Menemen - Recipe

This post isn't about make up, it's about yummy food! This blog is about all things beautiful and this is beautiful food that will keep you in shape. Hah! :) I am very much into cooking and love putting my heart into it to make a gorgeous meal.

Menemen is a Turkish dish traditionally eaten for breakfast, but I even eat it at night. It's quick, easy, healthy and suitable for vegetarians. It's basically a Turkish omlette.

Here's how to make it..

  • Green Peppers
  • Tomato's
  • Olive oil
  • Eggs
  • Salt & Pepper to season

1) Chop the green peppers into small chunks.

2) Heat up some olive oil in a pan and add the chopped peppers and fry until cooked.

3) Chop and squeeze the juice out of some tomato's.

4) Add to the pan and fry for 2 minutes.

5) Crack some eggs.

6) Add the eggs to the pan and stir until fully cooked, add salt and ground black pepper to season.


The finished result should look something like this...

The end result is a tasty, high protein dish with vegetables full of vitamins!
You can add more juiced tomato's if you want it a little juicier so you can dip your bread in it. But, I quite like mine like this, it just depends on what you prefer. Ideally "menemen" would be eaten with Turkish bread, feta cheese, olives and a nice cup of Turkish tea.

Let me know if you try it!


Liesl said…
This looks simply delish...thanks for sharing such a fun Turkish breakfast, I must try it!

Liesl :)
Eiliyah said…
Oh my god that looks so good! I'm gonna make that tomorrow! haha, thanks for sharing! :)
Muhsine Emin said…
No problem :)

@niaphonic mmm sounds lovely, I will try that too!
Anonymous said…

thanks for this darling, looks delish! :D I'll most definitely try it out!
I'm off to Turkey this Summer, I'll be happy if I recognize this!

Anonymous said…
this looks really good -i seriously got hungry from this lol
Roshni said…
looks amazing and simple :) might try it :) thank youu xx
Unknown said…
ohh my looks so hearty and filling. Check out my simple yet nutritous salads. I'm going to try it this weekend sometime. thanks!
Unknown said…
Menemene bayilirim :D ellerine saglik. Cok guzel gorunuyor tatlim.
Anonymous said…
that looks yummy!
I think i may have this for tea :')
thanks for sharing x
Atolyekedi said…
Yiyecek görünce atladı tombul kedi, ohh afiyet şeker olsun.
Unknown said…
Looks delishious thanks for sharing. Maybe I will try it myself..looks easy and tasty!! But is it spicy? Because I don't like my food to be too much spicy.
MmMmMm looks delicious !!!!!! I like this :D
oh my gosh that looks sooo good, i feel really hungry now. i will defo try it, but il spice mine up with some chillies.
Sheefa F said…
WOW I love experimenting for dinner and this seems so delicious :) I will give this a try for sure!
Miss Vendella said…
i love this!!!! my mom does it but in Bulgaria we call it "mish mash" its the same and we too add cheese. we have stolen the recipe so to speak! :D but its normal having in mind history and that the countries are near each other. :))
Ebru said…
Ayyy valla canim menemen cekti simdi, yaninda bide bizim ekmeklerden olacak, bi de cay yumm yummm Ellerine saglik Muhsinecim! :)
Secret Garden said…
Canım benim, ne güzel kahvaltı,
hazırla kahvaltıyı da benda geliyorum. PS.please send more
delicious recipe..
Muhsine Emin said…
@Jony nope, it's not spicey, it only has salt and pepper to season. x

@Miss Vendella this is my way of doing it :) ooo and guess what both my nans are bulgarian! I will certainly try it with feta cheese!

@Ebru Ahhhh Turk ekmegi gibi yok, mis gibi yumu$acik :) xx

@Secret Garden Tamam, bekliyorum - haftaya gel insallah :) X
Charlene said…
isnt that something...we make this in my house all the time, except we add onions and really is yummy...and sometimes i eat it for dinner too!
glamour rouge said…
Thanks for going to try it! x
Unknown said…
yummy!! that looks délicous!!!!
GiGi said…
This is so good! Where I'm from they call it "piper, patldjan, y jajca". I make this for thr hubby when he comes late from work & wants something light.
Marshall said…
Yum! Deeelish!! I love Turkish food :) I really should get a Turkish cookery book, there is one dish in particular that I Love but I have no idea what it's called, it has plenty of green beans in and tastes out of this world :D x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Charlene some turkish people like to add onions too, but I dont. x

@Gigi it's perfect for a late night light dinner! x

@Marshall it could be "taze fasulye" :)
Marshall said…
I think this could be it! Thank you so much *off to supermarket with list..*
Eden Angel said…
We eat this all the time in Libya and my mum cooks it for us here in the uk. I never knew it was Turkish at all. Not surprising since the Turks have inspired our food and language. The only difference is that we don't scramble it as much x
Unknown said…
When I was young and my daddy was stationed in Adana,(Incirlik)Turkey. My moms Turkish best friend named(Gul, with 2 dots above the u) would make this dish for us.She also would fry burger,( and did not drain the oil) and a few whole eggs together in a skillet. Then we would scoop and devour it up with the pieces of Ekmek or Pita in our hands. I still to this day( just last week) make this.My hubby and 2 boys love to eat this. Its like oil and bread. But with a little salt, meat and eggs mixed in. Its delicious! Of course the bread we use now is not the same. I have to buy French loaf bread instead of the best bread, Ekmek! Wow, I miss her and her food! Everyday she would bring buy us a fresh loaf of Ekmek(spelling?) or the flat Pita bread. Her son carried them on his head and sold them. How could he balance all those?!! It was amazing.I also miss the fresh hot(Chai...spelling?)I still have the pretty little dainty hour glass shaped glasses with the tiny spoons, that the chai was served in,in my kitchen. I was a big time collector. There was this dish that I miss the most and I think it was called...Borak?It was made out of thin rolled dough and then she would put goat cheese or meat rolled up inside and then she would let me rub an egg white onto the edge to seal it shut. Then she fried them to a crisp flaky crust. Oh I miss that goat cheese and lamb meat! It kinda looked like a Mexican Taquito. Do you understand what dish I am talking about?Do I have the name sounded out right? The food their was full of life and fresh...oh how I miss Gul and her daughter Funda.Life flies by too fast.
Anyways,Wow this was nice to find. I was just looking at makeup and it brought me here.Thanks for this blog, I needed this.I was a little sad today and this has brought back awesome memories. I will now make this for my hubby and 2 boys!
Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!
Unknown said…
Very delish!!! I havent tried your dish yet but it is very similar to what we make in Nigeria with the addition of onions & hotter peppers. I will defo try your dish too even tho there both the same :)
Anitacska said…
We have the exact same thing in Hungary, probably got it from the Turks when Hungary was invaded for 300 years! :) It's really yummy, I haven't had it since moving to England all those years ago, but might cook some soon. :) Thanks for reminding me.

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