Burberry does make up!

A few years ago my perception of Burberry was very different, until I worked at their showroom in London as a VM in my industrial year at University. I saw how beautiful their Prorsum range was and wanted almost everything. When I heard they were doing makeup, it was music to my ears.

It seems that every major fashion house has to branch out into the beauty sector, with the likes of Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and D&G doing so well I don't know what took Burberry so long! Who's next?

The Burberry packaging is as sleek as you would expect it to be, it feels very luxurious and the reflective metallic packaging with the subtle Burberry print looks very nice, I'm glad they didn't do it in a more obvious way.

Below we have the Lip Glow in 'Heather' which is a dark plum shade with a cream finish, I wore it today and I have to say it's not my shade - I would say this would suit a more mature woman. On the good side, it's not sticky and feels really moisturising on the lips.

The Sheer Eyeshadow in 'Porcelain' is a small compact with a mirror, it also has a black velvet pouch.

The colour is a pale champagne, in terms of Mac it's a combination of 'Ricepaper' and 'Naked Lunch'. It's a nice highlight or all over lid colour. It's nicely pigmented, I'm not sure why it's called 'sheer'? It's finely milled and not chalky.

Here are some swatches...

What do I think? It's beautiful and high quality but it's just not my cup of tea. I feel like it's aimed at the more mature wealthy woman! It would be nice to see the other colour options, I'm sure there's a nice nude lipstick and hot pink lipgloss for the younger lot. :) I'm sure many people who are Burberry lovers will be ecstatic and want everything but this range doesn't wow me and I wouldn't recommend spending your money on it as I think there's better.

Available exclusively at Harrods from 12th July in the UK . Prices start from £15.

What do you think about fashion houses and their makeup ranges? I love Chanel Makeup!

(Disclaimer: Products mentioned were provided by PR for consideration for review - honest opinion as always!)


Great post lovely :)
Love the look of the eyeshadow, completely my kinda colour & the packaging looks gorgeous!
It does look a bit meh! One to skip for me...for now anyway :)
Devea said…
Hmmm, lovely eyeshadow! High end brands are usually pricey for me so when I do buy something, I make sure its something that I am going to get a lot of use out of!
Kate Gene said…
I had a gorgeous quilted leather Burberry bag, but the seams started ripping out. :( Fortunately, my husband had purchased it at Nordstrom, so we were able to return it.

Speaking of my hubby, he carries a Burberry wallet, and it's starting to fall apart, too! It's a shame because it looks very classic.

I don't think I'll buy anything from this line only because I'm on a make-up diet. XD
Roshni said…
Thank u for such an honest review! I always trust yours! X
Muhsine Emin said…
@Kate Gene I need to go on that make up diet! :)
Hinna said…
I adore the Prorsum line too, and I think these products look fabulous. The price point is high, but I like that they seem to have some great every day work appropriate shades - sort of like BB but more luxe x
Hinna said…
I adore the Prorsum line too, and I think these products look fabulous. The price point is high, but I like that they seem to have some great every day work appropriate shades - sort of like BB but more luxe x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Roshas no problem :) x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Hinna Spot on, I know that the eyeshadow would work great for everyday!
Anonymous said…
I think they started with a "safe" collection with very nude/classic shades and it's not that interesting for me at least. I consider make up as a fun art and these products are more about classics and elegance..that might appeal the older lady (no offence to anyone please)...but not for me. We'll see what's next in their mind. It's a no thank you for me on this one.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Mercedes It's very 'Safe' indeed, I'm sure they need time to develop within their beauty range, hopefully their next collection will have a wow factor :)
the e/s and foundations don't interest me but i'm a blush & lip product fiend so i'll probably purchase one or the other for the sake of having something from that line. :P

Asiya said…
Hi Muhsine, maybe it's a silly Q, but what's a VM?
Muhsine Emin said…
@Asiya visual merchandiser :) x
Qurratulain said…
Hey you used to follow me on Twitter, but I deleted my account.

I love your blog though :)
Anonymous said…
I love Chanel, although anything plastered with the gorgeous Chanel logo has me weak at the knees! xx
Karleigh said…
It all looks lovely BUT I almost choked on my krispy kreme when I saw the face powder was £30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sami said…
The Burberry makeup range didn't really stand out to me when I first saw it... I like my makeup to be quite fun and glamorous and to be honest those are two words that I would never associate with this collection!!

Sami x
Amina said…
I really thought it was going to be a great range
Sheefa F said…
I think the range looks lovely! Great post as always :)
Asiya said…
wow...wicked job...thanks for this post, by the way, it takes guts to make a call on a major fashion brand like burberry and saying you'd pass on their product cause it wasn't to your tastes.

Speaking of honest reviews, a while back you posted a review on perricone MD. Now I've seen it around on giveaways on a few other blogs and they've been recommending it! But since I read your review here, I have not been interested.
Looks OK, but pricey, for a new range. x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Asiya Thanks, stay away from the dr perricone no foundation foundation - it smells really rancid! I'm glad you appreciate and trust my opinion :)
Supergirl said…
The packaging looks really gorgeous! I would like to try he Sheer Eyeshadow in 'Porcelain". I love that colour:)
Thank's for a great post:)
Hmm, the packaging is nice, the colour they provided you- meh. I looked at their site to see the other colours and the other products that they've provided ; meh again. Thx for the introduction to Burberry's beauty line.

As for your question: Dior shadow palettes have always had my approval for the quality of the products, the pigmentation, the buildability and its been quite consistent across the palettes. Packaging however - REALLY UGLY (in my mind). And Chanel is timeless - no one says no to Chanel.

Have a good one.
ArtDonatella said…
Wow, very honest, sweetie!Could you be more lovable? Thanks for your honest review, as always!!!

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