The Z Palette!

The Z Palette is something I have wanted for a while given my obsession with organisation. To make my collection "smaller" is what I am always trying to do. I am forever trying to squeeze as many eye shadows as I can into a palette and beautify my makeup storage.

The Z palette is available in 2 sizes, large and small.

Here's the large Z palette, I have my Urban Decay book of shadows on the left, with some Illamasqua, Mac and random other brands of eye shadows mixed together.

When closed it's a tiny bit larger than a standard Mac 15 eyeshadow palette.

However, when open the inner perimeters are roughly the same size as a Mac eyeshadow palette with the insert removed.

I can fit 26 Mac eyeshadows into a Mac palette (no insert) and 27 into a large Z palette. I have kept my Mac eye shadows in my Mac palette as the 1 extra isn't worth the move!

The smaller Z palette fits 9 Mac eyeshadows...

Points to consider:

The Good:

  • The lid of the z palettes have a see through plastic lid which enables you to see what's inside.
  • By depotting your make up you get to save plenty of space!
  • You can fit 27 Mac eyeshadows into the large z palette, which is 1 more than you would fit into a Mac palette.
  • The small z palette holds 9 Mac eyeshadows and great for travelling.
  • As the z palettes don't have inserts you can fit any depotted size of products mixing and matching brands.
  • The Z palettes are quite sturdy, with a magnetic closure.
  • Available in 4 different colourways, zebra print, leopard print, pink and black.

The Bad:

  • They are made out of cardboard and can get scruffy looking after general wear and tear.
  • The large palette is extremely heavy even when empty, making it a 'no no' in my books for travelling. I understand that the magnet was made stronger which is why it's heavier as they had a problem with the previous style, but regardless I don't like how heavy it is.
  • The inner perimeters of the large palette could have been a bit larger so that a few more Mac eyeshadows fit.
  • I thought that I would have been able to fit my depotted book of shadows into the small z palette but it was too tight by about 1mm, which was a shame.

My final thoughts: I would recommend the small z palette as it's great for travelling, a decent weight and can fit 9 Mac eyeshadows and isn't that much larger than a Mac quad. My favourite colourway is the zebra print.
I would only recommend the large z palette for a way of organising your makeup at home and not for travelling due to how heavy it is.

Z palettes are available worldwide, find out more HERE.

UK prices: Large £14.99 & Small £8.99

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review as I contacted them directly, I was not paid to blog about them and I am not affiliated with the brand. This is my honest opinion as always!


LillianZahra said…
Great reviews. The large palette looks really good for organising make-up at home. I neglect so much of my make-up as it's too time consuming to find everything so putting it all in palettes seems like a good way of actually using all the eyeshadows you have. x
Anonymous said…
I NEED to order some of thoses!
xx, Mary
love the leopard print design, so cute!!
Anonymous said…
quite a good idea as the eyeshadows can be of any brand and have a pan shape of any size!
fab review xx
Asiya said…
I like the clear tops and the and nice prints, but I think I'd rather wait till another company comes out with something that's not cardboard. I HATE how cardboard packaging looks raggedy after a while.

Maybe they chose to go with cardboard to counter the heavy weight of the magnet?

do you have a way of keeping track of which shadows are which colour and brand after you've depotted them? I always forget, if you do, please share!
Lydia said…
I have always loved your blog, but now I love it even more for your honesty. I am referring to the disclaimer you put at the end of the post saying that you have contacted them directly. You weren't obliged to tell that, yet you did.

I really hope I can meet you one day at one of the Illamasqua events :) *couldn't attend this one as flights were incredibly expensive*

BeautyLoves said…
I like the idea of the Z Palette, but I removed the insert of my MAC palettes so I don't really need one :) I don't like the fact that it's cardboard, though, I'd rather see them make one in plastic.
Sheefa F said…
the small palette seems gorgeous!
shoe devotee said…
Exactly what I need to organise my make up. Everything seems out of place at the moment and this gets on my nerves. Thanks for the review.
Nikki said…
Ohh cant wait to read the review! I am always on the look out for more foundations! :p
Ether looks GORGEOUS as well... might be going on my wish list!
this is great! i love the zebra print one :)

i can't see myself removing product from certain packaging (the book of shadows, for one) but this would be fantastic for traveling!

i love how you've arranged the large z palette as well, it looks like something that would be done for an editorial shoot :)

Marisa said…
Very complete review, thank you!! I don't like to have single eyes shadows wondering around my make up collection, big eye shadows pallets always come in handy (:
Sugarpuff said…
I really love the idea as the only problem with the mac pallets are that they dont come with a see through lid, shame they are made of cardboard though :(
Jess said…
15 Pounds for cardboard? Is it only me who thinks this is a tad bit expensive? lol
I've always been curious about the UNII palette - it seems really sturdy and comes in cheerful colours:

Have you ever tried them?

I've seen the Z palette before, but it didn't seem that well made to me (hard to clean, cardboard material). But for home use, I guess it's fine.

I have thought about getting an UNII palette and putting my "daily face" into it - face powder, blush, bronzer and eyeshadows. Then all my products would be in one sleek place. But part of me loves all the cute little containers my make up comes in - especially my Dior and Chanel items.
Unknown said…
I think I'll stick to my MAC palette. They are lovely and all but I'm too rough and I think plastic works better for me than cardboard. great review though. xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Lydia - Glad to hear it :) x

@Ella Pretty - I really want to try a unii palette, they seem very sturdy and perfect for travelling, but my only concern is that it's quite chunky but I guess if it wasn't it wouldn't be that secure. I know what you mean about depotting certain packaging, it's a hard decision to make :) x
fantastic said…
you are the queen of depotting! every shadow i've wondered about, seems to be one you've attempted to depot ;) nice idea, but i'd worry about the cardboard construction xx
Stefy said…
thanks for the review!
the leopard design looks gorgeous!!

Stefy x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Fantastic I know I'm very brave when it comes to depotting, the illamasqua ones were quite hard to depot but I managed it :) The cardboard is a bit worrying but ok when it comes to home usage. x
UW Playground said…
How do you know the names? Or do you care? Ahahaha, sorry! Just wondering. Hoping I didn't overread anything!
Muhsine Emin said…
I just know them off the top of my head, and the ones I don't I put stickers on the back :)
Stevista said…
Excellent review!! :) 15 Pounds for cardboard is too much though! :/
Unknown said…
cool blog!(:
i followed! do you want to follow mine?


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