I went shopping!

I am most comfortable buying something I know I have tried before. 3 Staple products that I repurchased today were:
  • Bobbi Brown "Moisture rich foundation" - Shade: Natural
  • Bobbi Brown "Creamy concealer" - Shade: Natural
  • Mac "Oak" lipliner

I also purchased...

  • Mac "Sweet and Punchy" eyeshadow from the latest "To the beach" collection. A gorgeous golden lime green with a veluxe pearl finish which is my favourite type.
  • Mac "Bronze body oil" also from "To the beach" collection.
  • Mac "Carbon" e/s in pan form for my palette.

I still haven't located my usb cable so I used my camera on my phone for photos which are really making me cringe as I hate the quality - Eeek!

Peanut says "Hi"! :)

What did you buy from "To the beach"? I totally skipped the cream bronzers I was lemming as nothing is as good as Chanel's bronze universel.

Do you like Bobbi Brown bases?


Liesl said…
Looks like you got some fun goodies!!!

Liesl :)
Hope said…
Awww, Peanut is such a cutie! Surprisingly, I did not pick up anything from the To The Beach collection! But that eyeshadow looks gorg!
Tugba said…
The body oil looks nice :D Would like to see swatch. If its any good I will buy. Love using shimmery body oils in the summer when I'm tanned. Hope moving went ok. Missseeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)
Muhsine said…
@Hope thanks :) yes the collection was actually quite boring. I can't wait to wear the e/s!

@Tugba The body oil is nice, very pigmented on initial swatch, but blends out to be quite sheer. It's very pretty :) Moving went well, still not properly moved in, the decorating is taking time! X
Tugba said…
I will go and try at the mac counter :) thx for info. Decorating is fun :) Enjoy it. Glad ur posting again.

Hollywood said…
Omg that's a great haul !! I also wanted to tell you that the pictures on the left of your wedding are just GORGEOUS you made me dream for a few seconds =)
Miss Jones 85 said…
mmm mmm mmm sweet and punchy look be-au-ti-ful!!! good buy!
SweetTea said…
I love when Peanut makes an appearance:)

The body oil is on my list of things I want from To the Beach as well as Scorcher nail polish!
Muhsine said…
@Hollywood thanks chloe :) x
Jayme said…
very nice goodies, and peanut looks adorable as ever!
missKC027 said…
SO many fun and nice goodies u got there. i love your blog. I really look up on you! <3 please check and follow my blog as well http://misskc027.blogspot.com/

thankx love, kim
Tracy said…
Great shopping! I'm going to check out the bobbi brown concealers. I heard they're really creamy.
Love to see your outfit, btw. :)
nice stuff I'm interested in bobbi's concealer since you repurchased it, it must be good.
Belle Du Jour said…
ahhhhhhhhh peanut. Riley says hi!
Miss♥Nikka said…
Great haul! && your pup is soo cute!

Miss Nikka
chrystyna said…
great haul :) x
Great haul! And I love your pup, he reminds me alot of my beloved dog; has that cute look in his eyes!
Aleksis said…
I think the only things I want from 'to the beach' are 'lazy day' lipstick and 'refined golden' bronzer since I am running out of mine! Your camera phone takes really good pictures!
Chrissy said…
Nice haul! Peanut is so cute. He grew a lot since the last pic.
GinaG said…
that looks like a great jacket... nice haul too. x
ArtDonatella said…
Ahhh, Peanut is absolutely lovely...and I've noticed your wedding photos on the side, gorgeous photos, you looked stunningly natural (always the way to go when you're a bride). Glad you are back!
rasha said…
hi muhsine u look gorgeous =)
what shade of mac SFF u r using ?
i like BB foundations alot my shade is natural tan 4.25
how would u compare BB foundation to mac one ?
Kel said…
Peanut is so cute!!
Great buys, very jealous.

X x
Make-up Addict said…
What a great collection :)

I only got the Lazy Day lipstick from MAC To The Beach. Haven't worn it yet though! Lol xx

PS...Peanut is so cute :)
LOVEEE the mac eyeshadow! So hot! take pics with it on
Andee Layne said…
oh your little baby is so cute!! Thanks for sharing! How do you like the bobbi brown foundation?! Would love to see the shadow color as well! xoxo
Soo jealous of your shopping spree...
PInchYourCheeks said…
I'm so jealous of your goodies - I'm loving the Bronze body oil! :)
Shortiee31 said…
FOTD with Sweet & Punchy please! Good to see you blogging again :) x
Muhsine said…
Thanks so much girls :) I will try and do a fotd with sweet and punchy, I actually can't wait as it's so amazing in my opinion! X

@Belledujour kisses to Riley :) XoXo

@Rasha I don't use mac foundation, I have the stufio finish concealer and i'm nc35 if that helps.

@Andee Layne I LOVE Bobbi brown foundations, I have loved each and every variation I have tried. Can't go wrong really, they are light to medium coverage, dont look fake and cakey. Instead they look luminous and fresh.
tata said…
Been following your blog for a littlewhile now but have never posted any comments before.

Just wanted to say I think your gorgeous and seem like such down to earth girl, love your jewellery designs and keep up the good work on your blog. I'll be a follower for as long as you continue to post!!!

Oh and i just noticed your 2 wedding pics to the left.....both pics are beautiful! I especially love the one on the beach in the Maldives....was it just you 2 that went? I didn't see your original weddings pics
MichĂ©lle said…
Like your goodies :)

Love the wedding picture!!! You look so adorable together ♥
Astrid Brisson said…
what a lovely dog! nice haul
how is the bb concealer going?
Anonymous said…
Nice haul! I'm looking forward to trying out Bobbi Brown personally, it's finally getting to Argentina! :D
Peanut is so cute. I love dogs!
I think I'll get Hipness blush from To The Beach...that is, if the collection makes it here!
HelloGorgeous said…
Hello love ...nice blog glad to be a follower :-)

I cant wait to get down to Mac now...thanx ;-) xoxo
Jamie said…
what culture are you? your so gorgous!
Carla said…
awww what a cute puppy!!
Style Souk said…
Could Peanut be any cuter?

I'm wondering if he has any brothers or sisters that this little lady could adopt... :0)
Rinkesh said…
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