MAC: Just a pinch Gel Blush

This gel blush came out with the Rose Romance collection last year, at that point I decided not to get it.

However, for some reason I felt like I needed it in my life at this point, so I swapped for it on MUA.

It is very similar in colour to BeneTint and some others I own, check them HERE. But, the formula is VERY different, purely because it's a gel and not a liquid. I have been intrigued in gel type blushers that give a glossy finish after I tried the liqui gel stain by Beaute. Liquid blushes tend to be matte, whereas gel or cream formulas tend to be glossy.

I would describe the colour as a deep raspberry with a cool red undertone.

The consistency feels a bit like a smooth creamy lip balm, it doesn't feel oily and instead feels like it's water based. The colour in the pot looks extremely scary and clownish, but the payoff is actually really sheer and the colour is buildable. It's exactly what I expected. I don't see this lasting on my skin all day unless I top it with powder, but I would rather reapply.

See swatches below...

Here is 'just a pinch' gel blush applied on my cheeks (I used my fingers), I have also applied Mac's 'Strobe liquid' which enhances the glow on my cheekbone. They are perfect together specially for the Summer! The result is a dewy "fresh faced" and "innocently flushed" look.

By the way... I hate you Mac for making such wonderful items Limited edition - repromote please!

Have you tried this or any other gel blush?


macosophy said…
This seems like the perfect kind of product to be applied with MAC's 130 brush :)
Anonymous said…
I love the blush! I've never really tried a gel blush but it's a lovely colour and completely suits you. I wanna try a gel blush now! :)
Houda said…
woow I never even payed attention to this when it came out its bootiful on u I also use the strobe liquid thingy I love it with azalea blossom blush ombre sooo stunning you shoud really try and get that one :)
ooh, that is gorgeous! especially on your skin tone. i think benetint is much too sheer and i like to have a glow on my cheeks and benetint doesn't achieve that. so this would be a better option for me.

mac, please re-promote! until then, thank goodness for swaps, eh?

Anonymous said…
Wow, how beautiful that is on you!
Muhsine said…
@macosophy It does actually, I need the 130 brush! :)

@neekeexoxo If you are anything like me you will be addicted :)

@Houda Thanks hun :) I only have a sample of the strobe liquid I'm debating wheter to get the liquid or the cream formula, I don't have azalea blossom but I'm sure I can mix something up :) X

@dani@callitbeauty Swaps are amazing :) you said it right, benetint is matte as it's a liquid and this is glossy as it's a gel.

@Andi Thank you, you are too kind. x
BELLE said…
Thanks hun I had this blsuh ever since it came out but its still in the box.But now that you show me a preview of how it looks like i just might open the box and play with it. XOXO
very pretty color. Looks great on you.
Can I just say your skin is absolutely beautiful! x
i bet it takes some getting used to. i don't know if i could apply it without looking like a clown. the color looks great on you.
♔ E ♔ said…
That looks awesome, I always pass it by at the CCO, I need to pick it up! , they sure look lovely..I wish this was permanent! I really like the Victoria's Secret Cheek Tints, but those are US only :(
wuwahhhh looks total lovely together with the MAC!!! ^_^
luckymirai said…
I wanna get my hands on this beautiful item :) thanks for showing it to us.
Princess Feef said…
looks very pretty

thx for sharing
Kimberley said…
Looks very pretty on you. Who doesnt love anything MAC brings out! I need to win the lottery lol
Kajal Couture said…
I did pick this up last year when it was released, but didn't use it often. Coincidently I started using it daily about a month ago and I am loving it! It is so natural and buildable, and fun to use! I wish MAC would re-release this product with more colors!!
SuneeBunee said…
Makes me want to try it .. but does it break you out??Most MAC cremes I use do,
V said…
I agree with you, repromote please, mac! ^^
Muhsine said…
Thanks for your comments girls :) x

@SunneeBunnee No it hasn't broken me out, if it does I'll be sure to let you know :) hopefully it doesn't! X
Style Souk said…

This looks terrifying in the pan... but surprisingly beautiful on your skin.

I've never been able to make Benetint work - perhaps because it dries fast without leaving a dewy finish - so this would suit me much more.

Sarah x

STYLE SOUK - Fashion and Beauty Blog
-joseen- said…
i've been trying to swap for it as well but have been lucky and found it in the bicester cco two weeks ago! x
Simarjit said…
how do u conceal under your eyes?
tina_mbc said…
This looks phenomenal on your cheeks hun! :)

Laura Anies said…
I am a fan of Smashbox Cosmetics O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color. I love the pink color of this blusher. My cheeks look so natural when I use this product.
Laura Anies said…
I am a fan of Smashbox Cosmetics O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color. I love the pink color of this blusher. My cheeks look so natural when I use this product.

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