I have had an amazing long weekend, I spent it at my mother-in-laws, where both my lovely sister-in-laws came with their daughters. Peanut had the time of his life exploring the beautiful garden and playing around. The rest of us ate and ate... until there was no food left! :)

What's new?

  • I gave into the hype and purchased Nars Sheer Glow foundation.
  • I started a new eyelash growth product called M2Beaute.
  • I'm giving pro activ solution skincare a go in a bid to make my skin amazing.
  • I have gone through today without eating any junk. Woo!
  • I skipped the latest Liberty of London collection from Mac.

Normal updates will resume shortly.. x X x


Michélle said…
Sounds like a great weekend, Muhsine! :)
I'm excited to hear what you think of the Nars Sheer Glow, so I'm hoping for a review soon? ;)
I've gone all day too without eating anything junk or with sugar! Whoaa!
Love the flower photo so pretty! Congrats on not eating any junk. I'm catching up on blogger...and wondering if wasabi peas count as junk food or not!
Laura-PBN said…
I was just tinking I haven't seen a blogpost from you over the weekend - how spooky!

Looking forward to your Sheer Glow review - I bought the Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation because of your review and I adore it.

Well done on not eating junk. I was doing well until I just ate a milky way lol

Glad you had a fab weekend, and I'm glad Peanut enjoyed himself too!

Anonymous said…
sounds like you had an awesome weekend! let us know how proactiv works for you. i tried it and found i was allergic to benzoyl peroxide. it made my eyes puffy and red. not a good look :(

VampiressDoll said…
I just ordered myself the Blooming Lovely lipstick, I really just couldn't resist. :)
iliketweet said…
Sounds like a lovely weekend!

tweet tweet tweet

three cheers to no junk food! you'll have to do a review of the nars foundation - happy belated easter!
Rica said…
yay for NARS Sheer Glow... I have it and I love it. This is the most weightless foundation I've ever used. Although it could be too heavy for everyday use though.

And good luck with staying away from junk food. I've done it for 3 weeks. Of course I had some Easter chocolate again last weekend, so I need to start all over again...
Anonymous said…
Sounds like Peanut is doing well, he is gonna love the summer! My turn to eat no junk tomorrow!!
kw said…
I would really advise you to stay away from Proactive. It'll work initially, but eventually it'll just wreak havoc on your skin
Georgina said…
Well done on the no junk! It feels like I've eaten nothing but rubbish all weekend....not good!
e manticoff said…
I love your blog! Your dog is sooooo cuuute! You have really pretty skin, whats your skin care routine. I am an aspiring Beauty Editor from New York and have tested every skin care product and have yet to find something other than my Retin-a that improves the skin. By the look of your mother it's probably gentic, she's gorgeous. Check out my Beauty Blog at emanticoff.blogspot.com. Chau for now.
Anonymous said…
I've been wanting to try the Nars, but went cheap instead and got the Neutrogena, which I'm loving btw. will you do a review on it?
I didn't know there was any hype about it, but I L O V E my sheer glow foundation! Worth every penny!
Unknown said…
I'm going a whole week without junk food. Buying lipstick is next for a whole month! ouch.
Britton-Lee said…
Hey Muhshine!
Cute blog! I love the information you have on here. I just put up a new blog (http://glamifyme.blogspot.com/) called Project Glam and why whole thing is I want to be more girly. I don't have any girl friends really, just guys lol. So I really need help, this week I'm asking about make up... do you think you could go check it out and leave a comment with a suggestion? It looks like you could help out a lot. Thanks!
Onna said…
oooh let us all know how the skin care goes... I'm on a 3 months long attempt to improve my skin as a month ago it was terrible!! :) x
Sara said…
Hey doll! Would love to see how that NARS foundation works out for you! I am stuck to my mineral foundation! It works wonderfully, especially when used wet. Curious about others though! Anyway, thanks for your comment :] I didn't see anything from Give Me Liberty of London either, except for the Peachstock lippie repromote (we have very similiar taste!). I have just discovered a dupe for Peachstock I THINK! I havent seen it in person either but by pictures, it seems to be very similiar. I plan to hopefully someday soon do a post on it! I may buy it or just wait to swap for it. Ive only purchased maybe 8 MAC items! The Shell beauty powder looked pretty like I said but I dont think its worth purchasing, as I have several highlighters already. I dont have easy access to see products in person so I dont want to waste money if I just order and dont end up liking them! To The Beach has me so anxious! & In the Groove too! I won't purchase until I see swatches/reviews or see them in person myself though! Keep in touch pretty* ♥
Sara said…
Oh & please tell me your MakeUpAlley.com account name so we could maybe swap! ♥ cheers!*
Ashleigh said…
that is my next foundation to test out - Nars... oh and you should have checked out ever hip from the liberty collec...such a perfect coral/peachy colour!!

Hi I nominated your blog for a blog award and just though I should let you know :-) Congrats on the no junk food! Wish I could say the same... x

Those are beautiful flowers! Love your blog! :)


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