Random posting...

Look how much Peanut has grown..

He means the world to me...

I wore a bright lip yesterday and I liked it. I used 'Rose Maiden' from the 'Colour Forecast' collection. It's a muted red with rosey pink undertones with a frost finish. I don't usually like frosts but this one is really wearable and pretty plus it lasted a long time, it was still there after a big meal, it faded nicely too.

I'm wearing it with Voluminous Mascara, Bourjois brown eyeliner, Chanel bronze universel and Mac face & body foundation.

My hair annoyed me again, I grabbed some scissors and cut me a side fringe, I tend to do this when I get bored, uh oh! :)

I picked up these beautiful delicate earrings yesterday from Accessorize, they were only £10 and I love them!

Lastly, and most importantly Ramadan Mubarak!

What random things have you been doing lately?


♔ E ♔ said…
I love your top, and your lipstick.. and your puppy! Have a great day :)
Anonymous said…
He looks so cute! I love the pink bit on his nose..so unique.

I've been baking and doing home made things for the BBQ..not good for achieving the bikini bod! :-(


Shirley said…
You look gorgeous girl! Love tha lipstick on you! :) x
Muhsine said…
@Mercedes I love the pink bit on his nose too, so cute! Ahhh I love cooking, I have been cooking lots of lovely meals, but all healthy - I purchased a book on Thai cooking yesterday :) x

@Shirley Thanks shirls :)
Amina said…
I've been adding to my wish list,, not sure if it's a good thing though :)
that lipstick looks great on you, especially with that top.
Lucky Dog to have a gorgeous MAMA like you. Thelipstick is very pretty looks great on you.
MEVISH said…
YOU LOOK STUNNING!!! and i love your little puppy he is such a cutie! love to see more posts of peanut aww bless :) xxx
Martha said…
The lipstick is really perfect on you!
Noris said…
Peanut is beautiful!! Love the red lipstick on you, and how the eyes and cheeks are very natural :) Following your advice I bought ace & Body Foundation and I'm loving it!!! I got the C4 shade and it's working great on my skin. x
Muhsine said…
Thanks girls :) X

@Noris I am so glad to hear that :)
Leah ♥ said…
love that lip color, you look great! and OMG your dog is adorable!!!
Anonymous said…
Ramadan Mubarak!
I love the red lipstick with your outfit! Such a pretty color on you:)
NawalS said…
I love the fringe and your dress is gorgeous
Ramadan kareem to you and your family :)
Your dog is so precious! I've been thinking about getting one lately.

And love the side bangs, I try to restrain myself from taking scissors to my own hair when I'm bored as I'm not as skilled.

sabina said…
u look stunning xxx

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hatchat said…
wow, that lippy looks fab on you :) Perfect for summer as it's not a very harsh red!

-Hattie x
Rosa Adores... said…
you look lovely! The bright lips really suit you!

ramadan mubarak to you too :) x
your skin looks amazing!

i've been intrigued with the mac face & body foundation but i'm afraid it might not be enough coverage for me.

but i can definitely see why you love it, your skin looks natural but polished.

peanut is adorable!

Houda said…
beautiful mashallah!!! I love this look very turkish lol vibrant and summery, peanut is so cute lol hes like a little baby !!!
Tali said…
OMG such a great color on you!!!! And looove the earrings!! xox
Kerry said…
your skin is looking great! Love that lippie too!
AtolyeKedi said…
Maşşallah çooook yakışmış.
Sanada hayırlı ramazanlar güzel kız
Rubinha said…
Are you arabian? I love the lipstick and your top! ^^ xx
LilyLipstick said…
Peanut is gorgeous :)
That lipstick really suits you too. x
roshas said…
you look gorgeous! ur skin looks so glowy :) xx
Anonymous said…
Peanut is so gorgeous =). You look so pretty and glowy. I love that lippy on you too! I'm really liking MAC F&B foundation, hasn't broken me out so far =D. XXX
Simone said…
That lippie looks amazing on you!
Agatha said…
Peanut has grown into such a handsome boy!!!

I MEGA LOVE those earrings!!!

Naazh said…
Ramadhan Mubarak!!
Riham said…
Ramadan Mubarak Habibti!! You look stunning babe!
Javy said…
awww hes so cute, his name is perfect for him!
Debby said…
love that lipstick on you.
xoxo Debby
Anonymous said…
The lipstick is gorgeous u look beautiful
Ramadan Mubarak to you to
Farah said…
Ramadan Kareem!
Myra said…
your hair looks really nice and the lipstick looks great.

ramadan mubarak to you too. are you muslim?
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Ebru said…
Aww Peanut! He's such a big boy now!!! :) Love the lipstick and the earrings are just gorgeous! Hayirli Ramazanlar Muhsinecim :)
ellamarie84 said…
Awww I love Peanut! And you look beautiful with red lips! :)
JazakAllah, Ramadan Mubarak to you too!!!! hugs for peanuts!
Anonymous said…
Your hair looks nice, And love the lipcolor. Peanut is soo cute!
Jaymie said…
your puppp is so cute!
i love mac lipstick it's probably one of my fave brands for lippy.
Kate Gene said…
You look gorgeous, as always! I have trimmed my own bangs before, but never successfully. Some of my bangs ended up half an inch long! Of course, I had corporate work photos the next day. Figures. LOL!

I want to steal your puppy! He's getting so big!
Anonymous said…
Your love for that dog warms my heart. You are both beautiful.
princessbelle said…
Beautiful hair and make up and that doggy is adorable.
My two year old daughter just saw your picture and said ''ohhh i like those lips, i want to kiss her'' hahahaha
Hinna said…
Ramadan Mubarak to you also!

Your skin looks flawless, and I'm loving the lip colour! You wear it very well :) xxx
Teenie weenie said…
your blog looks so cute :)

I was visiting it and I'm in love with nars too! haha

Kat said…
Hey cute Blog.. Im now following
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cococharnelle said…
I really love your earings!
Belle Du Jour said…
awwwww peanut!!!!! Riley says Hi!!! You look beautiful as always Muhsine!! Kisses from NYC! x
a!k0 said…
Ramadhan Mubarak to you!!

Love the lippies, now im so into red lips didnt think id pull it off :) and love that color on you!

huggs and kisses for peanut! x0x0if
Arica said…
Wow, you pull off that color so well! Prob. b/c you're GORGEOUS!!!

Your dog is adorable as well. :D
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