Bourjois + Illamasqua blogger events!

I attended two blogger events on Saturday, and I'm updating on Monday - naughty naughty, but this way you get mini reviews, not naughty after all. :)

Bourjois have launched a new foundation and roller ball concealer (I can't keep up!) called 'Bio Detox Organic'. I used it last night and was pretty pleased, it offers great coverage (I didn't need concealer) yet still manages to feel light and look natural on the skin giving a semi matte finish. I will do a full review on it at a later date.

They have also launched another mascara called the "Volumizer" which has a 2 step system, I also used this yesterday and I personally didn't like it - it doesn't beat my L'oreal Voluminous! Step 1 doesn't give enough volume, and step 2 gives too much making my lashes stick together. But bravo for the innovative technology.

The Bourjois eye shadows are hit and miss with me. The new trio (09 Lady vert de gris) looks like it would be a great handbag product but fails due to the lack of pigmentation.

There's also a new blush for Autumn, called "Tomette D'or", It's a warm terracotta shade with tiny flecks of gold glitter. The baked blushes are beautifully pigmented, however this isn't a shade I'm crazy about.

Bourjois have also launched some new red lipsticks, I had Bourjois makeup artist Cassie Lomas apply the darkest shade (78) on me which you will see a picture of at the end.

I then waltzed to the Illamasqua event which was held at their debut flagship store for a bloggers preview of the 'ART OF DARKNESS COLLECTION'.

Here's me and Shirley who kindly provided the photo of us and the photo of the store as I accidently deleted mine. Check out my Bourjois red lips, way out of my comfort zone! :)

Here's what's on offer!

I came away with the Powdered Metal in Ether which is a very finely milled gold loose powder with golden flecks.

Here's a couple of swatches on the skin, it can be used as a face and body highlighter, it gives the most beautiful golden sheen which looks very ethereal albeit fake.

The nail varnish shade I have is "Viridian" a dark metallic green.

I happened to be wearing Barry M's (299) Racing green which looks incredibly similar. On close examination Viridian looks like it has more blue in it.

However when swatched they both look almost identical, 'Racing green' is a fraction glossier than 'Viridian'.

Are you wanting anything from the new releases?
Disclaimer: All products mentioned were provided for review purposes, I am not paid to blog about them and I am not affiliated with the brands - This is clearly my honest opinion as always.


Εvi said…
I really want to try this new foundation from Bourjois!!! I've been a loyal customer of the brand a few years ago so I might switch to Bourjois again.

I'll keep an eye on your review to come ;)
Pauline said…
Great reviews! Just came across your have a new follower!! xo
Sami said…
I do love Bourjois... the packaging is always spot on.

Never tried anything from Illamasqua but I'm excited to visit their new store as I imagine it is beautiful! x
Andee Layne said…
such a great review! I think i need that illamsqua metal powder...its looks so pretty! where can you purchase bourjois in the states?!
Essjay23x said…
Racing Green looks gorgeous in these pics. I always think the Bourjois colours look great on the shelf but not particularly striking once applied.
Louisa Harris said…
I feel the same way about the Bourjois eyeshadows. Some are really pigmented and then some... well are not! You look beautiful with that red lipstick :) <3
you should definitely wear red lips more often, i think you wear it beautifully. especially that deeper shade!

i saw another review on the volumizer and i have to say, it was disappointing. clumps-galore!

the powdered metal looks absolutely diving, perfect for the dead of winter when my skin's a bit sallow :p. i definitely would love one of these!

LilyRibbons said…
How convienient...just ran out of healthy mix yesterday! I cant wait to try the new foundation, i love the packaging. Cant wait for your review now :)
I love Ether it looks so pretty, but i imagine costs a bomb! Not a massive fan of bourjois for anything other than foundation. Their blushes never seem pigmented enough and nothing else tempts me! I like their cheek and lip stains but they seem to have disappeared off the shop floor, I loved your reviews on those! I bought one and never looked back! Thank you :) Lil xx
Unknown said…
The foundation sounds very interesting :) Have to buy a new foundation soon but will wait for ur review first :D
LillianZahra said…
Those events sound like fun :)
I'm not a fan of Bourjois eyeshadows - they look gorgeous in the pans but have such poor colour pay off. x
o said…
I'd love to try the nail varnish, it looks amazing

Confessions of a Beautyholic said…
That Illamasqua collection is gorgeous!
& the Bourjois products looks great...I have to take a look to them
Unknown said…
Love the new Illamasqua collection. Racing green looks gorgeous by Barry M. Too bad we do not carry that here in the US.
Aneela Nasir said…
Hey i've been following your blog and I thought I'd let you know that I'm having a MAC and Juicy Couture giveaway on my blog...check it out if you like!
xoxo Aneela
fantastic said…
the nail varnish is a pretty color...i would even say that the blusher is pretty as well--is it a bit too red/brick-ish? xx
Lola Flash said…
A full review of the bonjours foundation would be lovely. I am 25 and still fighting with skin tones, pimples and the likes (sigh)
Unknown said…
The foundation sounds very interesting. I love the nail polishes from this Illamasqua collection too. I know you say the red lipstick is outside of your comfort zone but I think you pull it off very well!
shoe devotee said…
Thanks for the reviews. I added 'Viridian' to my next shopping list. Great post.
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for your comments girls :)

@Fantastic it's not too red or brickish, once swatched on the back of my hand it looks a bit lighter, it's actually very pretty but for some reason I stay away from those types of colours.. hmmm! X
Tina A. said…
You look amazing in that pic,your skin is glowing!!! :)

Britomarti said…
kendra xxx
Unknown said…
I love that Illamasqua illuminator! And I actually prefer the finish on the Barry M polish weirdly - it's quite similar to the Models Own Beetlejuice polishes, which I have stocked up on. They're amaazing.
Anonymous said…
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