I know! I know...

I have been a terrible blogger recently, forgive me. I have been so busy and my laptop seems to have a virus that is stopping me from entering certain sites, one of which include blogger. Thank god for updates from phones.

In the mean time I shall fill you in...

1) I got Benefit Hoola bronzer and I'm loving it, its such a practical product.

2) I have my hands on my first lip tar by OCC in "Cha cha". :)

3) I de potted my prestige glam tan bronzer into a mac compact, as the original packaging was broken. I'm SO proud I didn't break it as it is domed and mineralised.

That is it for now.. Until next time... X


ellamarie84 said…
Ooo I've always wanted to try Hoola, but never have! Excited to hear your thoughts on the lip tar! Sorry about your comp not working properly :( xox
hoola is on my list of products to try. i've heard so many great things about it.

hope your laptop gets fixed soon!

Ebru said…
And I was thinking, where on earth is she?? Sorry about your laptop, I hope you can have it fixed soon and hope you're having a lovely Ramadan :) I just got Cha Cha too, yayyy! I'm looking forward to hearing about your opinions about Hoola :) xo
Noris said…
I'm glad you are back :) Can we expect reviews on the new products? How is Peanut doing? x
Unknown said…
Aww! That happened to me once, you can try using a different browser, or if that still doesn't work, download Malware Bytes' Software...it's free and totally cleans up your comp!

Here's the Link:


Hope your laptop gets better!

Tali said…
Coffee next week!? xox
Sheefa F said…
Looking forward to seeing cha cha on you!
Veronika said…
hula was my HG bronzer before I switched to NARS laguna! I still like it :)
Tina A. said…
All is forgiven, lol!
Glad you 're well, sorry to hear abt the laptop though, I know what a huge hassle that can be!!!

fantastic said…
ah you're well! i was wondering where you had disappeared to! hope you get the virus fixed. I've been fighting one on my computer too xx
amazing blog you have!

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