Outfit, 'Dark Deed' and Halloween..

Toady's outfit consisted of my new All Saints Tee, I teamed it with a waist belt, jeans and a blazer.

My makeup was very light..

Face: Mac Face & Body foundation, Mac studio finish concealer,
Eyes: Benefit it stick on waterline, Rimmel brown pencil eyeliner on upper lashline & Mac zoom fast lash black mascara.
Cheeks: Chanel bronzer and Mac moon river.
Lips: Mac Lazy Day lipstick

But then, I decided I would wear 'Dark Deed' from the Venomous Villains collection as Halloween was a good excuse.

Here are a few of the dark lip products I own which are: Rimmel Black Tulip lipliner, Mac 'Dark Deed', Bourjois 'Rouge Intomperel' and Estee Lauder 'Extravagant Berry' lipsticks.

and swatches..

Dark Deed us the darkest, I teamed it with Rimmels Black Tulip lipliner which is a perfect match!
Ta da! When the Hubby saw me he was like "What the hell is that" Errrr, I didn't know what to say as it is very striking and NOT easy to wear. :)

But, I do like it, it's very vampy and feels quite sophisticated.

Have you missed Peanut? Here he is! :)

Later on we headed to my Mother-in-laws...

She went all out and made an array of home made cakes and pop corn parcels. She made the most delicious chocolate brownies & almond cakes.. MMmmmm! *Drool*

The kids loved it.. :)

..and so did I, it got to a point where it was like "forget the kids" I'll eat'em all! :)

How was your Halloween? And what are your thoughts on dark lips?


A La Moda said…
the dark lips looks great! my halloween was fun...i ate tons of candy. haha! :)
Vida said…
Halloween was so much fun this year! I dressed up as a peacock so I got to have some fun with my eye makeup :)

The dark lips look great on you and def work well with the natural rest-of-face makeup. I always try to wear one, but chicken out cuz it's so out of my comfort zone
lookin good! happy halloween~
Ebru said…
Happy Halloween! Booo! :p I just can't do dark lips but who knows if one day I'm finding the right shade of it, I may get over my fear of dark lippies :) Dark Deed looks good on you, I like it! Those sweet stuff looks so good, yum-o! I didn't do much in Halloween, but Muffin got dressed up for it and helped me carve our pumpkin :)
fantastic said…
You pull off the dark lip well! What a creative woman...the kids must have loved those treats ;)
alongcameaspydr said…
WOW! I don't usually wear dark lipsticks but I definitely would buy MAC's Dark Deeds. It's the perfect rich cranberry red I've been searching for. Gorgeous! And awwwww...Peanut has gotten so big and he's just as cute as ever! Give him lots of hugs from his California friend! :) You look stunning, as usual! :)
a!k0 said…
Loving the dark lips ^__^ And those food looks delish!! :D Looks like you had a great Halloween weekend!


Dutchess Roz said…
Oeh I really like the dark lips! you can pull it off very well :) Wow your mum went hard out on the treats, they looked delicious :)
xoxo Roz
Ana Sofia said…
i love the dark lippie! i might go and get one myself :)

roshas said…
you look soo gorgeous - you can pull any colour off :)

i wish Mac Face and Body foundation didn't break me out - it look so wonderful on you xxx
Anonymous said…
LOVE the mac dark deed! Looks great on you!
Anonymous said…
LOVE the mac dark deed! Looks great on you!
Karleigh said…
I love you with a dark lip, especially when you mess up your a hair a bit like that =D

wow I sound like such a pervert, haha!

Anonymous said…
I love dark deed, I was planning on wearing it for Halloween but went for a similar shade by Dior which I'm going to review. You look stunning with berry coloured lips! x
Anna Saccone said…
Sooo glad you're doing more outfit of the day posts lately!! Love this outfit and the dark lip looks great on you, especially because the rest of your make-up was so natural! Happy Halloween :) <3
Asiya said…
lol...husbands! I never ask my hubby's opinion when I try something daring with my makeup, he just doesn't get it. I've never been to All Saint's, I've got to check it out.
Anonymous said…
Yes...I was missing Peanut!
He's so cute. Hope he doesn't get scared with the fireworks this week. Willow falls asleep!!

You look gorgeous with that dark lipstick. Let's all ignore out husbands. We just get pretty for us not for them! :-P

wow!!! amazing lipstick colour!!!
ok great party. great hospitality/cakes/decoration. all hail the mother in law. :)
Holly said…
Your halloween looked so much fun!! Love Dark Deed on you so chic Muhsine, loving dark lips still xx
Andee Layne said…
i absolutely love it! Gorgeous!! I did a post on dark lips too last month and love the trend. My hubby was a little shocked at first too ;)
Anonymous said…
You look SO amazing!! love the outfit and your skin is the perfect tone to carry off that beautiful vampy lip color!
Anonymous said…
wow you look amazing!i was a kitty for halloween haha totally unoriginal:), just wondering what shade you are in the studio finish concealer? i've wanted to get it but i didn't think they'd have a shade like my own but my skin is like yours:)
xXMaNdAXx said…
the dark lip really suits you!! love your outfit xoxo

omg really interesting blog.
the pics from your most special day:) are beautiful.
keep in touch.
let me know.
Nicola freshONpr
une tasse said…
The dark lipstick looks really good. I could never pull it off!

Those trick or treater kids are sooo cute x
LilyLipstick said…
Dark Deed looks stunning on you.
Your Halloween looks like it was really fun and Peanut is so cute - he's grown loads! x
jadore said…
that lip color looks really great on you! I also use the mac face and body makeup, its so amazing.
Houda said…
ooh that looks good I like it on you and i do think its sophisticated although i dont feel like i could ever pull it off xxxxxxxx
valeriepalermo said…
wow uve gained weight
Riham said…
I love how you are doing more outfit posts! Please keep it up! You look stunning mashallah! xx
Bellamama said…
That lipstick looks fantastic on you. What chanel bronzer are you wearing?
Mary Ann said…
I love it! I have Dark Deed, as well.
I love Halloween. And I love your dark lips too (and Peanut!). Just caught up on your blog, lotsa lovely posts! x
Ella said…
i love the dark lips! i have two dark lipsticks like that, one from tom ford (black orchid) and one from Boots 17! haha - i must say i like both, but i think they can look a bit addams family sometimes - try wearing it like a stain by patting it on with your finger and working most of the colour into the corners of your lips, it creates the most beautiful berry stain.
Emma Jade said…
Love the vampy lipstick!
tina_mbc said…
LOVE that dark vampy lipstick on you!!! Granted, it's not your usual colour, but you are rocking it, no doubt about that! :)
The Halloween treats are looking delish, now you got me craving sth sweet! :))

Muhsine said…
Thank you all so much for your kind words :) big hugs and I hope you don't mind that I didn't reply to each & every one of you personally. Forgive me. X

@Irene I am a NC30-35 at the moment, get one of the girls at Mac to test it on you. x

@valeriepalermo Nope, I have always been curvy. :)
Royan24 said…
Dark deed looks amazing! I kind of want it now, but I'm not sure when I could wear it. One day though...=)

- royan24.blogspot.com
Schni said…

you just received the One Lovely Blog Award. :)

Anonymous said…
I love Rimmel liners. Gonna write that one down and look for it.
Love your cute doggy.
I add my dogs to my post as well.
nicoletta said…
oooh love the dark lip on you. My husband is exactly the same whenever i wear any kind of red or dark colour on the lips and if i wear bright eyeshadows. He usually just looks at me very oddly but i still keep doing it lol x
persephone said…
I also love dark colours, and agree that they look vampy and sophisticated. Sadly, I'm not brave enough to wear a colour that dark though.
Love the header btw x
Nancy said…
You are such a gorgeous lady! And your bod is killer! I want a bootie. Great red lips... so strong.

P & P said…
I've not been reading your blog for very long, and don't mean to offend, but although the lip colour is great, I think it is a bit aging on you. You look far more youthful with the lighter or pinkish shades.

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