Body Shop baked makeup and more!

I just about made it to the Body Shop event yesterday, *claps for leaving the decorating* the star of everything on display was clearly the baked make up. I always attend the Body Shop events as I have a soft spot for them as I grew up with most of their products and still shop from them regularly.

The immediate eye catchers are the face products resembling Macs mineralised skin finishes and blushes. They are slow baked for 24 hours in Italy on terracotta discs which can be used wet or dry. There are 2 shades of bronzer and blush available.

My shade in the bronzers is the Golden Bronze as I have a olive/tanned complexion, the Warm Glow is for fairer shades but I found that it makes a great highlight on my skin. These bronzers are glittery, but they are quite finely milled, I wouldn't recommend applying them all over the face as a standard matte bronzer as the shimmer can look a bit odd in direct sunlight. However, as just a cheek product they are beautiful. Chase Aston the make up artist applied some on me and my cheeks looked beautiful if I do say so myself! :)

Bronzer price: £14.00
Blush Price: £12.00

The blushers are very pretty, the Petal shade I found to be more pigmented than the Coral shade. They have 2 sides, a highlight and a blush side which can also be used mixed together. I personally prefer the coral shade mixed together as it looks quite subtle with a tint of colour.

There are 8 eyeshadow shades available, the only one that stood out to me was the 2nd one in the 1st row which is called Quartz. The pink is like a paler version of Mac's 'Stars n Rockets' e/s with the same duo chrome finish, the darker side is a Aubergine shade with hints of pink.

Eye colour price: £9.50

Would I recommend them? I would say check out the bronzers and see if you can stand the shimmer in them, the blushers are pretty depending on the shades you like, the eye shadows are quick and easy to apply with your fingers just like the shimmer cubes. I do think they are overpriced for what they are as they are not high end products but they are quality, I would suggest keeping an eye on discounted offers and promotions.

Available: July 2010

Being the skincare freak that I am, something else grabbed my attention, TBS are also revamping their vitamin C line. They are introducing a new product called 'facial radiance powder mix' which is a serum you mix and use morning & night for 10 days to see an improvement in skin tone. I have used it last night and this morning and will keep you up to date if any thing miraculous happens.

I also popped into Space NK and picked up a contoured blush brush for £8 on sale from £16.

And.... I also popped into H&M and picked up these jewellery pieces, I wore the yellow ones yesterday and they looked so hot! The angular earrings and cool ring is also pretty hot too. The necklace is for my hubby..

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Will you be checking any of these items out? X

Disclaimer: All Body Shop products mentioned were provided for review purposes. Honest opinion as always yada yada yada.


The blushes look really lovely x
p chan said…
I was super excited when I saw the baked makeup at TBS today too! I bought myself a Bronzer in 02 warm glow. It is SUPER pretty! Too bad we didn't get the baked blushes in Singapore! And we only had 4 shades of eyeshadows :(
LMD__its love said…
It was such a nice event yesterday, was nice to see you

Lu xo
Primp and Preen said…
I love the look of the baked shadows, gorgeous.
pretty blush swatches!
Anonymous said…
I got the bronzers are they are really pretty! But yes, I agree...they are a bit glittery and not to everyone's' taste.
I look forwards to swatch the e/s..they look lovely!!!
Stephanie said…
Strangely enough they're already out in Hong Kong! And we have an amazing deal right now where a bronzer + an eyeshadow = £10! Hopefully they'll have the same deal when everything comes out in stores in the UK xxx
Anonymous said…
like the bronzers +the blushes - they look really pretty
Andee Layne said…
i did a post on those earrings last week! Arent they amazing and so cheap!!! Love the ring as well!!! xoxoox
Oohh those bronzers look really pretty, I shall have to have a little looksie xxx
Anonymous said…
Haha..I'm laughing at what I wrote. I'm not sure what I meant in my broken English! Ohh dear...the heat wave is affecting my brain or my typing.
Anyway, I would love to swatch a couple of those e/s! Let's wait till July then.
Muhsine said…
@Mercedes no problem I understood :)
..nichola! said…
Ooh TBS poducts all look so gorgeous :]

I love the H&M earringa, theyre so pretti !

If you dont mind, follow? :]

Muhsine said…
@LMD__its love Likewise sweetie :)
Hello Barbie said…
The baked bronzers and blushes look gorgeous. x
glamour rouge said…
The bronzers look lovely :)
Ooo how intriguing!

Hope you had a fab time.. I saw Jennifer's Youtube vid about your day and she seemed to have enjoyed herself :)

Will definatley be trying the bronzers!

roshas said…
i love your blog.. deffo my favourite one <3

i love the body shop.. been recently loving their products - especially the shimmer bricks! great post xx
Agatha said…
I love H&M, will definitely need to keep a lookout for those earrings!
Anonymous said…
i probably have a problem with super shimmery blushes but often when I do check out a so-called shimmery blush by others, i don't think it is that shimmery. that says how much i love my shimmers! :P

i think the eye shadows look more interesting but i'd worry about their being baked as like bourjois baked e/s and blushes turning hard after using for a little while.

thanks for the preview and i'd look out for these here!
It was nice to meet you yesterday albeit briefly, your top was gorgeous. I haven't played about with the skincare yet as I was fake tanning but I am liking the look of the vitamin c 10 day treatment so will be interested to see your results x
xbbkay said…
wow, those blushes and eyeshadow look amazing! i never knew TBS had those. Thanks for sharing, i must go check it out now!
Petrichor said…
I almost bought that ring the other day, but was too lazy to wait in line :)
Muhsine said…
@Petrichor the ques are sooo long, I always go to the childrens section to pay, much quicker! :)
i love those baked eye shadows and bronzers, can't wait to try those out x
Anitacska said…
I've got the lighter bronzer and the 3 eyeshadows that came out in the Nomade collection earlier this year, and I'm happy to see there are new eyeshadows and blushes coming out as I have a soft spot for baked make up. Looking forward to them coming out! :)
VampiressDoll said…
Goodness me, I need petal blush. x
Kelly said…
the blushes look great!
could you please check out my blog?
Anonymous said…
Angel Armogida said…
Hey, just stumbled across your blog. I love it! I'm following you.

Angel x
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