Xen Tan Mist Intense!

I hate this version of Xen Tan that comes in the spray bottle, whilst the end colour result is nice the application is a nightmare. I know how to apply it, exfoliate.... moisturise dry patches and use a mitt. However, it's the fact that it settles into pores that makes it frustrating for me.

When I use fake tan, I use it all over my body and face, I used this on my face this morning and it made tiny bumps and pores darker as it has instant muddy colour. It's happened every single time I used it, so about 10X now and I keep hoping it wont happen again but it does. I like using fake tan as it evens out my comlexion, but this seems to make it even more uneven. DISASTER!
If you ever want to try out Xen Tan don't get this one, instead maybe opt for the 'Deep Bronze Luxe' which I LOVE (Read my review HERE.) or the dark tanning lotion.

Have you tried this version? If so, what do you think?


Holly said…
Oh no, i wanted to try this as find sprays easier than creams! maybe not them :) thanks for mini review xx
Small Old Bean said…
eeek, this sounds a bit rubbish! I do find that sprays settle into my pores way more than lotions, I wonder why that is?? Strange! xx
Unknown said…
I always have that with mists :( try the super dark one from xen tan. Its new. It isnt any darker than the dark lotion one but its easier to apply looks soooo much better :) really moisturizung too :)

G blog :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Holly - same that's why I purchased it but you have to spray it onto the mitt and then apply as when you sprtiz directly onto the skin it's just messy and splotchy! :(

@Small old bean - I usually use the garnier summer body spray bottle and it never settles into my pores!

@Tugba I will, once I use up my other bottles :)
Unknown said…
thanks for the review!! definitely saved many people from a hideous tan! fantastic blog!


Hannah said…
Clinique does lush fake tan. ♥

Ephillipsox said…
i actually used this last night, i use it on top of the dove fake tan and it seems to go find on me but my chest where i get the same as u, it does tend to look abit dirty, but i think its a quick fix if your fake tan hasnt gone as dark as you like!xx
Jillian said…
I haven't tried that brand but the St Tropez used to turn my pores dark and make any sun spots even darker. The only one so far that I've tried that doesn't do that is the Moroccan Shimmering Sands Facial Tanner, but I hate the color it turns, like a light orangy peach color. Other people seem to like it though.
Lorin Kelly said…
Thanks for the info, I will definitely not be using this!!


fantastic said…
i haven't tried this one..but i'm in the midst of testing another formula. thanks for the heads up!
Unknown said…
Hi dear...

Great blog! Lovely <3

Ivânia Diamond*
Marisa said…
I'm really sad that you didn't like it \: I use it a lot, and it's true, it settles a little on your pores, but by the next day it disappears! That's why I only apply it in the evening and in the morning I take a shower... it just leaves a beautiful color (: I'm really curious about trying the other one though (:
Sara said…
Hey doll! You look BEAUTIFUL in that last post- love it! I have two questions... do you think St. Mortiz or Xen-Tan is better and what UK products would you recommend?! I am doing a swap again and def. need some help with this! I was going to try the Sleek contour duo and the palettes (not sure which ones though!). The new Bad Girl one looks good and the Original. Also wanted to try some more Dazzle Dusts but after looking them up (I have 3 already) Black Purple and Orange are the only ones that stick out to me. We both have green eyes and I wanted to check into a green eyeshadow since I dont own one- I think that color looks very good with brown eyes and the Holidays are coming! She named off these brands but said there are much more: Sleek, Jemma Kidd, Dainty Doll (no idea what that is), Barry M, Gosh, Collection 2000, MUA, ModelsOwn, Eyeko, Inglot. Anyyy help would be much appreciated!!! Thank you beautiful! ♥
Sara said…
Woopppssss! I meant brown eyes!!!! I wish I had green ;) I also wanted to ask you if you would be willing to do a swap for that Garnier self-tanner, I have checked everywhere and I do mean everywhere for a year now and it is impossibe to get my hands on it. Do you think it is better than Xen-tan/St. Mortiz? I have looked into ordering but the sites I have found that have it only supply to UK and so forth!!! Grr! Thank you doll- I want to save my skin but I am broke after paying for Mystic sprays- it is also making my face break out in a million black heads, just awful!
Miss Vendella said…
i so want to try some X tan products but sadly we don't have them here ;(

btwi wante dto ask you for so long now how where you able to organize your blog like that? i love the simple layout. I've been wanting to do something similar but all the blog layouts i find on the interenet are just not my style! can you please share? :) i would be very grateful! :)

and lovely post as usual! :)

Unknown said…
havent tried it thanks for sharing xxxx
Anonymous said…
i've also done a review on this one, check it out if you have time :)

sarahbox04.blogspot.com xx
Anonymous said…
If you like fine spray formulation and the reassurance of celebrity following, try Vani-T Liquid Sun Organic Tanning Mist (£23.70). Remember to smooth it out with a mitt for best results.

I can personally recommend Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Foams
(£20.00) for a no-streak natural gold result. When you smooth out with a mitt, it foams very slightly and works in like a mosituriser. Superb performance.

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