Liz Earle - SLS free haircare!

Are you one of those people who goes through your conditioner before you even hit half way with your shampoo? If so, keep reading.

Liz Earle, a British brand known for their skincare have branched into haircare, whilst their skincare is something I like, it's definitely not something I love, for me it's not that special. However, this 'Botanical shine shampoo' and 'Botanical shine conditioner' IS special. They are the perfect pair!

The range is SLS free, meaning it has no sulfates, therefore not drying on the hair. I have mentioned in a previous post about 'Shampoo cleansing ingredients to avoid', and I am pleased to report that this range contains none of them.

There is one shampoo to suit all, and 3 different kinds of conditioner, I opted for the dry or damaged option.

Here are the ingredients in the shampoo...

I even ordered back ups, I WILL NOT STRAY! I ordered from Liz Earle's website, it arrived in 2 days! Liz Earle have great customer service, no matter what you order they always give you a travel size product free.

Why do I like the shampoo? I have tried so many sulfate free shampoos and none of them lather as well as this one, it smells amazing, and my hair feels beautifully clean without feeling dry.

Why do I like the conditioner?
I usually use up my conditioner way before my shampoo, but with this I am equal. I have roughly the same amount of conditioner left as my shampoo, if not more which has never happened before. I use a tiny bit and work it into the ends of my hair and my hair is tangle free and so soft. The conditioner kind of feels like the sachets you usually get with hair dyes? It works immedietely. Again, it smells amazing.

Value for money?
For me, yes! high quality ingredients for a reasonable price point, they are priced at £7.50 each, therefore £15 for a set. A little goes a long way with both products, I have already been using mine for a month, and I wash my hair almost every day (my hubby has been stealing it too!) and I still have about 30% left. Furthermore, I really like the glossy squeeze tube packaging, the logo and colours they used look much more improved than their original skincare packaging whilst keeping it practical for ease of use.
  • If you are from the UK, you can wait until the range is available on QVC with a possible bargain price, and if you don't like it you can send it back for a refund within 30days!

Have you tried any Liz Earle products?

Disclaimer: I was sent the shampoo and conditioner for consideration for review to begin with, but since then have purchased with my own money. I was not paid to blog about it and I am not affiliated with the brand.


Unknown said…
I always go through several conditioners before even touching the shampoo. I ike this sounds very interesting!
rottenotter said…
I'm the opposite, I use up the shampoo before the conditioner. I tried a sample of them both last night and really want to buy them now! :) xxx
I'm the same always using up the conditioner before shampoo! I've never tried sulphate free products but these look great :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Katy - wow I never even knew that was possible :)
Holly said…
Loving these too, fab!! I use conditioner way before shampoo, drives me mad having half full shampoo left over! xx
Shortiee31 said…
I always go through a whole bottle of shampoo and have just under half a bottle of conditioner left! :|
Anonymous said…
Have seen a few people review these now and they have all been good am thinking of trying it xox
StellieStellina said…
I have long + wavy = dry hair so I always have the same problem as you! I love Liz Earle products and cannot wait to try the hair care range, especially as I prefer to use natural hair care, but can't ever get the lather. It seems with shampoo it's all about the lather! I might wait until it's on QVC, maybe they'll have another TSV...! Can't resist a bargain!x
Caz said…
I love the Liz Earle range and these products are so nice to use. Its also nice knowing that your hair isnt full of chemicals :)
Dandelion said…
i love sls free products, probably should try these
i'm absolutely ITCHING to try these out!

i've been SLS free for years (i have to b/c of my scalp) so it's been a challenge finding SLS free products.

i really hope there are boutiques that will sell this in vancouver b/c i'm particular with scents so i need to smell it first before trying :p

Policosmetics82 said…
Wow I've just checked out the website - the first time I see a conditionner for oily skin!!! I think I'll try them. Do you think the shampoo will suit oily skin? :)

Muhsine Emin said…
@Dani - I have been on and off SLS free products and I can really see the difference, hope you get to try these eventually :) x

@Polina - It says that the shampoo is for all hair types, I have put coconut oil in my hair and washed it out with the shampoo and it was fine, I'm assuming it would be fine on oily hair too, hopefully they do tester sets! x
Policosmetics82 said…
Thank you! I've watched after the video on their youtube page and they say that it's withoud added oils - specially for oily hair (sorry for the previous comment - conditioner for oily hair, not skin lol). I think I'll order a little conditioner, a shampoo nad their famous face tonic! :) Thaks for the post!

Policosmetics82 said…
Ok so I just ordered the 50 ml shampoo bottle and will report on how it suits oily hair in a couple of weeks! Glad you did that post! I ordered also their face toner and a brightening mask yay :)
Sheefa F said…
I love these products too, they are a life saver! You don't like thier skincare :O I am in love with that and religiously use it :)

Unknown said…
I have to try these products! My hair is in such a poor condition after the summer season... :( It needs full recovery!
I was having a look at old posts in my blog and I just remembered that you and Zoella were the two very first people to comment in my blog. How sweet is that? My greatest blogging inspirations!
Marisa said…
I'm hearing so much good things about this shampoo! Maybe I should give it a go ((:
Muhsine Emin said…
@Polina you must keep me updated :)

@Getgawjus I used to love the skincare then went off it, the packaging puts me off.. x

@Catanya These are great, and awww about commenting on your blog, I didn't even know!:) X
I've yet to read a bad review for this range of haircare. I'm on the lookout for a SLS free shampoo that lathers so definitely going to give this a try x

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