Soleil Tan De Chanel - Bronze Universel

Could it be the perfect bronzer?

The Bronze Universel now know as "Soleil Tan De Chanel" has accumulated immense interest within beauty junkies, it has achieved both positive and negative reviews over the years. I think I must have been the only person who thought that it looked great but always managed to dismiss it.

The bronze universel is a cream bronzer, the texture is hard to describe as it's not your average cream bronzer - it's not sticky or greasy, it's very smooth. It has a satin like feel and is also similar to a velvet finish.

The colour is a deep brown/bronze with no shimmer and a golden undertone.

Here is a swatch.

and here it is blended out.

I can honestly say...

This is my favourite most perfect bronzer EVER, I have always hated powder products and I'm really kicking myself for not trying it earlier. I could easily chuck out all my other bronzers. I love the colour as it looks so natural, the application, consistency and it's long lasting performance on my skin. Oh and clearly the beautiful Chanel packaging also helps! :)

I mainly use it to bronze which is obvious but it can also be used to contour or even as a blush. This would suit almost all skin tones, a light hand is needed for fairer tones and a heavier hand for darker tones. To apply I first used a Mac or Sigma 268 but got extremely irritated as I saw the hairs building up on my bronzer because of shedding. I just hate picking them out. Therefore, I found that the best method for me is using the Everyday Minerals flat top kabuki brush as I have absolutely no shedding with it.

The only downside is the product is so large that it makes it a bit bulky for traveling. A travel size version would be nice. Chanel take note.

Price: £28 (30g) Worth every penny in my opnion, plus 30 grams of product is fantastic, as many bronzers are only 9 grams.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?


Tugba said…
I have already a chanel powder bronzer but don't like it 100% :D Some days I love it and some days not. I will look out for the cream bronzer but not sure how to apply :-/ u should do a tutorial muhsine :D Would be great.

Hope u are well :D

i just bought this and i LOVE it. im quite fair and i hate the thought of lashing on lots of cream bronzer or caking on the powder, but this is just right! the smallest amount if perfect! worth every penny xxxx
LMD__its love said…
this is my go to bronzer too!!
*Crionna* said…
Got this for my birthday last year and ive only started to use it recently as i couldnt get it to work on me. I started using a kabuki brush and a light hand and im now in love with it! :)
hey muhsine!
i think this will be my next purchase, its looks beautiful! did you try and apply it with your fingers?? i find this works best for me with creamy products xx
Catanya said…
It is good to hear from you again! I have missed you!!
Yeah, that looks absolutely wonderfu, and definitely better than the new MAC creamy bronzers from To the beach, which I anyway purchased... lol
XOXO from Spain!
Anonymous said…
Yes this is the best bronzer :)
I have been wanting this for so long but forgot about it and when I remembered I went on the chanel site and didn't realised it had changed name :D

I think I shall be making a trip to get this on my next pay day!!! :D wooo x
Laura said…
I am so sad that I just cannot get this to work on my skintone. Good job I still love my NARS Laguna/Casino :)
I bought this a lil over a year ago. I dont use it much but it does work pretty well. Although, I am already tan. I usually use this in the winter when I dont like to be looking too pale..i like a lil bronze faced look all year round. HAHA

xoxo, Penelope
I love the color but have never thought of using a cream bronzer. I'm sure it would look gorgeous as a blush too.
BELLE said…
hey Hunz....

Missed you..that bronzer is on my most have list.

Miss Jones 85 said…
I really wanted to get this but heard reviews that it was very light and I like a very bronzed look? what do you think xxxxx
Liparazzi said…
I have wanted to buy this for ages but the negative reviews always put me off. I might try it just to get my own take on it as some products only work on some people. Great post! x
Thanx for sharing, i have wanted to buy this for a long tome but wasn't too convinced. i may have to go and try it out now. xXx
Hello Barbie said…
I use an Avon velvety bronzer which is VERY similar to this. Have only tested the Chanel one and will probably buy once my Avon one has run out.

Stay gorgeous!

Hello-Barbie/Hollie xx
Muhsine said…
@Tugba I've never tried a chanel powder bronzer, I do love laguna and casino by nars though. we shall see about the tutorials :)

@Catanya the new cream bronzers from mac are glittery and not very natural.. glad to be back xxx

@Laura I don't think Laguna and Casino can be beaten in the powder bronzer range, they are truly amazing. Keep working with the bronze universel :)

@Miss Jones 85 It depends on your skin tone, for me it creates a VERY bronzed look if I apply generously, I can make it look light or dark. It's buildable, the swatches I have provided are true to colour so hope they help.
Ivette said…
Wow it looks great! I've never been interested in it until today, but I'm wondering, do you think it will work with oily skin in the humid summer?
lilluna5416 said…
god it looks so gorgeous!!!! this has been on my to buy list for i dont know how long lol
Whoa, I've never heard of a cream bronzer. I'm very interested in trying this out. I've been looking for a new bronzer. Great review, thanks :)

Pretty. I've got to try that next. Sometimes it so hard to decide what makes a good bronzer and what doesn't.
Emma Jane said…
I've yet to try this but it seems perfect for Summer! I am a blush girl but am trying to explore bronzer now so this may be my first step! xx
Get Gawjus! said…
sounds perfect! gota give this a try for sure :)
Anonymous said…
I have it and I love it! It semlls nice as well.
How's the doggy?
Sara said…
Thanks for the review pretty! I've been dying to try this, I may have to start saving! I'm only worried about application, I have never used a cream blush/bronzer! ♥
Melissa said…
I've been eyeing this myself at the Chanel counter. It's good to read such a positive review about it. The packaging if all Chanel stuff looks amazing doesn't it :) Think I might have to stop by there again and take another look at this product.

Melissa x
TheStalling said…
sounds so good and the swatch looks even more beautiful...
maybe I should give this a try :)
Muhsine said…
@Ivette it feels really light on the skin, it's not greasy or oily at all, it's perfect for summer, but if you are unsure I would recommend going to a counter and swatching it for yourself xx
Agatha said…
Hi all, could you please advise as to which UK online stores sell it.
Many thx! It looks great.
Style Souk said…
I'm actually terrified by this in the pan - it looks much too muddy - but, credit to your amazing advice, looks beautiful when worn.

I can feel a trip to the Chanel counter coming on... ;0)
Anonymous said…
Oooh this looks so pretty! I wish Chanel was sold here, but then again, I'm glad it isn't! My wallet would be in tatters...not to mention my bank account, LOL!
Kimberley said…
Hi, Im new to your blog, and must say I find it really interesting and enjoy your posts. Ive only been visiting it for just over a week... where have I been?? Re this brozer, how do you use it? over foundation or on its own? Thanks
Muhsine said…
@Kimberley & @Sara

I never wear powder foundation, I always wear liquid - I wouldn't recommend using a cream product over powder. Make sure your skin is moisturised, Get a brush like a mac 109, 268 or I use the everyday minerals flat top kabuki, I swirl it in the pot, and apply to my face where the sun would naturally hit. I should do a picture tutorial!!
Nuzziebaba said…
I looked at this bronzer at the Chanel stand, it looked lovely but sadly didn't show up very well on my skin :( the assisstant suggested I could use it as foundation but I just decided to get something else,
how do you apply this? She suggested I should use a brush and not my hands, which I found quite strange actually!

Is there a reason why using a brush is better for this sort of product?

Anonymous said…
my cousin has this and she loves do i!!!!!
Sami said…
omgosh.... another thing to add to my chanel makeup shopping list!

Does it last long? I've brought cream bronzers in the past and they always disappear within hours :S xx
Muhsine said…
@Nuzziebaba I use a brush - I like the everyday minerals flat top kabuki brush best but the mac 168 is good too.

@Sami it lasts all day, doesn't dissapear at all!!
StyleFrost said…
Wow, I so want to try this bronzer, looks gorgeous!
Meggie said…
I love this CHANEL Bronzer! <3

Meggie XXX
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