Hijab Look

As promised, here's a Hijab look. This is what I wore to go to the mosque this evening. I kept it VERY natural, I really don't think over the top makeup is suitable with a hijab unless it's for a very special occasion particularly during the month of Ramadan.

  • FACE: Mac Face & Body mixed with Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation
  • CHEEKS: Chanel bronze universel very lightly & a light dusting of Mac Dollymix.
  • EYES: Garnier tinted eye roll on concealer, Urban Decay Lucky 24/7 pencil on waterline and upper lashline, L'oreal Voluminous mascara.
  • LIPS: Nothing.

I love how 'Lucky' looks with my eyes, it looks effortless yet interesting. The perfect bronze eyeliner!

Here's my outfit, my camera doesn't like to focus sometimes *sigh*.

I wore jeans with a standard top and a long baggy cardigan with brown buttons.

I saw so many people wearing the hijab in all different ways, it's all very inspiring. I usually wear mine the way I do in the picture but some of the styles I have see are so cute!

How do you wear your hijab? And, for the non Muslims... what styles do you like or dislike? I personally love colour, but not too in your face and not too matchy matchy!


Parisa said…
GORGEOUS! So many different styles and colours a hijab can be worn in, but this style is very you! :)
Love how delicate and feminine the whole look is. xxxx
Chloe said…
you look so nice! I usually wear my hijab with jeans, longer tops or short dresses and crop tops or cardigans. I love playing around with colour too, and different ways of styling my scarf
Muhsine said…
@Parisa Thank you hun :) X

@Chloe Thank you that's very nice of you, I like wearing short dresses with jeans too, I am all for experimenting with the scarf :) It doesn't have to be boring! X
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh! you look so so so radiant and beautiful! So refreshing. x
Love what you did with the eyes and the green is such a pretty color on you.
fantastic said…
You look lovely! I think the makeup matches well with the green color--very flattering! x
Your make-up is beautiful and what gorgeous eyes you have...love it!

Liesl :)
Ansa said…
Love this look. Your eye makeup looks very natural and pretty.
Dye-A-Graham said…
I would love to see more posts related to your culture/religion, it's very interesting and it gives us a way to get to know you better! You look stunning in green and the makeup was perfect. Thanks for sharing!
Riham said…
I love hijab on you! You look so incredibly gorgeous:-) mashallah!!Hijab definetly does not have to boring and can be chic! I love the way you styled it! Thanks for this post Muhsine!!
Dela Rome said…
your skin looks so fresh and flawless and you look great in a hijab. Just beautiful!!
Sana said…
Stunning! I can never do my hijab properly :-( I always look like an old lady haha! Gorgeous <3 xx
Houda said…
Oh Muhsine this is sooooo amazing I love it so much very well put together although you didn't surprise me I wouldb't expect anything less from a fashion student lol I love your makeup I've been wearing natural looking makeup too this month but then again I dont think we over do it anyways I love your scarf! mashallah what does your hubby think? xxxxxx
ndoodles said…
Aww you look so pretty - with a hijab and without! I like your style... I see some good styles and some weird ones (like wearing a dress w/ jeans... that doesn't look good on anyone!)
Make up by Yass said…
you look stuning macha'Allah
Rumysa hussain said…
hun, you look gorgeous with the hijaab on! masha'Allah..
May Allah S.W.T aid us and guide us to the truth. Ameen.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
You look gorgeous with or without hijab, but being a hijabi (a new one might I add) I'm totally biased and I would definitely say the hijab makes you look beautiful and pure mashaAllah =)

Have a happy Eid!
Robo said…
You look lovely in a hijab, mA :) I usually just use the dupatta (scarf) that comes along with the shalwar kameez as hijab. Love that your makeup, though subtle, just accentuated your eyes. Beautiful!
Princess Feef said…
aww you look so gorgeous ,,
i love it the way you wear it ,, and i sometimes wear it like this too =) if i was traveling and visited mosques =)
and also my friends wear it this way ,,

i hate matchy matchy ,, it hurts my eyes =D haha
Nora-Schu said…
This is so precious!
Ramadan Mubarak and have a happy Eid! :)
Suslique said…
you are beaufitul maa sha Allah. i love the way you wrapped your scarf, when it comes to my hijab--i like it simple, comfortable and as loose as it can be.
my goodness, your skin is flawless!

i'm not muslim, but i've seen a few women wearing hijab's here and there but they're mostly neutral. i love how you wore a bright colour but it's not distracting at all.

you are so gorgeous mashallah!
Jen said…
gorgeous! u have beautiful eyes!

Anonymous said…
I like when people put jewellery on the forehead or some random clips at the back.
You look really pretty!
tina_mbc said…
I immediately spotted that liner from the first photo, it looks great on you, definitely brings out your eyes!!!

Sakeenah said…
you look adorable honestly it took me a minute to work out it was you but wow!
MEVISH said…
you look so lovely Muhsine very naturally beautiful :) xx
Anna Saccone said…
Sooo cute, I love green on you! <3
Sami said…
Masallah... you look so pretty in a headscarf! And I love the bronze eyeliner too... it looks really natural x
I love pure, ethereal glow on face and the slightly exotic tinge on the eyes. I'm sure it's really helpful for the hijab-wearing readers.

I'm not religious myself but I have many friends who cover their heads, so I had the chance to closely examine what beauty looks work with hijab, and the conclusion I reached is that it goes the best with naturally emphasized eyes, just like your look here. it looks innocent as it should be in a hijab look, yet defined enough. strong lips just don't work.
liloo said…
Love your hijab :)
MashaAllah you're mosturah ;)
Dandelion said…
you look beautyful
Victoria said…
Omygoodness your hijab looks amazinggggg on you! The green is beautiful and makes your skin look amazing!
Asiya said…
I like how you chose to opt out of lipstick with your hijab. I don't know why, but lipstick is so showy against the hijab and it can look inapproapriate. Great post!
Asiya said…
oh, also, I think a lot of people don't appreciate the beauty of women in hijab, and underestimate us when it comes to style and beauty. This post is so great for helping us hijabis break those stereotypes. Thank you!
Anum said…
MashAllah, you look so lovely. I really like the way you have put your outfit together as well. It seems very neat, classy but still within the Islamic codes. Thank you for sharing this look with us! Early Eid Mubarak. May I request all the readers to plese pray for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.
Veronika said…
I love the green you've chosen for your hijab! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS!
İnanmıyorum seni nerden gördüm ekledim bilmiyorum hemen hemen bütün yazılarınıda okudum. Ama adının Muhsine olduğunu ve müslüman olduğunu bilmiyordum :) Ben Türkiyede yaşıyorum. Hemen hemen hergün bloğuna bakıyorum. Çok güzelsin maşallah. Nerelisin? Türkçe yazdım ama Türkçe biliyormusun? :P
Sunee Bunee said…
usually I wear mine in black or white i only wish i could venture out to a pink or purple.

when i went to morocco i liked the way they styled the hijabs I attempted to do it this way but sadly mine fell apart after 5 mins. So back to the usual.
Jasmine said…
You look so beautiful - the way you have worn your hijab is simple and sometimes simple is best xxx
Jasmine said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Muhsine said…
Thank you all SO much for the wonderful comments, I really appreciate them :) X

@Aysegul Yilmaz - Evet Turkum :) iltifatlarin icin tesekkurler.. Bursa'liyim ben :) x
Houda said…
I wrap my head scarf exactly as you have in your photo. I too do not normally like matchy matchy! (you can see my hijab style on my fashion blog: www.lovemyhijab.blogspot.com).

you look gorgeous! I must try a bronze eyeliner (not that it'll make me look like you or anything!)

Eid sa3eed!
:)))))) Şok oldum çünkü bende Bursada yaşıyorum Yıldırımda :)
İyi bayramlar o zaman sana.
Çok güzel bir yüzün var. Makyajlarında harika :)
Jess said…
your eyes look gorgeous

Rakhshanda said…
Hi Muhsine...Love your look and your eyes are just fabulous!!
Love your blog.
Muhsine said…
@Aysegul (Tesekkurler) aaaa hemde Yildirimda bizde yakiniz :)
Mashallah you look as gorgeous with hijab as you do without it. Have you tried wearing any Turkish hijabs? I think they would match you really well :)
<3 Seedi-Sami<3 said…
love this postt
u look stunning in hijabb
love experimenting with mine too xxx
Sarah said…
You look gorgeous, natural but so pretty. I like reading posts like this, I don't know much about your religion so it's nice to learn things as well as look at pretty makeup x
Anonymous said…
You look gorgeous with Hijab
The Light of Islam is shining on your face :)

My Hijab:
i wear a long-tonik on jeans , or any blouse on long fully open skirt "such as cash maillot" :)under a pair of white linen..

Insha'ALLAH you will wear Hijab
Samar K.S.A
Muhsine said…
Thanks for all your kind words :)

@mịşś● wSāмяOøήạ Thank you, inshallah :)
esteeem said…
wow!! thats all i can say! mashallah youre gorgeous, ur husband is a lucky man!!
HijabiDoll said…
Salem a3likum!

That's cute!I remember myself wearing it like that when I was sixteen (subhanAllah I'm twenty now and I think that time is running too fast!) and a full of memories came across my mind by watching your photo!

I also remembered how I was so excited about going out with it My God it's a sweet sensation of faith through your soul and your body.

Now I'm wearing jilbab el hamdulillah and that's really great!I do live in France and when I see how they treat us I wish I could fly to an other country whatever where but where people are accepting hijab without shouting that we're not really true women because we're wearing a scarf to cover our hair.

WHATEVER when I listen to this:


I'm just happy that Allah gave us the privilege to recognize His words while listening Qur'an.

With love Muhsine,Take care!

Laila said…
I really like your hijab on you! Can you do more plz!


ruveyda said…
you look pure..just i love it..
ruveyda said…
you look pure..just i love it.
Anonymous said…
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It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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Anonymous said…
MashALLAH you look elegant in Hijaab.
May ALLAH bless u!

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