Silver Fox

Silver Fox is the name of the quad from Revlon's latest Autumn collection. Whilst there's no silver in sight, the colours are so gorgeous and appropriate for the season. This evening I decided to test it out!

I used the white in the inner corner, the gray on the centre of the lid, the maroon in the crease and outer v with the turquoise on the lower lash line.

The colours are pigmented but I did have to wet my brush to intensify the colour of the maroon in some areas. There was quite a bit of fallout as the colours are a little chalky but they still blended easily. I love the end result and would certainly use this quad again, the colours are subtle enough for day time yet dramatic enough for the evening.

Here's everything I used..
  • Bourjois 10hr Sleep effect foundation (Set with Mac sheer mystery powder on T zone)
  • Mac Studio finish concealer
  • Benefit Hoola
  • Benefit High beam
  • Nars Sertao
  • Revlon colorstay 'Silver Fox' eyeshadow quad
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner '1999'
  • L'oreal Voluminous mascara (Not in pic!)
  • Rimmel 'hazel' Eyebrow pencil
  • Nars 'Tashkent' pure matte lipstick

And a closeup of the finished look!

I dyed my hair dark brown today with a PPD (Chemical free) hair dye which I ordered from Aubrey Organics, it's henna based and will not damage my hair or cause any irritation. Instead, it promises to strengthen my hair. My aim is to grow my hair, and chemicals don't allow me to do that due to the damage they cause which means more trims.

Love it! :) I had to keep it in for 1 and a half hours, it was quite messy but worth the hassle. My hair was looking very light and dare I say it had a orange tinge (Blueeurghh!) Now it's a rich mid tone brown with no red or orange. Oh and this henna doesn't stain the skin, how weird is that? Very cool.

Here's what I wore this evening.. A classic black dress!

Here's what I styled it with!

What's your thoughts on 'Silver Fox', chemical free hair dye and what do you team a classic black dress with?

I was provided with the Revlon quad and Nars pure matte lipstick for consideration for review, I was not paid to blog about them and I am not affiliated with the brands. Everything else mentioned was purchased with my own money. Honest opinion as always.


Parisa said…
GORGEOUS! You look amazingly tanned!!
Silver Fox looks like an amazing palette and the whole eye makeup looks stunning! :) What blending brushes did you use?
Love the black dress too, so chic where's it from?
Hinna said…
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Love everything. The make-up. The outfit. The accessories. Simply gorgeous!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Parisa thanks hun, it's the xen tan :) I used a sigma 224 and a smashbox blending brush which no other brush can beat!

@Hinna thanks hun :)
fantastic said…
i like how you paired those shoes with the black dress. unexpected but nice! hope you had fun tonight :) x
Devea said…
I have a Revlon quad similar and I agree with your review! I am very interested in trying that hair dye,as I am obsessed with natural products!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Fantastic Thanks sweetie :)

@Chic Geek It's great, I have avoided henna based hair stuff as I thought it would turn my hair red, didn't realise there were colour options! Natural struff is the best!
Liesl said…
Very, very pretty colors and look on you...beautiful!

Liesl :)
so lovely! the turquoise looks gorgeous on your skin, it really pops without looking tacky.

i used to get henna treatments for my hair when i was younger to strengthen my hair. i think it's pretty impressive that i was able to sit still long enough at under 9 years old :p.

lastly, your accessories are divine! they're all so pretty :)

Sandy said…
oh wow, the result is so pretty!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Dani wow you did well :) my mum told me the henna will help migraines too, she said that's what my nan used to help cure them (interesting!) Thanks for your kind words :)
You look gorgeous! its a gorgeous quad..i have like two Revlon ones and they're not so pigmented but this looks amazing!

Love the hair too, henna is great thats what i use when i dye my hair
Anonymous said…
very pretty !! ...and i love those shoes! <3
Unknown said…
I actually saw this on citrines blog and was curious about the green. Gorgeous look! Love the shoes too.
Unknown said…
Good morning sweety! I certainly like that quad from Revlon: I have never tried Revlon eyeshadows. I think my favourite part of the look is the green shade on the lower lash-line: it makes your eyes look even more beautiful.
I am turning my blonde hair brunette this way and I am pretty scared since I have had blonde hair for ages, but my hair has just said "too much", so I am not sure what brand I will be purchasing to do it at home. I will let you know.
Lived With Love said…
you look gorgeous! i love this look! That palette looks good! loving the dress aswell! x
Anonymous said…

I love the look you put together, it really makes your eyes stand out. Gorgeous as usual :)
Anna Saccone said…
Gorgeous hair and I love the black dress, so classic and chic! Silver Fox is a lovely name, isn't it? The colours look gorgeous on you! <3
Anonymous said…
You looked gorgeous as always!
Loved the fact that you used all the colours in the quad. They look very pretty together. XXX
LillianZahra said…
Gorgeous make-up - I like the shades in that palette for autumn. I have some henna that I got from Lush, I've never used it on my hair before so need to be brave and give it a go!
Your black dress looks gorgeous with the neutral coloured accessories. I usually go for red accessories but neutrals look more classy. x
dianeuk01 said…
Looks very flattering, really makes your eye colour pop. Your hair colour looks so rich, gorgeous shade. Love the dress, just the kind of style I enjoy wearing.
CarlyB said…
Wow that's such a gorgeous combination of colours. Especially the maroon. Must must buy one! Love your jewellery as well :) x
Supergirl said…
You look fantastic!!!

And I love your shoes:)
I love your dress, I've been looking for one like that for ages. Where is it from??
Marisa said…
Your hair looks so good! Super shiny! Korres has natural hair dye line too! I'm really anxious to try it out (:
Andee Layne said…
just lovely! i have the hardest time w drug store shadow but you made this look great! xo
Muhsine Emin said…
@Anna Sacconne - Thanks hun :) Yes silver fox is such a great name, makes me want to wear it even more!

@Catanya - You are very sweet thank you, Blonde hair can be very damaging, I've decided to stick to this hair colour and brand for a few years in order to have long brown hair full of shine. Good luck with your journey xx

@Shameera - I'm not too sure, my mum got it for me, label has been cut, oops! I have some similar ones from Zara, maybe check there?

@Andee Layne - Thanks hun, yes usually I skip drugstore eyeshadows too, but this ones too pretty with such a cute name :)
Riham said…
wow Muhsine! You look so gorgeous mashallah! I love everything about your outfit! So chic, and with the accessories and shoes you owned the outfit!

The makeup is incredible, and you are so beautiful!
Sophie said…
you look absolutely gorgeous! :) xx
Oh really like the look of the Silver Fox palette! Looks really lovely on you...and ofcourse the dress and hair are very lovely too!

Fee x
Ahh cool, thanks I'll go check Zara tomorrow :D x
Nadia said…
the silver fox looks great on you and the accessories add a nice touch. I usually pair gold with a black dress. :D
Sheefa F said…
I've gota try this hair colour now. I've been wanting to dye my hair since a while but was avoiding it due to the damage it usually causes.
Roisin. said…
I like how you used the colours, it looks soo pretty!

And I LOVE your bracelets! =D
Where did you get them?!

Houda said…
stunning I love it very chic, I bet ur hubby felt so lucky mashallah make him take more outfit oics of u !! lol I really want to get the naked palette so badly I feel it it will save me this year for uni xxxxx
You look so beautiful! Love the makeup, the outfit and the accessories! Great taste chica xxx
Anette Endresen said…
You are the most beautiful thing! Can I please ask you what shade you have the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation in?
Chelsea said…
What a gorgeous palette, and I love what you've done with it! I would find it super difficult to use all the colours together aha but your look is stunning xo
Stevista said…
I love the makeup and the dress is really flattering! :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you all so much for your kind and humbling comments.. X

@Riham - You are very kind, thank you :) X

@Get Gawjus! - Well this henna based hair dye is a good place to start asit's actually good for your hair :) my hair already feels much healthier!

@Roisin - Thank you :) The turquoise fabric one is from accessorize, the gold ones are all Turkish gold from Turkey, and I can't even remember where I got the bronze chunky one from..

@Houda Aww thank you sweetie, your always so kind with your comments. (I don't even want the naked palette, as I already have so many eyeshadows, but I can see the appeal.) X

@Anette - Thank you, I use the shade "natural" with the bobbi brown moisture rich.
Anonymous said…
Hello, I am a new follow so just wanted to say hi, you look fantastic xox
Mariant said…
Me ha gustado mucho tu blog,así que te sigo!!
Si te apetece...te invito a que pases por el mío.
Gosh, a stunning look and a beautiful dress! love the way you've accessorized, especially the aqua bangle. It draws everything together perfectly x
Unknown said…
where are your shoes from?
Muhsine Emin said…
@Anna - Zara, but I got them ages ago.
Tina A. said…
Your accessorizing skills never cease to amaze me! Gorgeous pieces, and they all work so well together!
Pretty eye makeup as well! :)


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