Outfit + All Saints

'Paranormal Activity 2' was intense, it was as good as the first one but not better. We went to see it last night and I ended up wearing this ensemble instead of the jumpsuit as I wanted to be more casual for a Thursday.

I teamed it with skinny jeans and dark tan leather peep toes, I wore the new Orelea beaded hoop earrings and lots of random bracelets.

I also made a trip to All Saints yesterday... Uh oh!

I got 2 things!

The 'Forgotten Tee' t-shirt...

I just love the distressed brown fabric, the neckline is twisted and sits beautifully in a very flattering way.

I have always loved their tags. Some of them have tea stains and a burnt look to them too..

And.. I purchased the 'Dahlia' dress, it was developed from a vintage sample and is effortlessly cool.

It has so many details, I will let the photos do the speaking.

This week has been about clothes shopping, I feel good not buying so much makeup and instead using up what I own. But, I go through phases. :)

Have you been doing more clothes shopping recently? What are your thoughts on 'All Saints'?


Qurratulain said…
Ooh I saw that dress on the mannequin in All Saints in Leicester! Love it xx
jennie said…
That dress is amazingly gorgeous! Love All Saints, the details are always fabulous!

Elisa Faps said…
awesome :)
never been shopping at All Saints strangely enough
Tali said…
LOVE Orelia.. esp those earrings!

Big fan of the All Saints from 7 years ago.. ever since they sold the brand everything has effin' crystals attached and is 10x more expensive :s the new owner sold out!!

That being said I do occasionally find a great piece.. as have you!!!! xx
Amy said…
I love All Saints. Their sales are amazing too

Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :)

@Tali I know, I have been a fan for years too, everything is ridicuously expensive so I do take advantage of the sale :)
Secret Garden said…
iyi akşamlar canım, elbise çok güzel, fakat içindeki daha da güzel
olunca her şeyi arayıp güzelce bulur.xx
Anonymous said…
Oh I love that dress, so unique! Your movie outfit is fab, looks so comfortable but so chic!
Anna Saccone said…
Wow your outfit was perfect and that dress is stunning on you! Beautiful finds!!
Dani said…
That dress is absolutely stunning! Adore it on you x
Monika said…
I really like that jumper and your outfit overall is lovely.

All saints is amazing, they have some really unique things but yes sales are the best.

Emma Jade said…
I Love the black dress!
Sherrie said…
Love the Jumper hun, saw this in H&M and thought of you straight away lol :)
I seriously need to get some new winter wardrobe items :) Love all your braclets especially the leather strap one :) x
I love that top, jewellery and dress! Love your style. It's so weird, we got an All Saints in Leicester, but I've never been in! I'm defo going in now xxx
I love the combination of random bracelets. The dress is so lovely on you! Very flattering. I don't love All Saints to be honest; it's a bit too pricey for me! x

I love All Saints dresses. None of the other things seem to fit my shape but I find I can always find a quirky but stylish dress in there. I just hate the fact that it's so expensive!
Eva said…
the dress looks lovely :) && i am still traumatized from the first paranormal activity :(


Sugarpuff said…
Gorgeous dress I love allsaints! For the sake of my bank balance I only visit once a year and get a bargain in the sale!

Unknown said…
GORGEOUS! love those bangles!!


Vida said…
Love the bracelet combo, they match perfectly!
Houda said…
I clothes shop waaaay too much! I'd be lying if I didn't say every week!
Nice work .
i like ur blogg and its so much infomatic.


check out mine i m new to but ..
Kristina said…
I have the same sweater and I love it ♥

on345667755 said…
:) oooo looks so comfy
Policosmetics82 said…
Lovely outfit (for the movies) - love it! And this black dress is gorgeous!

No, I haven't been clothes shopping that much, I was thinking of maybe getting the new Sigmax brushes though, I know you loved this new synthetic angled brush for the Chanel Bronzer - are you still liking it, does it shed? :) Thank you!

Alexandra said…
I just recently stopped with the clothes shopping...it has officially moved over to saving. I LOVE those two outfits!! All Saints is amazing.
Ana Sofia said…
You look gorgeous! The dress is beautiful :) x


x o x o
Unknown said…
ooh I really love that dress!! It's stunning :)


Make Shake said…
I've never really been drawn to all saints that much, but I do love the dress, maybe I'll go check it out :) xxx
Cassandra said…
beautiful dress!!

LottieE said…
LOVE the jumper - it's so cute! And the dress looks gorgeous on you!

Please do more OOTD if you can, I love your style :)

fantastic said…
the dress is so pretty! simple, yet unique.

i enjoy all saints, but have to wait until i'm traveling to actually try on the clothes. they're almost finished building our first one here, so i'm excited for that day!
Anonymous said…
you have beautiful stuff, you seriously do. great taste in all your outfit posts. I love this black dress on you. makes upir figire curvy and sexy. gorgeous!
Tamara said…
the jumper in the top photo is so gorgeous! love your bracelets aswell, the brown and navy are gorgeous together.
so excited to see paranormal activity 2!

MARTA said…
Love your first outfit! About All Saints, I totally love what they have, it's only that I think somethings are a bit overpriced, but definitely...they have gorgeous pieces like your dress :D
rufflesandrouge said…
that dress is gorgeous!
GORGEOUS dress! GORGEOUS lip color!!! I love it, you are a classy lady! ;)

If you ever get a chance, do stop by a visit my blog ;) xoxo

brightshimmer8 said…
I love the tshirt!!!
please feel free to visit my blog :)
Unknown said…
I was sooo tempted to by this t-shirt, wish i had now it looks great on you. Love the dress aswel, very Vivienne Westwood.

Emma x
- said…
Looooove your outfits
hun! wheres tht jumper from? the one in tht first pic! its soo nice!!!


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