Max Factor Colour Effect!

Oooo Exciting...

Max Factor has launched a brand new range of 38 products called Max Colour Effect. It’s their brightest and most colourful collection of eye shadows, lip glosses and nail polishes.

Here are 3 of their lip glosses:
  • 12 - Sweet Red
  • 10 - Orange Snap
  • 05 - Weekend Spa

The lip glosses are in the squeezy tubes that have a huge resemblance to the Lancome juicy tubes. They smell and taste great and leave the lips looking very glossy with a sheer tint of colour. They feel moisturising and smooth with a similarity to a lip balm. They are not too sticky, but my hair still sticks to my lips when it's windy... Ugh!

  • Weekend Spa is a silver toned pale pink, it applies quite pigmented. It smells fruity, a bit like sweet berries. (My Favourite!)
  • Orange Snap is a copper toned orange with a hint of gold which applies quite pigmented and smells like oranges.
  • Sweet Red is a bright fuchsia pink which applies very sheer and smells like watermelon.

Price: £4.99

I do wish they applied as pigmented as they swatch, that would be amazing! Therefore, I would only recommend these for over lipstick unless your happy with a sheer tint.

Here are 3 of their dip in eye shadows:

  • 07 - Pure Turquoise
  • 01 - Ibiza Sunrise
  • 02 - Bronzed Glow

Price: £5.99

These apply with a slight sheen, however the brown one applies quite matte and the turquoise has quite a bit of glitter.These eye shadows are good for on the go, a bit of mascara with a pop of colour on the lower lash line is a cute look for the summer, I will be chucking these in my handbag!

The trio eyeshadow (07) pictured below is something I would never wear, I found them chalky and not very pigmented on the lighter shades. Price: £6.49

The mini nail polishes are very cute, perfect for traveling. Pictured below is 12 - Diva Pink. It's pretty but I think there's prettier. Price: £3.49

The new range is available from June, 2010.

I have my eye on that pale peachy shade of lipgloss!

Will you be checking this out?

Disclaimer: I was sent these items, I wasn't paid to post about it and I am not affiliated with the brand. I was just genuinely happy to see such a colourful range!


MakeupLoveer said…
ive seen this in a few shops, might take a closer look next time im in boots.

AbbieAndBrian said…
i love the look of the "weekend spa" liploss, the "Ibiza Sunrise" eye shadow and the "bronzed glow" eye shadow :)
Unknown said…
I will def check it out :D Prices are great so def worth checking... I like the peach lip gloss too but I'm a lipstick fan at the moment hehe
Envelope said…
Nice! Love bright colors! Perfect for summer! Is the release date just for UK?

Thanks for the review!

Xoxo, Penelope
Oooh they look lovely. The orange snap looks very zesty on!

I do love your blog very very much!

Georgina said…
I love MaxFactor so will definitely be having a sneaky peek at this range!
Very much drawn to the Ibiza Sunrise and Weekend Spa - might need to make a little purchase..!
Miss Jones said…
the glosses look quite promising, not too impressed with the nail polish about time revlon added some excitement to their line xx
khmari123 said…
probably not....the payoff doesn't look great with glosses maybe i might try eyeshadow
Eden Angel said…
The colours of the lipglosses look so good xx
I love lipglosses MF !!!
Anonymous said…
this collection looks absolutely amazing!!! i went to check out our local MF this am after reading your post. the beautiful lipglosses got me. unfortunately, our MF only has old ugly messy stuff on the shelf... *_*

i can't wait to have these here! beautiful. seriously...
Becky said…
Orange Snap looks lovely, might check that one out :)
The Sparkly Poo said…
I like the look of those lip gloss tubes! The red one would be nice for summer :) xx
Helen1980 said…
I'll definitely be taking a look at these x
Ebru said…
Gorgeous colors!! I am usually drawn more into colors like Weekend Spa but I love how Sweet Red looks on your lips, makes me want to get this color for sure! I wonder if we will get this collection in US? I heard Max Factor will be discontinued in the US, but not sure.
Anonymous said…
I've seen it in Boots and I wasn't that attracted to it for some strange reason.
I think the e/s are the best bit as they are super rich colours and mainly matte.
I might go for the yellow, green and orange one :-)
I'm surprised by the prices, they're pretty cheap considering how expensive I thought Max Factor would be.

The shadows look nice too!
Unknown said…
I hope the formula is better I have owned a few max factor shadows and they are usually too sheer. The shadows in the tubes usually causes fall out I think maybelline had something similiar not too long ago.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Envelope & @Ebru I'm not sure if the release date is for uk only...
Unknown said…
wow, these looks really awesome. The lip glosses are soo pretty. I will check these out.
michanelle said…
who sent you the items?
Anonymous said…
These look really pretty! Thanks for sharing the swatches :)
The packaging looks fun, good to see Max Factor have shaked it up a bit. I usually just walk past their stand as it always looks boring.
Leia said…
ooh i'd like to try these!
prettyaspeaches said…
I love weekend spa on you!
Emma Sofie said…
Thanks for the tip! nice blog :)
Emma Sofie said…
Thanks for the tip!! like your blog :)
ahh i love the orangey lip gloss :) may have to buy that one. also the ibiza sunrise eyeshadow just for its name <3 i got one of their mini nail varnishes the other day...the lilac one. such a beautiful colour! xxx
Wow, fab post, great reviews, I might just have to get myself to the shops to make a purchase! :)
Anonymous said…
想像是什麼並不重要,想像能做什麼才重要 ..................................................
The Kissters said…
love the sweet red! :0)


the kissters
liloo said…
I wish we could have Max Factor in France :)
I just discovered your blog and like it :)
Lots of love


liloo said…
I wish we could have Max Factor in France :)
I just discovered your blog and like it :)
Lots of love


Unknown said…
i love make up xxx

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