Hello, :) long time no blog! Hope you are all doing well. I miss you guys!

I have been missing as the decorating in the flat is taking up most of my time. I have chosen my feature wall wallpapers yesterday and I am quite pleased.

Below is the one for the bedroom, the flowers are a little more green toned than it seems in the picture, the lighting was a bit off, but you get the gist!

And... to update you, I have done quite a few swaps recently and here's what I have accumulated:

  • Mac Well dressed blush
  • Mac Myth lipstick
  • Mac Pastel emotion lipglass
  • Mac Bright Future eyeshadow
  • Mac Brave new bronze lipstick (As mentioned in prev post.)
  • China Glaze Peachy Keen nail polish
  • Mac Mercenary Nailpolish
  • Chanel bronze universel (As mentioned in prev post.)

Swatches and reviews to follow!! X


Unknown said…
What a lovely pattern!! I can imagine a lovely decoration at your home.
Great adquisitions! I am looking forward to seeing your accurate swacthes.
You are always an inspiration for me and my blog! Hope everything is ok.XOXO
Hollywood said…
Can't wait to see the review about that Chanel Bronzer =)
Ebru said…
I am also looking forward to the review on the bronzer. Peachykeen is one of my fave nail polishes but can't say the same for Myth :/ (check out Soft Nude by Revlon if you want non-drying nude lips, I loveeee it!) Enjoy your new stuff!
Lina said…
We miss you too! Events are just not the same! xx
I love the wallpaper you've chosen - it's so beautiful! Would love to see pics of the decor once you're done!
Anonymous said…
Lovely wallpaper! I work part time in a DIY store when I'm not at University and always find myself looking at all the gorgeous wallpaper and picking out patterns which I one day want when I move out of my family home! Sad? Maaaybe lol!
Hope everything is going well for you! xx
Anonymous said…
Good to hear from you gorgeous.
Nat Elizabeth said…
Wow the pattern is so stunning and classy!

fantastic said…
it's nice to hear you're doing well, and busy decorating!

i picked up peachy keen as well--what do you think of it? xx
Sara said…
Would love to see what you think about "Well Dressed" - Ive been holding off on getting that! I love China Glaze Peachy Keen polish- so gorgeous and perfect for summer! Would also love to see a review of the Chanel bronzer- I have been wanting that as well! ♥

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