Earrings and Bangle Storage!

After showing you how I store my necklaces in my 'How to make the most of your closet space' post, many of you asked how and where I store the rest of my jewellery.

Here's how!

I have the Aspelund chest of drawers from Ikea which is actually quite special.

Once you pull the top drawer open, you are left with a secret drawer.

I have managed to squeeze all of my earrings inside. Again, I like that everything is concealed and out of sight.

I have used acrylic dividers from Muji for all of my earrings. They are mainly organised by colour and then style.

I have used odd boxes to store my rings and studs.

My bangles and bracelets are kept in this pretty floral hat box which I got from TK Maxx, it has strong handles on it which makes it easy for me to pull out when I need to.

How do you store your earrings and bangles?

Check my previous 'Storage' posts for more space saving ideas.


Anonymous said…
love it !! very organized <3
Dhalia said…
Well organized I see... loves it!

i can't even imagine how you pick what you want to wear! i feel overwhelmed just looking at it :p
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great tips :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great tips :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great tips :)
Abbie♥ said…
the floral box/container is so adorable! i must find!

Tugba said…
I love storage ideas :) thx for sharing muhsine :)

G blog :)
Tali said…
i love the secret drawer!!!!! How cool!! xx
Supergirl said…
Well organized;)
Small Old Bean said…
ooooh, secret drawer lol! That is quite a formiddable collection, loving it!
Dandelion said…
u have sooo much, i kind of was anti jewellery for the longest time, but now im really into it and im building my collection now
Lady Gosh said…
I love storage posts, ahah how geeky is that!

I'm in total awe of your storage too :) good work!!

Anita xx
Anonymous said…
That is soooo organised!
I actually have a earring holder and then I put my bangles all in one drawer.
Melissa said…
Wooow I love it! You have sooo many! :p great storage idea!!

Holly said…
Gotta love muji!! so pretty with all the colours, love it! xx
hannah said…
such a great idea!!! love that hat box!!


Rachel said…
They look so pretty altogether!
Anonymous said…
great post! its so organised :) and i love how its so easy to find what your looking for! my storage is definitely not up to par..! <33
Sami said…
Omgosh you are sooo organised... I think I need to sort out my jewellery storage now... lol
Oh I love it!! :D Everything looks so organized! IKEA rocks!! :D
StyleFrost said…
I love your storage posts, great ideas, I also use muji to store my jewellery, I need more though!
Ana Sofia said…
It looks so pretty organized..amazing jewelery! x
roshas said…
i love your storage :) xx
silvia Navarro said…

fantastic said…
beautiful..they look so pretty all together ;)
tina_mbc said…
Great idea to use those clear dividers for your earrings, love that you can instantly pick the pair you want!!! You have a lovely collection! :)

really really really cool immages!!!
Marisa said…
you're a really organized person, I don't even store mine! It's a shame actually :P
I need to get organized like this!
I need to get organized like this!
Heather said…
I have my earrings stored on display - I have two old martini glasses, and have hung my earrings around their rims! It looks special and vintage and fun, and adds colour to my room!
Tanya said…
this is brilliant, as it gave me an idea how to store my bracelets and bangles. It saved me money as I had a make-up case I could use which wasn't being used. Thanks for this post!


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