What I do best..

Shopping that is! I don't understand how some girls detest it, I mean is that even possible?

Anyway, back on point.

I desperately needed a new bag, the worn out vintage look wasn't quite cuttin' it anymore and I needed a update on a budget. I opted for this dark green box bag from Topshop, it was a steal at £36, it's not real leather but it feels like it is - I LOVE it as it's not too adult yet it's not too sporty either, it looks a million times better in person!

I got 2 new Mac eyeshadows; Patina & Satin Taupe.

Everybody loves 'Satin taupe' but 'Patina' deserves even more love. It's a beautiful taupe with a golden sheen, it almost has icy blue/gray tones in it, it's just gorgeous. I have been wearing this all over my lid with a darker colour in the crease.

See swatches..

I also got some Mac brush cleaner to help clean my brushes in between washes.

I got some black shoe boot wedges which are very comfortable from New Look.

and I also got these suede frill detail flats for work also from New Look.

I have also managed to spend a small fortune in the La Senza sale, I picked up some beautiful colourful lingerie and night wear. I also stocked up on my tights at Primark, I'm actually excited for Autumn, are you?


Marisa said…
I don't understand people who don't like to shop either, I mean , it makes me happy everytime I do it!!
Loved the bag by the way ((:
Catanya said…
We talked about this before on Twitter but anyway, Patina looks even more beautiful in those swatches than ever before!
I love the bag, elegant enough but can be casual depending on the outfit!
Muhsine said…
@Marisa Thanks, yes I have spoken to a few girls who told me they hate shopping, I mean that's just weird lol :)
Get Gawjus! said…
those wedges are stunning! Need to get them for sure. I have satin taupe but it does not get much love from me. Patina would be more of my colour.

love the boots and the bag is a great buy! i love when fake leather feels like real leather. it's hard to find, but worth it, i think.

also, patina looks gorgeous! it's definitely on my list of mac eyeshadows to get :).
Anonymous said…
love the flats - i want satin taupe also!
Sugarpuff said…
Loving the eyeshadows - think these two are gorgeous autumn shades!

Wedge boot - loving these. Saw a gorgeous pair in river island that I am trying to justify buying!! :)

Same here need a new bag too! Something comfy and gasp.. bigger. Gorgeous swatches!
LilyLipstick said…
I love those shoe boots. Patina and Satin Taupe are gorgeous, they're both on my Mac wishlist :) x
StyleFrost said…
I love that bag! I think I will buy both those eyeshadows, they look beautiful! x
I'm totally excites about Autumn, it's my favourite season. Winter's a little too wet and I don't think Summer clothes are particularly elegant or glamorous. During Autumn I can fill my heart with beautiful coats and scarves and boots!

I hadn't really thought about Patina before but think I'll have to take a closer look next time i'm at MAC!
Anonymous said…
the bag is gorg ,
can a a4 notebook and folder fit in it?
i want one for college
thanks :) xx
socialitedreams said…
that satin taupe shadow is beautiful. love the booties as well

Muhsine said…
@Bhumi No, I had to roll my A4 magazine to fit it in :(
Oh, what i great pair of shoe boot wedges that you've found! I've also heard great things about the MAC Patina eye shadow. Nice buys!
ladyb said…
love the booties, I need a new pair for fall - I think this just inspired a little shopping moment of my own..:)

and yes I also don't get the whole "I hate shopping" it's plain nonsense!
GiGi said…
I love updating on a budget. Your purse is beautiful. I can't wait for fall too.
ellamarie84 said…
I love that bag! What a gorgeous shade, it's dark green, right? :) Loves it! And, I have to say, Patina is my FAVORITE shadow of all time! I literally use it every day, just by itself. Love it paired with satin taupe in the crease, too (if I'm feeling like putting the effort into wearing 2 shadows, ha). Oh and I adore those wedges, I purchase some similar but theyre a clog with studded detail on them.

Hope you have a great week!
missy_ellie_uk said…
Gorgeous bag! Patina is one of my all-time favourite MAC shadows, it is really flattering and easy to use. x
The bag is georgous...I am going to pop into my local TOPSHOP this weekend! Great buy esp at that price! Where did u buy the flats from?
Sami said…
I'm kinda excited about autumn too... and La Senza have a half price sale right!? I went on saturday and brought loads of cute bits too... :-)

Sami xx
Jessica said…
I love "I desperately needed a new bag" :)
Women don't have enough bags!

Patina e/s looks gorgeous.We're waiting for the make up look with it.

Kiss kiss from France
Riham said…
Really cute stuff! Especially the shoe boots, and flats! The bag is so gorgeous, and perfect for Fall/Winter:)) and also I really dont get people that dont like to shop either!?? Thats just insane lol
Anonymous said…
I love shopping, too! It's like a therapy! :P
I love your new stuff!
Anna Saccone said…
I love that bag! And you're right, Patina is very very pretty! :)
silvia Navarro said…

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hannah said…
fabulous finds!! patina looks stunning!!


Asiya said…
Patina was next on my list, but after seeing cork on your blog, I've decided to get that one first, it seems to be a very versatile shade.
Ansa said…
I love Patina. Your bag is gorgeous.
Love the bag! I seriously don't understand people who don't like shopping either...I mean, what is wrong with them?!?! When you find something nice...Such a good feeling, esp when it's on sale haha!
Muhsine said…
@ellamarie84 Yes it's dark geen :)and I see Patina becoming my favourite eyeshadow too!

@ ♥ PINK DOLLY ♥ The flats are from new look too. x

@Sami Yes half price sale, I got some fabulous goodies :)

@Jessica lol, well I did desperately 'need' one :)

@Anna Saccone, Patina would look amazing on you!

@Asiya Cork is my everyday crease colour, I use it all the time.

@Shameera Gotta love a sale :)
Georgina said…
That bag is gorgeous!
I already have bags coming out of my ears but I think I need this one too... xx
maphi said…
i recently got some new look wedges too and i've worn them all week , they are so comfy !! lov em :D xx
Anonymous said…
I hate shopping for clothes & shoes because I find it difficult to find clothes/shoes that fit and suit me because of my body shape and wide flat feet

Shopping for things that work though, I love. eg books, makeup, toiletries, stationery, etc.
I think I'm officially the only makeup addict left on the planet who does not own Satin Taupe or Patina! They both look like they're right up my alley, but I think I prefer Patina a little bit more. Love those wedges, by the way!
Shopping..=) aah, the joy of shopping =) I like the bag!! Those eyeshadows are gorgeoussss...

@WillWorkForMakeup: you're not the only one, I don't have any of those eyeshadows myself lol. I love love love taupe shades though =)
Beautygirl24 said…
Great picks! I love the bag and the boots!
StuddedLilly said…
gorgeous buys! and i love how you storage your makeup, simple and pretty!
Nadia said…
I love love Patina! I actually did a look the other day with it along with Bronze and Rule from Mac. Came to a very soft look with a pop of orange :)
Ashley said…
I'm one of those who doesn't like to shop. for clothes at least. it's just so hard to find something that fits. it's so exhausting to try everything on, and usually 0.0001% fits right. Also, in the US the stores are just so overwhelming with so many things, I get anxious. I get tired and ready to go! Everything is so expensive, so it is also very stressful for a person on a budget. (i'm still a grad student & have never had a real job). I'm not too keen on shoe or purse shopping either. again, it's so hard to find something I like that fits and is affordable. it can take hours to find one pair of shoes. I just wish I could pick a few things out simply online and order them and they'd fit! But, I DO LOVE to shop for makeup! it's so fun to test it out and there's no worry about anything fitting, and I can usually make it fit in my budget (being cheaper than clothes or shoes as it is). :)
Miss Vendella said…
Are there really people who don't enjoy shopping? lol strange world we live in hahaha
btw i sooo loved this post! the bag looks very nice, but the flats are the cutest! :)

Great haul!

Smiles and kisses


Sandy said…
Gorgeous boots! Loves it! =)
shoe devotee said…
Those flats are so cute.
Tali said…
love the flats and the look at Patina. It really looks like a wearable shade!! xx
Kajal Couture said…
Patina is one of my must-haves. I can't live without it!! That, along with Arena and Texture...have you tried those?
Muhsine said…
@Aslhey & @Galenx - I know how you feel, but once you know your body shape and what suits you, shopping becomes 10X easier. I love shopping for accessories and makeup as you know they will "fit", books is another addiction!

+ @Galenx maybe you could try personalising your clothes?

@Kajal Couture - I don't have either of those but texture is on my list.
beeroyal said…
omg i love those wedges, great buys hun :)

Melissa said…
I love Satin Taupe and I definitely want to try Patina...I just love MAC eyeshadows!

I can't understand girls who wouldn't love shopping...I just makes you happy..I always work over hours so that I can shop even more! LOL!

Anyways I really love your blog, you're an inspiration for a beginner like me!

Much Love!

fantastic said…
The boots are so cute! Those ppl who hate shopping are in denial..there's something they're not saying lol. Shoot..just realized my comment on your last post didn't actually post :(
Agatha said…
Love the wedges! Unfortunately I also have a talent for shopping...:)

Honey&Prisca said…
Just started following you. I love your blog!

Stavroula said…
Are there people who don't like shopping??? They must be sick!!! I really like the bag and the eyeshadows! :)
tina_mbc said…
Must get Patina, must get Patina....(brainwashing myself, haha)!!!
Great post dear! :)
Sherrie said…
Brill thanks! I have this old eyeshadow Palette which has 4 shadows in which i adore and I have already decided I will need to take it to my Mac counter for them to pick out the four shades they match, and from looking at your swatches I seriously think they patch it, just need to find a white which has gold/pink undertones and a true goldy colour x

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