A little bit of lipstick, a palette of eyeshadow, a pot of concealer here and there can become annoying particularly when they pop up in the wrong places. I hate clutter with a passion and really can't stand looking at too much makeup.

Yes there are pretty boxes and baskets to store them in, but really... Do you need that much space? No bueno.

Here's my organised mess! The current storage solution is utterly horrible, as it looks way too cluttered because of the acrylic see through drawers. It will NOT be like this for much longer. Seriously looking at it makes me want to cover it up with a white cloth! :)

I will be buying a distressed white dressing table very soon and will only keep whatever makeup I can fit into it's drawers, I certainly do not want to clutter the top of the table. I want to keep it as empty and as calm as possible. Good luck to me!

Let's pretend all my make up disappeared and I was only allowed to buy 15 items which is ridiculous, it was going to be 10 items but seriously that's just absurd. This is what I would go out and buy:

  1. Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation
  2. Bobbi Brown creamy concealer
  3. YSL touche eclat
  4. Chanel Bronze Universel
  5. Benefit Moon beam.
  6. Mac Moon River mineralised highlighter/blush.
  7. Mac Ripe Peach blush
  8. ELF Pink Lemonade all over color stick
  9. Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral pot rouge for lips and cheeks
  10. Mac Creme d'nude lipstick
  11. Mac Pink Lemonade lipglass
  12. Urban Decay Book of shadows palette
  13. Mac blacktrack fluidline
  14. L'oreal Voluminous mascara
  15. Benefit Speed brow - brow gel
What 15 items would you repurchase if all your make up dissapeared?

FYI: I will show you what my new setup looks like once it's complete! :)


Sophie said…
oh my goodness, that is organised! if you saw my make up you would be shocked :) i don't know about my 15 but fluidline would be on there for sure it's such a great product! x
Ashwini said…
1. Blacktrack fluidline
2. Maybelline Colossal Volum mascara
3. Studio Fix Powder Foundation
4. Kat von D Ludwig Palette
5. MAC Merrily Blush
6. Body Shop rose blush
7. YSL Rouge Volupte #23
8. Ever So Rich Cremesheen Glass
9. MAC Select Cover up
10. Urban Decay 24/7 Zero

Yay I chose 10 items! Wow this makes me realize how little I really need. Good luck with the decluttering!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Sophie lol yes it's organised but I need it to be 10X less colourful :) X
Muhsine Emin said…
@Ashwini wow you did well to pick 10 items :~) it's true we don't need much!
Anonymous said…
r u serious lol - i think this is organized - my stuff is literally all over the place !! ur a neat freak ha

I wish i could layout my stuff in order as u did here

1. MAC Select MoistureCover Concealor
2. Shu Uemera eyelash curler
3. L'oreal mascaras in waterproof
4. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
5. Pixi Eye Bright Liner
6. Stila Smudge Pot
7. any Illamasqua lipstick
8. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and/or Silk Creme Foundation
9. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil
10. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
11. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
12. Lancome Bi-facil eye make-up remover
13. NYX Taupe Blush
14. NYX Higlight Eyeshadow
15. NYX Black Label Lipstick
Chloe said…
your makeup is actually very organised, but i see what you mean about how you can see it.
It will be interesting to find out how you solve it, and a destressed white dressing table sounds divine!
Radiant Make Up said…
Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation defiantely, probably some colorstay too - i need more than one foundation!
Honestly the idea of only owning 15 items of make up is just silly :)
Dani B said…
My makeup is literally EVERYWHERE haha. I have to reorganise it every weekend back into all the drawers I have for it.

I wish someone would just come up with an amazing makeup storer that was pretty but really practical!
Karleigh said…
ohhhhhh i dont think its looks too bad =D

I would choose:
1. Revlon Colorstay
2. Revlon photoready
3. bourjois clubbing mascara
4. revlon colorstay eyeliner
5. ELF mattifying powder
6. ELF eyebrow kit
7. no.7 blusher in Honey
8. carmex lip balm
9. ELF Natural Nymph lippie
10. Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

wooo! x
guitarrasara said…
I totally see eye to eye with you on this! I just spent an entire weekend building a custom vanity (hacked from ikea products!) and I've vowed only to use the space in my new vanity- if I want to buy something new that doesn't fit- something old has to go! I'm still deciding on whether to keep my brushes in view... That is a tough one! Good luck and I look forward to your post on your new system!
Rosalyn said…
Great post. Hmm, I would need to get:-
1. Revlon Colorstay in Buff
2. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
3. MAC MSF Natural
4. Benefit Coralista
5. MAC Dollymix blusher
6. Benefit Highbeam
8. Sleek Storm Palette
9. Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
10. MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

Woo, I managed to cut it down to 10 things as well!
Roshni said…
1. Mac Select Moisture Cover concealer.
2. Mac Select Cover Up.
3. Urban Decay Primer.
4. Body shop Shimmer waves in bronze.
5. Mac refined golden
6. Loreal Mascara
7. Mac orb eyeshadow
8. Mac Cork eyeshadow
9. Mac Peachstock.
10.Mac frankly fresh lipglass.
11. Mac Hue
12. Mac lust.
13. Mac loose powder.
14. Fix +
15. Urban decay zero pencil
Stevista said…
Wow your makeup looks so organized, no clutter at all!! Your post inspired me to do something similar on my blog! :)
Unknown said…
Compared to most seem like you have it under control.
I feel the same way as you do - I hate is tempting - but not if it makes your house look messy.

I'm currently reorganizing my study (it's become a dumping ground) and I keep thinking of the saying "You can't organize clutter" - which is so true...there is no use for me to buy extra shelving and boxes - I should just donate stuff already LOL!

Here's my must-have list:

1) Everyday Minerals powder foundation
2) MAC concealer pot
3) Chanel blush in Utopia (no longer available)
4) Bronzer (haven't found an HG yet)
5) Dior Amber Diamond highlighter
6) MAC blacktrack eyeliner
7) Maybelline Full n Soft mascara
8) MAC spice lipliner
9) MAC Angel lipstick
10) Diorkiss lipgloss

And I'd need my Bare Escentuals Handy Buki brush and MAC face and eye brushes.

Here's a pic of the make-up I took on holiday - pretty much all my essentials are there:

I bought the ELF pink lemonade stick after seeing how gorgeous it looks on you - but it appears silvery/frosty on my skin :-(
Vesna said…
Hi, it's my 1st visit to your blog! :)

Perhaps you should get another container? :) I have 2 train cases and many boxes at the moment, but I have to get another train case as soon as possible! :D

And here are 15 items I would get if my makeup disappeared (I hope that never happens!):
1. e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
2. 120 eyeshadow palette
3. NYX Cream Rouge Blush in Boho Chic
4. catrice Mineral Compact Powder
5. black gel liner (MAD Minerals)
6. catrice aboslute moisture lipstick in Lasting Dream
7. Rimmer London Eyebrow Pencil
8. NYX Jumpo Pencil in Milk
9. essence 2in1 blush - Best Friends shade
10. Star Makeup Haven Metro Eyeshadow
11. Color Club Fast Woman nail polish or OPI Malaga Wine
12. nail phile
13. Maybelline Colossal Volum mascara
14. Shiseido Smoothing Veil
15. essence Nightfever eye pencil

Houda said…
I actually think it looks good lol you can see what you have but I would really like to know where you got the yellow sandy things to put your brushes in them ?
Muhsine Emin said…
@MW it's my organised mess haha :D

@guitarrasara yay :) I'm deciding if I want my makeup brushes on show too, I might have some of them in a really pretty rustic pot maybe?

@Primp and Preen ahh of course, how can I forget dollymix and msf natural & I need chatterbox lipstick.. damn! :)

@Rochas I love Hue!

@Hell Notes for Beauty lol, well I get rid of most of the stuff I don't use on a regular basis! :)

@Ella Pretty It's hard organising clutter :) With regards to the pink lemonade, it is a bit frosty but not that noticable on me, it looks very pink. I was doing some talking on twitter and the consistency is different for everybody so maybe the colour is too? :/
Muhsine Emin said…
@Beauty addict I have considered a train case but not sure where I would put it :/

@Houda the sand is from Ikea, I got it because it matches my wallpaper :) The acrylic containers are from Butlers, but Muji do similar ones. x
Parisa said…
It's honestly not bad!
I love clear storage :)
Unknown said…
OMG I love how you have it!! I wish I had enough space at home to have something like this! I love it love it love it!! If you're not using the storage anymore you could donate it to me!!

Angel x
High Heels & Lipgloss
Sarah said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marissa said…
That's very organized! Do you know where I could buy a similar acrylic storage?
Muhsine Emin said…
@Angel I would if they weren't so damn heavy! I will probably store jewellery in it tucked away in a drawer. x

@Marissa They are all from Muji. X
LillianZahra said…
I sometimes get really scared about losing all my make-up! I would run out to repurchase:

1. No 7 Matte Make-up base
2. ELF Undereye Concealer
3. Vaseline Rosy Lips
4. 17 Pressed Powder
5. Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer
6. Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty
7. Urban Decay Primer Potion
8. 17 Solo e/s in Beyond Bronze
9. L'Oreal Superliner in Carbon Gloss
10. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
11. Clinique High Impact Lipstick in Red-y to Wear

I guess 11 essentials isn't too bad! So much of my make-up collection doesn't receive the attention it deserves!
Great post :) x
Tali said…

1. Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter
2. Chanel Mat Lumiere
3. Korres Ginger & Vitamins Foundation
4. Urban Decay Primer Potion
5. Loreal Voluminous Mascara
6. YSL Rouge Volupte no16 RED
7. MAC Pink Lemonade Glass
8. Benefit Eyebrow pencil
9. Mac liner (the pen tipped one)
10. Nars Galapogous Shadow
11. Nars Night Breed Shadow
12. MAC Ripe Peach Blush
13. Korres Monoi Bronzer
14. Benefit trio blush/bronzer box
15. Paul & Joe Eye Gloss in N1

Wow that was easier than I thought!! xox
Andee Layne said…
very nice! I need to do some organizing myself!! xo
my picks:

1.) khiels tinted moisturizer w spf
2.) mac moisture cover concealer
3.) benefit brow compact
4.) mac contour in blunt
5.) chanel vita lumiere foundation
6.) Mac MSF in cheeky bronze
7.) Bobbi brown liquid eyeliner
8.) bag girl lash by benefit
9.) stripdown liner Mac
10.) MUFE translucent powder
Lauralovesmac said…
My 15 must haves are

•Revlon colorstay foundation
•L’Oreal voluminous mascara
•Nars Laguna bronzer
•Nars orgasm blush
•Mac well dressed blush
•Benefit moonbeam highlighter
•Mac studio finish concealer
•Too faced shadow insurance
•N07 eye shadow in wheatshaft
•Dior iridescent eye shadow quad in petal shine
•Mac select sheer powder
•Mac crème sheen lipglass in fashion scoop
•Nars Turkish delight lip-gloss
•Mac crème cup lipstick
•Burts bees honey lip balm
Kate Gene said…
I actually think your make-up looks nice and tidy! I understand your wanting to get rid of the acrylic containers, though; I prefer to keep my items hidden as well.

I have such a small collection of make-up, I use maybe ten or fifteen items a day anyway. LOL!

Great post!
Schnelle said…
wow i think you're super organized as it is. you could paint the drawers that you have now so they aren't see through...just a suggestion. can't wait to see the new set up!
Stephanie said…
I really enjoyed this post, and it's funny because I'm looking to get those exact same Muji acrylic containers soon! hahaha. At the moment, most of my eyeshadows are just sitting on top of my vanity because they won't fit into the drawers. Also LOVE your bright yellow sand! Might have to look into that at Ikea.

My top 10 would be:
1. Laura Mercier mineral primer
2. Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation
3. MAC Studio Sculpt concealer
4. Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil in dark brown
5. Rimmel Kajal eyeliner in black
6. MAC Warm Soul blush
7. Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara
8. MAC Blankety lipstick
9. Dior Earth Reflections eyeshadow quint
10. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Strange.. after writing that out, 10 products seems like enough!
Anonymous said…
I had a similar display and decided I wanted my dressing table to be constantly clean and and clutter-free. So I went to Muji and purchased this magic thing:

It's a 9-drawer storage solution and I have next to me dressing table and I use it as a table too. I need to do a full post about truly deserves it. It's brilliant.
Blusherine said…
oh I'm joining in :-)
1. MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation
2. MAC MSF Natural
3. MAC Blush Peaches
4. Maybelline Colossal Volum Mascara
5. Benefit Erase Paste
6. Benefit Powderflage
7. The Body Shop Face & Body Brush
8. MAC Lipstick Cute-ster
9. L'Oréal Lipstick Aishwarya Rai
10. MAC Eyeshadow Sable
pelininstyle said…
Oh you are very organised. Really!
What do I like the most? Let's see:)
1-YSL Touche Eclat
2-MAC MAscara X
3-Christian Dior Eyeliner Pencil no 90
4-MAC Crayon Kohl black
5-Sisley Phyto Kohl Star
8-Sheida Kohl Powders
9-Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish
10-Nars Blush
11-Liz Earle Eye Serum
Muhsine Emin said…
Oh no... I shouldn't have done this post - now I want a whole lot from your top 10 lists... uh oh! :) I enjoyed reading your comments SO much!

@Mercedes it looks great!! I will check it out in store - but I may not have space for it! x
Unknown said…
Sometimes i find a random lipstick tube in my brush drawer lol. This is what I need to do.

1.Mark's Good Glowing blush in After Glow
2. Mac blush in melba
3. Carmex lipbalm.
4. NYX round lipgloss in Natural
5. Almay Line Smoothing Concealer in medium.
6. Mark's Powder Buff foundation.
Unknown said…
Ah storage related beauty posts... gotta love them! I am definitely going to have a think about the 15 items I would buy if that's all I could have...
love the idea of decluttering, i did it recently too.
tahitian88 said…
Your makeup storage looks very neat, clean and organized! I know what you mean though-- I try to keep my stash as minimal as possible.
My top items:
1. Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted
2. Shiseido Ultra Smooth SPF
3. Bobbi Brown Foundation
4. Bobbi Brown corrector Light
5. MAC Melba blush
6. MAC Pinch'O'Peach blush
7. MAC Dazzlelight eyeshadow
8. L'oreal Voluminous mascara
9. Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss in Bambi
10. Urban Decay 24/7 Zero
Unknown said…
1. nars sheer glow foundation
2. Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
3. Nars Laguna Bronzer
4. Benefit Coralista blush
5. Mac cream cup l/s
6. Becca concealer
7. Shu Uemura eye lash curler
8. Shiseido mascara base
9. nars luster blush
10. Mac Cheeky Bronze or By Candelight msf
11. Armani sheer bronzer no.1
12. Nars Orgasm Multiple
13. Mac Blonde's gold pigment
14. mac satin taupe e/s
15. benefit hoola bronzer
Unknown said…
wow i love those acrylic drawers!! please could you tell me where you buy them from here in the uk????
Muhsine Emin said…
@Holly - Muji sells them. x
Where did u get those draws? I must have that!!!

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