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The bronze body oil from Mac's latest "To the beach" collection is perfect for summer, the consistency is very light and not greasy or oil like at all, it is easily absorbed into the skin leaving no uncomfortable residue. It gives you a very slight hint of bronze colour and leaves you with finely milled sparkles that catch the light beautifully in bright light. Perfect for the decolletage, legs and arms. Thumbs up from me!

Smashbox "Pout" lipgloss is a sheer cool toned pale baby pink, Mac "Lazy Day" lipstick is currently my favourite lipstick ever. It's a gorgeous cool toned dirty baby pink with a lustre finish. It's similar to "Angel" lipstick by Mac but sheerer and glossier as they have different formulas. It's perfect for lazy days as it provides the right amount of colour for when you want to just pop your sunglasses on and look polished.

Here they are on.

"Amber Lights" eyeshadow is a golden bronze, very pigmented and easy to wear. "Sweet & Punchy" is an amazing golden lime green, it's not similar to Bitter or Rated R in my opinion. It's close, but not quite. "Brule" is a pale cream which applies matte. Perfect highlight or all over lid colour without the drama.

"Well Dressed" blush from Mac has quickly become one of my favourite blushes, Ripe Peach being my favourite peach and Well Dressed being my favourite pink. It's a very pale baby pink with a slight cool toned sheen. I'm roughly a NC30-35 in Mac shades and this just about shows up on me if I use 1 layer, I generally apply 2. If you are into bright pinks then give this a miss. I prefer the more subtle blushes therefore this is perfect for me.

Lately I have been using my Chanel bronze universel and then applying "Well Dressed" on my cheeks which gives a beautiful finish. Must do a fotd.
Here is a quick swipe from my finger to my hand.

I managed to sneak in a trip to Boots yesterday and picked up these 3 Barry M nail polishes which were on offer for 3 for 2.
  • 299 Racing Green
  • 308 Berry Ice Cream
  • 295 Pure Turquoise

What's your favourite?

What are your thoughts on these items?


missy_ellie_uk said…
Funny I have completely different colouring to you but we share some of the same favourites - Lazy Day and Well Dressed. Both are perfect for a really quick lazy look! Berry Ice Cream is my favourite of the Barry M's, but I do love lilac nails so I would say that.
AbbieAndBrian said…
pout looks like such a pretty colour :)
Roshni said…
i love the barry m's.. the pale purple is stunning and the turqoise is gorgeous.. i even got compliments from guys about it!! i havent tried racing green though. Well dressed looks pretty.. if only pale pinks suited me :(
Anonymous said…
I love love love that smash box lipgloss! I was debating on trying it, i've been using viva la glam by mac and they seem very similar ? Great post


Essjay23x said…
Pale Purple so pretty but that turquoise has certainly caught my eye. Lazy day looks gorgeous. I've thought about amber lights before but it looks quite bright here. Maybe too bright for my complexion?!
Anonymous said…
i love tht turquoise polish and i want to try pout !!
Karleigh said…
would really like to see a FOTD using sweet and punchy, it looks the kinda shade i would like but im not 100% sure IF i could pull it off!
ive recently bought jext and i love it, i think its v.similar but not as in your face xx
Qué preciosas las compras !!
Stacey said…
Ive just bought Racing Green and cant wait to use it :)

Claire M said…
ohh, lazy day looks lovely!!
Anonymous said…
I heard so many different things about that body oil: good and bad but it's good it worked for you. I'll check it out!
MakeupLoveer said…
oh my i need that lipgloss soo pretty

Unknown said…
I've never seen Lazy Day before (I'm not the most MAC aware person!) but I've got Pout lipgloss and I absolutely love it. Its such a pretty shade of pink and I've worn it atop quite a few different colours just to change it up a bit.

It looks very pretty over Lazy Day so I'm thinking I may have to invest!

Cristina said…
Wooow, this lipstick is beautiful, I have to save to buy it... I really like your blog ...

Unknown said…
I have the Barry M nail varnish as well :D Love it!

The body oil looks gorgeous :D and the lipstick too.

Hope u r well :D
India said…
Lazy day looks lovely on you! xx
Unknown said…
the lipstick is super pretty! I love lustres. Maybe I'll try this on my next visit at MAC.
LillianZahra said…
The "Lazy Day" lipstick looks gorgeous - it looks like a sheerer version of Viva Glam Gaga. x
Tali said…
I need well dressed!!! Loved this post! xx
Keri said…
I bought Berry Ice Cream yesterday and I am in love!
I painted my nails and my toes and I just keep staring at them. So pretty!!!

Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for your comments girls :) xx

@missy_ellie_uk yes those two are perfect for lazy days, the colours are quite universal and very flattering :)

@Ginger roxy, I'm not sure if theyre similar, I don't own viva la glam.

@Essjay yes amber lights is quite bright but still wearable for my skintone, if ur lighter it's going to look brighter. swatch it in store. x

@Noobarella will do a fotd with sweet and punchy, v soon promise :)

@LilyLipstick that's exactly what it is :)

@Tali you will love it hopefully as much as I do :)
ForeverGlitter said…
I really want to buy Lazy Day lipstick! Barry M Racing Green looks like a really nice colour! xx
Unknown said…
I really like the look of Lazy day and Well Dressed. I'm not sure I could pull them off put I love looking at those sorts of pinks :)
I finally made it over to MAC today to check out the new collection! I picked up some products that in my opinion have been underrated in the blogging community. I got Hipness blush, Refined Golden bronzing powder, and the Luster Drops in Sun Rush. Sooo beautiful, I'm going to go back for the pink ones too! I got Gazette Grey from Pret a Papier and also picked up a lipstick that I think you would love, for it is a frost semisheer shiny golden bronze in the shade Gel. Let me know what you think! :]
Hey there muhsine :) hope you are well. great post huny, i definately need to arrange a trip to MAC store! Am loving the pinks! not sure if they will suit me but am eager to give them a try :) i also wanted to ask what lip liner you use with the pink toned lipsick n glosses? God I wish I had your lips girl!! ;) xoxo
Tina A. said…
Ah, the Body Oil!!!!!! Absolute must for the summer for me... glad to read that you liked this, I 'm very much looking forward to get it and love it all summer...! :)
I wasn't really planning on getting anything else from to the Beach, but this post makes me want Sweet and Punchy too...!

BELLE said…
Loving Mac lazy day. did you get marine life?
Style Souk said…
MAC Lazy Day is going on my shopping wishlist. It's perfection in pink...

Why does pay day have to be so damn far away? ;0)
Soo Jin said…
OoOh, I really want to try Lazy Day and Well Dressed. I've been looking for a great staple pink blush. Thanks for posting!

Soo Jin from
Well dressed looks so pretty! I may have to take the plunge and buy it for summer!

Maddy @

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