Not so much of a Tartan Tale..

One word. Disapointed.

Today was the launch of the Mac holiday collection for 2010 which is called 'A Tartan Tale'. I haven't been that excited about the collection and my thoughts proved to be correct as I only picked up 1 thing which was the pearl glide eyeliner in 'Lord it up'. It's a beautiful brown with tiny shimmers, it reminds me of 'Bourbon' from Urban Decay 24/7 liners.

I had my eye on 'My highland honey' which is the peach powder blush but it looks too similar to Ripe Peach and the effect when applied to the cheeks is almost identical. I also found it very chalky and powdery which is unlike Mac blushes. I don't really like tartan, particularly green tartan which put me off buying anything with that packaging. The sets however are fantastic value for money and still worth checking out, but not for me.

I picked up 'Constructivist' paint pot from the main line as I figured it would make a quick easy eyeshadow and look great with 'Lord it up' on the upper lash line.

A short trip to Superdrug and I purchased a Rimmel lip liner in 'Red Diva' which is a perfect red with a slight blue undertone, I plan on wearing it all over the lips as I like the matte finish. My eyes suddenly focused on 'Coral Fever' lipstick from Maybelline color sensational range, it's more orange than coral but in the pastel family with a lustre finish. I have nothing like it, it's more of a summery shade but I'm sure I can incorporate it with any season. :)


Did you know that H&M have launched a home range? Well you know now.

I checked out the collection today, I wasn't wowed by it in fact I was quite disappointed. But, there were still a few items that caught my eye.

Once you go to see the home collection instore you will be faced with a display of items, there is nothing you physically pick up and put in your basket, instead there is a tiny magnetic shopping cart that fits into the palm of your hand that you stick magnets of items on. You then hand this at the till and they get the stuff from the stock room. It's very cute but it just makes me think that they saved money and time as they don't steam the items and everything comes wrapped straight from the factory. Hmmmm, I had to iron when I got home. :/

Napkins £1.99

Linen drawstring bag £6.99

Cushion cover £7.99

My favourite purchase of the day has to be the fresh roses, 2 bunches from Tesco's! Isn't it amazing how a bunch of flowers cheer up a home?! Puts a smile on my face.

What did you get from 'A Tartan Tale' and the H&M home collection?


This evening I got The Faerie Glen lipstick from A Tartan Tale and so far I'm loving it. It's a lovely nudie colour that I've not tried in natural light yet, so tomorrow will be the big test, but in my bedroom, it looks pretty good so far!
Anonymous said…
Oh, great haul. I love Mac paint pots, and you picked up some great things for the home collection. I haven't bought anything yet from Tartan Tale, I will soon. :)
Unknown said…
constructivist is very nice. Those roses are beautiful the aroma and sight always mmakes me smile too. lol
Sandra said…
I love Constructivist paint pot :) one of my favourite MAC items for sure!
LatBeautyAddict said…
I not sure about the A Tartan Tale either, not seen anything I like.

Loving the H&M Home, thanks for the heads up.

Steph said…
a tartan tale doesnt really attract me. I havn't been to check it out myself but nobody has raved about it that much. I prefer to do tartan style nails lol. more interesting!
AllThingsGirly said…
Did they have the Tartan bears in MAC?
Anna said…
Well, the best thing I got from a Tartan Tale is definitely SIr Teddy for my son (I think everyone should get one of these!!)! I suppose I got stuff mainly because I was invited to the bloggers' preview event, what I'm happy about is the petrol blue pearlglide (I love pearlglides in general!) and the face kits, which as you said are great value and a good way to try MAC blushes! Love the roses, they look really perfect...and the violet napkins are cute as well! xx
Sharon said…
what a lovely haul,Im yet to branch off to my nearest Mac counter next week. I love Rimmel lip liners ther r so good&ooooh that Maybelline lipstick is pretty cant wait to see ur FOTD with these lol
Marcy said…
I think that drawstring bag is really cute!

Vida said…
I really like Lord It Up! I haven't even looked at what's in a Tartan Tale, but I def want to check out that eyeliner. Coral fever looks really'd be great to see a picture of it on :)
Anonymous said…
Great stuff! I am skipping the Tartan line too, though I'm excited about Cham-pale.
Constructivist is one of my absolute favorite products!
My highland honey is like Ripe Peach? That's good to know, I picked up MHH and don't have RP. ;)
hey lovely haul. am planning to pick up some stuff from the collection. thanks for the insight. :)
I picked up Cut a Caper and The Faerie Glen - both are lovely and I'm really happy with them! Overall, though, definitely disappointed with this collection. I hauled BIG TIME from last year's holiday collection!
Tiffany said…
You're right, Coral Fever looks much more orange than coral. How odd :/ I'm currently loving orange makeup for fall, though...I definitely think you can pull it off, even when it's not summer :)
Small Old Bean said…
I love the H&M home range, laods of glamorous girly stuff lol.
The Tartan Tale range doesnt really appeal to me, I dont know why, I thought it looked a bit boring. The only thing I have seen that I might like to pick up is the Faerie Glen lipstick?
Anonymous said…
i've ordered the lilac lipstick - looks interesting - and black line liner. i'm looking forward to trying both :)
Anna Saccone said…
Wow, that cushion and the roses are gorgeous!! I don't particular like the Tartan Tale collection either...I don't know, it's kind of ugly to me. But the things you picked up were very nice! <3
Holly said…
Absolutely love the cushion covers!! wow! is it London only??

I was underwhelmed too got Lord It Up which I love and my Highland Honey, yet to try but looks just like the peach of ripe peach! xx
Anonymous said…
I was also a little dissapointed with the Tartan Tale collection. It just wasn't anything "new"! The nude lipstick was gorgeous but very similar to creme de nude in my opinion... By the way I love your blog!! You are so beautiful!! :)

Oh, and for the H&M stuff, you should come to visit Finland!
Nova said…
Great taste!
civciv said…
Hi sweet, I love H&M Home too.
The roses are beautiful :))
Please check out my new blog.
Andee Layne said…
i agree nothing cheers me up than flowers :) love the pillow covers.. i have a couple similar styles from restoration sure these were more affordable! xo
Ana Sofia said…
Lovely roses! I also like the pillow cover x x x
Tina A. said…
Ok, you make me want to buy Lord it Up, just to pair it with my Constructivist, they'd make a beautiful combination!!!
Love all your home stuff, you have great taste (but that's not new ofc)! Hehe!

victoria said…
Love that burlap/french pillow case from H & M! I wonder if they have those in the states...

Victoria Stanell

Associate Product Editor
Unknown said…
Hi sweety!
I have to admit I hate the green tartan packaging!! So I am surely going to skip this collection.
I love the H&M Home section though!
Marisa said…
I'm not really into these mac collections either.. I need something more especial from them (:
I think flowers can light up every room and spirit (:
Sherrie said…
Great buys hun, I have Lord it up & Undercurrant on my list aswell as Highland Honey. What did you think of the lipsticks? I was interested in Cut a caper & The Faeire Glen.

I was lucky enough to win £20 to spend online for the new H&M collection. I bought 2 cushions for my front room and some hand towels oh and a tea towel :) x
Bex said…
Thanks for the heads up about the Tartan collection, I was thinking about getting something but I really do need to cut down on the make-up.
fantastic said…
i too wasn't wowed by the Tartan Tale collection..but these H&M home pieces...I need to get to mine and see if they're offering them here! I had read a bit about them online, but thought the idea was that it was a completely separate store! x
Kajal Couture said…
I love those pillowcases! I will have to go to H&M now! And ditto on the Tartan Tale collection...I wasn't impressed.
o said…
I love the H&M home collection! You have great taste!
the rose are sooo pretty! :)
i didnt get anything from the tartan collection... actually i dont have anything MAC... lol

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