Speed Brow - Let's talk eyebrows!

I'm quite lucky that I don't have to do much to my eyebrows to get them looking decent. I just pluck away some stray hairs on the end, but I did once practically pluck everything away as a teenager until I had this weird thin line which looked absolutely disgusting... Oh the shame!

My eyebrow style is natural, I don't like very arched or structured brows that look harsh, very thin or very thick brows. It's best to have them quite full with a slight arch to lift your face. There's no right or wrong brow shape but the way God created them is obviously what's best. Do not shave them off and draw them on higher!

If you need to fill in your eyebrows with powder or pencil, make sure it looks soft and natural - I would recommend a powder e/s like 'Brun' or 'Cork' from Mac to fill them in and maybe a wax or gel to keep them in place.

I first used Benefit's clear eyebrow gel years ago just to tame my eyebrows which has been discontinued, I then tried Elf's clear eyebrow gel which was a complete waste of money as it did not hold. I have also tried Mac's clear eyebrow gel which was nice but didn't hold very well. I have also tried Vaseline or hairspray applied onto a mascara wand which did help but nothing to write home about. I went into Benefit a couple of days ago and saw that they still do an eyebrow gel with the same formula but a tinted version.

Meet Benefit's 'Speed Brow' eyebrow gel which claims to tint, tame and set eyebrows in record time...
I have been wanting it for AGES!

The colour is "neutral" which is basically clear with a tiny brown tint which would suit almost everybody. FYI: My mum is blonde and this also works for her.

BEFORE: Here are my eyebrows naturally with some foundation I manage to apply onto them accidentally whilst rubbing it in. The hairs are quite long and manage to look down which is tres annoying.

Here they are with the speed brow applied, the slight tint helps to get rid of the foundation residue and make them look sharper and obviously tamed, I have worn this everyday for the past 3 days and omg do they hold? my eyebrows stay in shape the whole day and they don't feel crispy when I touch them!

I recommend this if you like eyebrow gels and want one that holds! The only bad thing is the tube is quite small so I'm not sure how long this will last me as I use it everyday.

Price: £12

What do you use for your eyebrows?


Anonymous said…
This looks good! Although the ELF gel works ok for me and for a bit more body I just discovered the Illamasca brow cake. I know...a bit more dramatic but I only use it at night. Otherwise, my trusted body shop brow pencil will do. :-)

Tali said…
I just ran out of the brown eyebrow pencil by benefit and was actually thinking of trying a gel type thing not thats its summer. Call me nuts but i have visions of my pencil melting all over myself in the heat (not that we are having heat.. but you know what i mean.. in my dreams we are!)
So now i think i may get this!!! xx
I onl wish I had enough eyebrow to tame! Mine just do NOT grow at all, they're a joke..

I've got enough to make a 'shape' with, but for the most part they're draw on/filled in everyday.. I use MAC Espresso, much prefer using a powder to a pencil, so much easier to work with :)

Might recommend this to my sister though!


Tali said…
wow my english is bad.. even I dont understand my last comment LOL
Lydia said…
I use this brow gel :) I'm on my second tube in about 4 months so it doesn't last amazingly long but heyho I think it's worth it! xxx
Devea said…
This looks amazing, exactly what I need! My eyebrows are basically bushy trees on my face, thanks dad! Haha, so I have to get them threaded! You are so lucky that you have naturally nice brows!
Muhsine Emin said…
@mercedesooo brow cake sounds interesting!

@Tali your English is NOT bad! lol at your visions of the melting pencil, no chance of that happening in London *hope it does get that hot secretly! This gel is quick and easy, but your eyebrows look perfect as they are, you may not need it! Mine look down :(

@Laura yes powder over a pencil is much softer, you can get eyebrow growth products too.

@Lydia 4 months is good!

@Devs aww bless!

StellieStellina said…
I have been looking for something for my eyebrows - mine used to be really full, but they have started thinning now I'm the wrong side of 25! Might have to give this a look. Was also looking at the Smashbox brow tech, which looks good, but this might me a quicker and simpler alternative. Oh decisions, decisions!x
Anonymous said…
i love
i love
i love
make up...
That looks great, your lucky though your eyebrows are perfect. x
Steph said…
ooooo nice, ur lucky u dont have to do much with your brows! I use an oriental brow "concealer" which is kind of a tinted brow gel and holds sooo well.. I've tried a mac one too which is a bit thicker in formula but that lasts all day too. it's great!
Unknown said…
Muhsine u did me such a great favour in reviewing this :) I'm using every day an eyebrow gel that I bought in Germany. Its not very very good but I couldn't find a good one in the UK :)

I will buy this ASAP :)

Thanks sooo much my HEROOOOOOOO :D

Your blog is awesome, more than anything else I love looking at your pictures and how you present your stuffs. There's an artistic touch to it. Love it!
Inner Belle said…
that sounds a treat, especially coz it doesnt feel chrispy!
Anonymous said…
This looks good *adds to ever expanding wishlist*. I like to keep my brows natural too as i am a bit too lazy to be worrying about pencil staying in place but this looks perfect. I like how it darkens slightly whilst keeping the hair looking neat! Great review :)
Anonymous said…
I have that one and i like it!!

Becky said…
I don't really use anything at the minute but might try this, £12 seems ok, let us know how long it lasts if you can.
Ashwini said…
This sounds like a terrific product, thanks for the review.
Ebru said…
I use Anastasia's Brow Gel and love love love it! If you ever get sick of this one, give Anastasia's a try :) Before applying the brow gel, believe it or not I fill in my brows with MAC's Print e/s lol it works for me! Who would have thought, right!
Simone said…
These days I like natural-looking brows too, but I can't seem to get them for myself. I have a bad habit of plucking my brows when I'm bored or nervous so now they're too short and I have to fill them in. And it's a shame, because I'd just gotten them into a shape that I liked, then my exams came along and I ruined them XD
glamour rouge said…
This looks great! I use brown eyeshadow most of the time.I think i'd prefer eyeshadow or a pencil though :)

Anonymous said…
brow stuff and i have a loev and hate relatiionship... this post just created another lemming!!! very interesting and seems to be very easy for brow handicapped like me. thanks!
This sounds really good. I usually use a discontinued (thankyou TJ Hughes) Playboy product with a pencil at one end and clear gel at the other. but the pencil can be a bit dark in the day so might have to give this one a whirl. x
Cotton said…
Sounds realll good!. i currently use the body shop clear mascara and gel brow? i have no idea what its called lol. but yeh i use that but it tends to flake at times -_- so i shall be getting this when it runs out.
and its only a pound more. kerchinggggg! lol

Cotton xx
have you ever tried victoria's secret's brow gel? i was thinking about trying it.
heatherette said…
This looks pretty neat, but I don't need anymore colour to my brows! I just need to tweeze, a clear brow gel, and go! I do have to say it makes your brows looks very lovely though.
fantastic said…
i use the shu uemura brow gel (which is not like a gel..it's in a pot), with an angle brush. it doesn't hold the hairs in place though, so this may be my answer! x
arsyparsy said…
I don't use anything :( I'm planning to but i dont know how and i'm scared that it'll look weird!

Maybelline Coverstick Concealer
lovesicles said…
i think your before eyebrows look a lot prettier. :) especially the colour!

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