Friday, 31 December 2010

Best of 2010!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2011 bring you health, love and happiness!

(Image: Google)

In other news it was my blogs birthday yesterday, so I am now 2! Thank you to everybody who has supported me on my journey by reading and commenting, I appreciate and value every single one of you.

Thanks to blogging I have discovered new and old favourite products, Here's the makeup products I have been loving the past year:

I doubt I will find products that will knock these off my list, but here's to discovering better things in 2011! I am already excited for the Spring collections!

We will be going out for dinner this evening and I'm planning on wearing glitter on my eyelids but not sure how yet! My next post will probably be what my new years eve look was.

What look are you going for this new years eve?

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Chunky hairbands..

I am loving this ruched burnt orange hairband I purchased from H&M yesterday, I always check the accessories section at H&M, I sometimes find gems and sometimes leave in horror.

This hairband is a gem with it's beautiful colour and style, it's a perfect way to spice up a simple outfit, it's also good at covering your roots and turning a bad hair day into a good hair day. :)

Now I want to own a rainbow of colours, the only other colour I own similar to this style is a deep red which is quite boring.
Remember, you can make your own like I did HERE using this method.

Do you wear hairbands?

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Guide to sale shopping..

DON'T DO IT! By that I mean London high street shops, just after Christmas the shops are overcrowded and full of angry bargain hunters. The good stuff are snapped up by the sales staff or the early birds, everything is a total mess and you wont be able to find your size. The ques are ridiculous to pay, try something on or even get into the shop. It's just a whole confused mess.

But if you insist, (sometimes I do) be prepared.

Here are a my 10 tips:

  1. Don't go shopping in the obvious areas the first 3 days of the sale, it's just too much to handle, plus once the preliminary stock has sold the rest will be marked down even more.
  2. Go early in the morning, everything will have been sorted out the evening before and you will be able to find what you want.
  3. Don't wear too many bulky layers. Wear something simple and comfortable so it isn't a mission to try something on. ALWAYS wear flat shoes, I see some girls in heels and just look puzzled.
  4. ALWAYS wear a cross shoulder bag, keep it small and neat. Only carry what you need as the last thing you want is something going missing.
  5. Don't do impulse buying just because it's on sale, do you really need it? Do you have something similar?
  6. Only buy it if you love it that much and you would have paid full price for it, that way it really is a bargain.
  7. Always check the actual size matches the label, there will be a lot of mismatch labelling.
  8. Make some lunch at home, perhaps some sandwiches as the ques to even get something to eat is ridiculous at times, also keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  9. Stick to a budget!
  10. If in doubt, shop online.

Image: Google

How do you fight the crowd?

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Red suede and tortoise shell...

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate, I hope your morning was filled with joy and happiness. I update you as I am watching 'Olive the other reindeer', I love Xmas television!

My mum got me these cute red heels from River Island for £30 from £64.99. They are made from real suede with red rose detail at the front. When you buy red shoes, you don't want any red shoes, you want them to be amazing just like these! They would look amazing with a black dress...

There's none left in the shops, but they are still available online, check HERE.

On another note, it's my birthday today and I had to show you the watch my wonderful husband got me as it's SO beautiful! It's the Michael Kors MK5138.

Have a lovely day! x X x

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Neutrogena oil free range review..

It's been 2 months since my harsh 'Out with the old' post, and I am pleased to say I stuck to my routine *pat on the back* and I am happy to report back with a skin care update.

I have been using the Neutrogena oil free range and I absolutely think that it's amazing, the moisturiser and the face wash are the standout products. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin and questions as to what I am using, my skin is going back to how it used to be before I started wearing make up. Here's my thoughts on each product:

  • NEUTROGENA OIL FREE MOISTURISER - This is a gentle, lightweight yet moisturising cream, it absorbs into the skin instantly leaving no greasy or shiny residue. I don't usually like lightweight creams as my skin often feels tight, but this leaves it supple and soft. I REALLY believe this cream is a miracle worker, it's helped heal my blemishes and scars quicker and given me a more even toned complexion and I know for sure it's this moisturiser as it's the only one I have used solid for 2 months. I don't understand how affordable yet effective it is, it's really a lifesaver for me. I really see a difference when I put this on at night and wake up in the morning, it also works great as a makeup base.
  • NEUTROGENA OIL FREE MAKEUP REMOVER - This is a thick white cream which I apply onto a cotton round and wipe away my makeup. It’s non greasy and it even says there’s no need to wash your face after, which I have done and gone top bed straight after, but I prefer to wash/cleanse my face and apply moisturiser after. It does exactly what it says, I only use this at night.

  • NEUTROGENA OIL FREE FACE WASH - This is so gentle yet it foams and cleanses. Again with all the oil free range there is no greasy residue, it’s lightweight and effective. I wash my face with this once to get rid of any makeup I may have missed and then once again to cleanse my face at night and then once in the morning.
  • GARNIER GRAPE WATER EYE MAKEUP REMOVER - I love this purely because it does not irritate my eyes, smells fresh, doesn't leave a greasy residue and removes all my eye makeup, job done.
  • I was using the face brush by Boots botanicals (pictured in my last skincare post) to ensure further cleansing which was going AMAZINGLY well, but I was contacted by a PR company who asked if I wanted to try the Clarisonic, and I obviously said YES. At first I HATED the Clarisonic and really didn't see the point of it which is why I didn't blog about it instantly, I felt like it was a waste of money, electricity and time, but I think I am beginning to LOVE it, I am still not 100% sure, but I will let you know how my thoughts develop. HOWEVER, I would recommend you get a standard face brush and introduce it into your routine at night as you will definitely see a difference in your skin tone and texture. FYI: The face wash works great with the Clarisonic and even better with a standard face brush.

    I haven't been doing much else to my skin apart from applying a tiny bit of Bio oil once a week or every 2 weeks just to keep my skin further moisturised and protected from the cold weather. I have also been using the Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant once a week to get rid of any dead skin cells, it's actually really nice as it's a face mask with lactic acid. I also use the Avene eye contour cream whenever I remember, it has a texture in between a cream and a gel which absorbs instantly with no greasy residue, me likey!

    I have realised a few things.

    1. I am sensitive to some of my cheek products. Benefit 'Hoola', Nars 'Laguna' and even Mac blushes, For the past 2 months I have been using exactly the same products and same base (Mac face & body) and generally the Chanel bronze universel and my skin has been beautiful (no exaggeration) but, whenever I use the above mentioned I get tiny little bumps, what a shame! But, at least I know what's causing them, and I am 100% sure as I have really monitored it, when I stop using them my skin clears up.
    2. I don't need a toner.
    3. Less is more.

    Final thoughts: If you are struggling with your skin because you use too many products, try eliminating them and really stick to a routine for 2 months so you can figure out where you are going wrong.

    Have you tried the Neutrogena oil free range? And, what cheek products do you find work best with sensitive skin?

    Disclaimer: The Clarisonic and Avene eye cream were sent for consideration for review, I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with the brands.

    Saturday, 18 December 2010

    The snow and Peanut...

    Peanut loves the snow. His favourite thing to do with it is to eat it.

    Here's a few pictures that I snapped today...

    It's so cold that the canal outside my flat is frozen, crazy.

    Swooosh! Peanut's other favourite thing to do with the snow is bounce about on it like a grasshopper with the speed of a Cheetah. He's so funny. :)

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Friday, 17 December 2010

    Lisa Shepherd - Brazilian Blowout..

    The Brazilian Blowout is the latest craze amongst celebrities and the hair industry. It's a hair straightening and taming solution that lasts for approximately 3 months. Sometimes it's known as the '3 month blow dry'. It claims to make your hair frizz free and more manageable by applying a keratin treatment to your hair.

    I had my treatment done at Lisa Shepherd award winning salon in London.

    At Lisa Shepherd they use Keratin Complex which is a completely formaldehyde free solution. See picture below for packaging.

    The salon itself is beautiful, needs no descriptive words.


    • Wash hair with shampoo only.
    • Dry hair.
    • Section hair and apply Keratin Complex solution and ensure every bit of hair is coated.
    • Leave the solution in for approx 30mins.
    • Dry hair with hairdryer.
    • Straighten hair with a straightening iron at 230 degrees to seal in the treatment.
    • Do not wash your hair for 3 days.
    • During the 3 days you can not get your hair wet at all which will prove difficult in this rain and snow, you can not tuck your hair behind your ears, you have to regularly brush it and if you wake up in the morning with a kink in your hair you have to flat iron it. You have to use a sulphate free shampoo in order for you not to strip the keratin from your hair.

    Here's me below whilst I have the solution applied to my hair. Look at how frazzled the tops of my hair looks due to damage from heat and chemicals. Eeew!

    ..and here's me waiting with the Keratin applied to my hair.

    Ta da! Here's the finished result. My hair looks smooth & improved!

    Prices for the Brazilian blowout at Lisa Shepherd range from £231-£359 depending on the length of your hair.

    However, I am happy to tell you Lisa Shepherd are offering YOU 20% off all of their treatments if you quote BUBBLEGARM. Brilliant! If you are in need of a treat then head over to Lisa Shepherd.

    Overall this is a pricey treatment but one that your hair will thank you for. This way I don't have to apply that much heat to my hair and therefore not abuse it and get it to the length I want. I am scared this treatment is going to become a VERY expensive addiction. But, if I love the results as much as I do now after a couple of months, then I am having it done again, especially for Summer as my hair is a frizz ball and it's not that attractive. :)

    The ultimate test will be when I wash my hair after 3 days and let it air dry. It looks pretty and I hope it lives up to the hype. Watch this space, I will do an update after about a week, I also purchased the keratin complex shampoo which should help my treatment last longer.

    Have you had the Brazilian blowout, or are you considering it?

    Disclaimer: This treatment was provided courtesy of Lisa Shepherd, I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with the company. Honest opinion as always!

    Wednesday, 15 December 2010

    Hallway Inspiration..

    You all gave me some great ideas to liven up my hallway in my last post, thank you so much! Here's an insight to what I am now envisioning...

    All images from Google.

    I saw this image on My Bella Decor and immediately fell in LOVE. I love the colours and delicacy of the accessories on this shelf, something like this under the mirror would be great.

    Or, I can get a Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea to go under the mirror, which will still give me a space to put things on as well as store some shoes.

    Furthermore, I can scrap that idea and just put a small table or stand under the mirror and decorate it with some accessories and plants.

    I am on the lookout for a rustic vase similar to this one!

    P.S. Check out this awesome interior style blog: Stylizimo.

    Are you inspired to liven up your hallway yet?

    I will let you know how my hallway turns out after I am done, I'm going to aim to get it finished before the new year. Go me!

    Tuesday, 14 December 2010

    Gaga for my Hallway..

    I love candles, and always have (who doesn't?). Today I went to TK Maxx and picked up a few things for our apartment. For those in London, did you know that the Border's on Charring Cross Road is now a TK Maxx? Well you do now, but it doesn't have a home section! *sigh* But, I still managed to find some things for the home. Score!

    I got a couple of spiced cranberry and ginger Pecksniff's candles and a cranberry room spray. Gorgeous!

    I also found these wooden tea light holders that go perfectly in the hallway.

    I have placed them next to my shell/coral ensemble, the 3 large shells are from Butler's and the rest are ones I have gathered from the beach. Sssh!

    I have a huge mirror made from Reclaimed timber hanging in my hallway, I purchased this from what looked like a random garden boutique.

    Here's the hallway from afar, it's very plain and empty, I may add a shelf below the mirror and place a few glass bottles and more candles, with something colourful to liven up the space. I am also planning on adding a picture frame with one of the photos from our beach wedding to keep in with the theme of the rustic beachy look.

    My lampshade is from Argos for those wondering, it was less than £10, and looks amazing! In my opinion obvisouly. :)

    I also have a letter/key cupboard, with a chalk board door for reminders, I got this from Butler's, when we first moved in, I love it so much and I only put it up yesterday. I can't believe we STILL haven't finished all the decorating and finishing touches.

    On to the Gaga talk.

    I hopelessly gave in and picked up Viva Glam Gaga lipstick after swatching it about ten million times since it launched, slight exaggeration but you get the picture. I hesitated to buy this when it first came out as I really don't get the Lady Gaga hype, I'm not a fan and actually find her annoying which is why I didn't want her name on my lips. But, with a pink this pretty and subtle I couldn't resist any longer.
    Here are some swatch comparisons for 'Viva Glam Gaga'..

    Today I wore it and thought I would show you what it looks like on my complexion. It feels very brightening, therefore I skipped on the eyeshadow. At first I thought it was too bright, but after a couple of applications the colour felt softer and more wearable.

    Do you like the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and any ideas/home decor tips for livening up my hallway?

    P.S. I Missed you all so much, sorry I haven't updated regularly, I have just been so busy! xXx

    Monday, 6 December 2010

    I Love.. BRONZERS!

    I do, I really do. I feel so much better when I wear it, it instantly makes me happy whilst either mimicking a tan or sculpting my face.

    Over the years I have tried SO many, and these are my favourite 4. I wanted to share some swatches with you whilst comparing all of them.

    • Benefit 'Hoola' - This is a matte powder bronzer which is amazing for contouring and sculpting. (Read my full review.)

    • Nars 'Laguna' - This is a powder bronzer which has refined golden sparkles. It's good to add a tan to your face, and doesn't look too bad used as a contour either. (Read my full review.)

    • Soliel Tan De Chanel - This is a cream/mousse bronzer, it's great if you want to avoid a cakey look and add a natural warmth to your face, perfect to mimick a tan or sculpt your face. It has tiny golden micro sparkles which are almost invisible to the eye. (Read my full review.)

    • Prestige 'Glam Tan' - This is a shimmer bronzer, it's great to highlight the tops of your cheekbones, the golden flecks are very refined and add a pretty glow unlike Mac 'Gold Deposit' MSF which adds a lot of chunky glitter and has an unflattering copper tinge. (My 'Glam Tan' is in a Mac compact as the Prestige plastic packaging is utter rubbish.) (Read my full review.)

    Here are some swatches to compare them all..

    They are all quite similar in tone, Hoola and Laguna are cooler, with the Chanel and Glam Tan being more golden.

    My ultimate favourite has to still be the Chanel, it's just amazing and I'm having a mini panic attack as mine is finished and there are stock problems relating back to the warehouse in Paris!

    CAUTION: Do not apply bronzer with a heavy hand, always use a small amount of product and build it up gradually. Also, never apply powder over liquid, or liquid over powder to avoid patches.

    What's your favourite bronzer?

    Thursday, 2 December 2010

    Estee Lauder Extravagant Gold!

    I attended a Estee Lauder bloggers event a while back, but it was way too early to be even thinking about Christmas therefore I waited for a more appropriate day like today, December to be precise to tell you about it.

    The Christmas collection is filled with plums, berry's and golds which is on par with the season.

    The nail polish looked fabulous at a first glance, but now I don't think it's that special.

    The lipstick 'Extravagant Berry' is frosted with gold glitter on the outer layer, pigmented, pretty and smells quite fruity. The lipgloss is also a similar colour with tiny specks of multicoloured glitter.
    One problem though, despite the festive season these colours are never going to get love from me as I much prefer more natural tones.

    The standout for the collection for me is the 'Extravagant gold eyeshadow compact', it's certainly loved by me. It looks quite boring but the colours are beautifully pigmented and apply much more interesting than they look in the palette. There are shimmer and matte colours and this palette can take you from day to night, it's great to have on the go and the massive mirror inside makes it ideal for that purpose.

    Here are the colours swatched!

    Look how similar some of the colours are to some of my favourite Mac eyeshadows ('Amber Lights', 'Woodwinked' and 'Brun'. The palest one looks like 'Shroom', and the one next to it looks like 'Goldmine'.

    Furthermore this Christmas Estee Lauder are offering the the professional makeup artist colour collection for £49 (worth £315) with any fragrance purchase. See HERE!

    Have you stocked up on anything from Estee Lauder recently?

    Products mentioned were provided for review, I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with the brand. Honest opinion as ALWAYS.

    Wednesday, 1 December 2010

    3 Winter Must Haves!

    Here are my 3 favourite Winter products, I should use them all the time but they really do get much more use this season!

    • Lush Lemony Flutter - Keep those cuticles in tip top condition by applying this lemon scented butter regularly and use as a night time treatment all over your hands to reveal softer moisturised hands by morning. Why not add to your lips and use as a lip balm too? I do. (Read my full review HERE.)

    • Bio Oil - Use once a week on your face instead of your night cream to keep your skin nourished and moisturised. You can also use this on any other dry patches such as elbows and knees to add extra moisture.

    • Lush Snow Fairy - Make shower time fun with this candy floss, bubblegum and sweet scented shower gel. It will make early mornings and cold days that much more enjoyable!

    What are your Winter Must Haves?