Benefit Hoola Review

Meet 'Hoola' bronzer, my new love!

'Hoola' comes in a cardboard box with 11gms of product for £23.50.

Get to know Hoola!

The Good: A matte brown with a balance of cool and warm undertones. Highly pigmented, swatches true to the colour in the pan. finely milled, blends easily into the skin. You can get the colour to be sheer with a light hand or very intense if desired. The colour lasts all day and the product comes with a brush that is surprisingly soft.

The Bad: The product can get dusty after you dip your brush in to it. The cardboard packaging can look battered if you let it bounce around in your bag.

How do i use it? I mainly use it to contour on days where I feel my skin doesn't need moisture as my favourite cream bronzer is still the 'Soleil tan de Chanel', I have tried using 'Hoola' with the brush it comes with which basically gives you a stripe along your cheeks, it's good for contouring and on the go but you need a fluffy powder brush to then blend it out. I have been using 'Rimmel Stay Matte' pressed powder to set my liquid foundation to prepare for 'Hoola'.

I thought that Hoola might be the same colour as Mac 'Cork' eye shadow but I was wrong, Cork is much darker and more cool toned.

I would recommend Hoola if you want a matte powder bronzer which is natural looking with no orange or red undertones with practical 'on the go' pretty packaging. I prefer Hoola to Nars Laguna and Casino bronzers which have been favourites of mine because the shimmers in them make the contouring look fake and Laguna can look muddy and casino can look too red on me. I have also used Mac's matte bronzing powder, but that looks too red on me too. I have been using Hoola almost every day since I got it and I absolutely love how natural it looks on me.

I already own 'Thrrrob' which is another boxed powder by Benefit, next on my list is 'Georgia', I know it's not really going to show up on my skin tone, but it would make a nice everyday highlighter or brightening face powder... "I think". :)

Have you tried "Hoola"? If not, what matte powder do you use to contour?


looks lovely!

i've been eyeing this for a while but i was always scared it might look too muddy on me. i'll definitely have to go on a swatching spree soon :p

I love how brown it is as opposed to most of my bronzers they always tend to have an orange after glow. I need a new bronzer once my tan fades def have to check this out.
Muhsine said…
@Dani You must swatch it, I was very pleased when I saw the colour payoff, it's not muddy but it's not too warm either, for me it's just right. x
Muhsine said…
@Hell Notes for Beauty™ Yes, most of my bronzers have a orange tinge too, I have only 3 bronzers in my collection now, this, the chanel and the prestige glam tan. It's all I need. :) X
hatchat said…
fab post, I've been eyeing this up for a long time!
How do you think this would perform on paler skintones?
-hattie x
JillieCat said…
I am also a Hoola lover =). Besides my face, I like to use a big fluffy brush to add some lightly to my neck/chest area and it makes the skin there look nicer. I also like to use Armani's Sheer Bronzer #1 on my face (only on occasion bc its overly expensive..only bought it due to my pregnancy hormones). It looks really dark shimmery brown in the pan but it comes out a nice light brown matte color on the face. I think I like Hoola a wee bit better though.
During the summer it ends up being my all over face powder, which makes me happy. But I agree bout the packaging I borderline detest it. It's only cute when the box is brand new.
Ansa said…
I love Hoola mainly because it's matte and it looks more natural that most any other bronzer I own. I want the new Benefit sugarbomb blush. That's next to buy on my shopping list. :)
Muhsine said…
@Hatchat With a light hand it would work, I layer mine to make it more intense, swatch it in store and see, the MA's at benefit will probably jump on you like a meerkat to have you try it :)
Veronika said…
you know I switched from Hoola to NARS laguna and now you're making me want to try the Hoola again!
Tracy said…
I never thought of getting Hoola or Georgia out of the Benefit boxed powders. I have all the rest!

I much prefer to contour using the Chanel Bronze Universal or the Nars Capvert multiple. Cream bronzers usually look more natural on me.
Oh noo don't buy Georgia!! I have a bunch of the boxed powders from benefit and did a comparison of them a while back, and it's my least favourite. Georgia does absolutely nothing...but it does smell the best!! It's one of my biggest makeup regrets, especially with the heavy price tag. I'm half turkish, so I have olive undertones, but I'm still pretty pale...and georgia does nothing on my skin, however I do mix it with heavier/more pigmented blushes to tone them down.
LOVE Hoola, but sadly I can only wear it in the winter as that is the only time is shows up on me. In the summer I have to use it as a face powder, which I have been doing lately!
hoola is pretty nice, I enjoy it as well, and I have dandelion and sugarbomb as well, both great for fair skinned girls.
Stephanie said…
I think Dallas would look absolutely gorgeous on you! I would recommend it over Georgia for your skin tone :) Thanks for the thorough review! Definitely going on my wish list now xx
BunnyDays said…
I just bought Coralista and I LOVE it... it is such a pretty pink coral.
LilyLipstick said…
I've always loved Hoola but have never taken the plunge and actually purchased it! It may be a little dark for my skintone...I use the "Contour" part of my Sleek Face Contour Kit as a matte bronzer. It's really hard to find a drugstore bronzer without loads of sparkle in but the Sleek one is a bargain and isn't too dark for me. x
Nathalie Mina said…
Trust me, do not buy Georgia! I'm half Persian and have a similar skin tone as you, and you can't even see that I'm wearing anything with Georgia. Total waste of money. Although I do agree with Obsessed.Makeup.Addict, Georgia does smell good!
Miss♥Nikka said…
I have Hoola and I do like it but I noticed I reach for my NYC Sunny bronzer more.
Noris said…
Thanks for the review love! I've used Hoola for two years and it's a great bronzer! I think you can pull off Georgia, I mix Georgia and Hoola, and it gives a nice glow.
Hoola together with Benefit Sugarbomb is AMAZING!!! xx
Hoola together with Benefit Sugarbomb is AMAZING!!! xx
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Anonymous said…
I wish to have this one day 'cause it looks so nice!!
Get Gawjus! said…
I use a broner by Victoria Jackson, its an awesome peachy bronzer and works well with my skintone! This looks great too :)
LOVE this bronzer, and your blog! You always do such useful and interesting reviews of products. You've reminded me of how amazing this product is and how much I need it back in my life!

Anonymous said…
i love benefit hoola but i do prefer benefit dallas to contour or bronze. xx
Sam said…
I have started using bronzer THIS summer - how weird but true! I was so put off by that orange look that I've seen occasionally, scary! But I dared to try a Rouge Bunny Rouge bronzing powder (cause I needed this lovely box it came in, duh!) and ever since I am converted :) As I already got the Dallas and Georgia powders by Benefit I can tell you that I apply Georgia on my forehead, nose, and chin only. It makes your complexion look really fresh! On my cheeks I use another blush or bronzer instead. It sounds weird but it does look very natural on skin, no kiddin' :)
Best, Sam xx
Kristen said…
I use Laguna bronzer by NARS, it does have a very small touch of shimmer but it AMAZING! I have always wanted to try HOOLA and maybe this is a sign to buckle down and make the purchase! Thanks!
Vi and Ollie said…
Muhsine! I've missed you! I've got a question for you, mind if I emailed it?
Muhsine said…
Thanks for your comments girls. xXx

@Nathalie Mina - I HAVE to try it, I'm going to swap for it, so no money spent! :)

@Vi and Ollie - Go right ahead.. x
Tali said…
I do love Hoola on me but not when im being photographed in natural lighting!! In evenings its fine but during the day it makes me all mud faced!! x
Andrea D said…
i wanna try this so bad!
I am new to blogging! Followed u..please follow back if u can and check my blog out..Not much on it but open 2 any suggestions/feedback
Hoola is on my wishlist so fingers crossed that it will be mine soon! I've heard so many great things about it and I'm always on the hunt for a good bronzer so I have high hopes for this one. Some swathes I saw made the color look a lot like the Soleil tan de Chanel, just a different consistency. Do you think they look similar? And for contouring I'm currently using MAC Blunt powder blush :)
Muhsine said…
@Tali oooh that's interesting...

@WillWorkForMakeup Just swatched them both and the chanel is slightly more orange but very similar. :)
Sara said…
Hey doll! I have Hoola but have only tried it once, I need to start experimenting with my makeup more! I find what works and stick to it on an everyday basis. I think it is a decent contour product but my favorite would be MAC Harmony and MAC Blunt blushes for contouring. I use Harmony when I am a bit lighter and Blunt most of the time- they both have never have failed on me. Harmony can be a bit muddy if you apply too much and Blunt same thing. I also love to use my mineral bronzer I buy from a lady, it is messy like all loose powders at times but absolutely perfect! Illamasqua blush in Create is very pretty! ♥ hope all is going well for you :] best wishes*
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