanser to've inspired me to use more all natural skincare products, have you ever heard or tried Pangea Organics? I'm curious about that brand as well as Neal's Yard.

Thanks xoxo Jenna
Muhsine Emin said…
@buterboo I will certainly review the lemongrass spray, I am curious myself :)

@Jody lol no it's not wrong maybe you could try the lavender water and the palmoarosa daily moisture cream which is suitable for oily skin, it claims to mattify, nourish and balance the oil in the skin. Or maybe the violet day cream? I recommend going to a shop and asking for samples before you make your mind up, the staff are generally quite friendly. x

@jalyssacakex I've never heard of that brand. :/
Anonymous said…
I'm so tempted to use my 20% off voucher. Really trying to do this natural thing esp. now my clinique products are running out. Still not sure if I need a toning type product but brought Botanics Organics Rose Water today. Will see what happens!
Have been looking at your posts on natural remedies which led to a very 'different' beauty haul the other day. Loving lemon for the hands, ammmmmmmazing and honey on the face and salt also seems to work on some of my more agitated skin. Thank you!
Unknown said…
I've never tried them but i love the bottles so much. The orange flower water sounds delicious.

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