I do, I really do. I feel so much better when I wear it, it instantly makes me happy whilst either mimicking a tan or sculpting my face.

Over the years I have tried SO many, and these are my favourite 4. I wanted to share some swatches with you whilst comparing all of them.

  • Benefit 'Hoola' - This is a matte powder bronzer which is amazing for contouring and sculpting. (Read my full review.)

  • Nars 'Laguna' - This is a powder bronzer which has refined golden sparkles. It's good to add a tan to your face, and doesn't look too bad used as a contour either. (Read my full review.)

  • Soliel Tan De Chanel - This is a cream/mousse bronzer, it's great if you want to avoid a cakey look and add a natural warmth to your face, perfect to mimick a tan or sculpt your face. It has tiny golden micro sparkles which are almost invisible to the eye. (Read my full review.)

  • Prestige 'Glam Tan' - This is a shimmer bronzer, it's great to highlight the tops of your cheekbones, the golden flecks are very refined and add a pretty glow unlike Mac 'Gold Deposit' MSF which adds a lot of chunky glitter and has an unflattering copper tinge. (My 'Glam Tan' is in a Mac compact as the Prestige plastic packaging is utter rubbish.) (Read my full review.)

Here are some swatches to compare them all..

They are all quite similar in tone, Hoola and Laguna are cooler, with the Chanel and Glam Tan being more golden.

My ultimate favourite has to still be the Chanel, it's just amazing and I'm having a mini panic attack as mine is finished and there are stock problems relating back to the warehouse in Paris!

CAUTION: Do not apply bronzer with a heavy hand, always use a small amount of product and build it up gradually. Also, never apply powder over liquid, or liquid over powder to avoid patches.

What's your favourite bronzer?


Love the look of Glam tan!

Fee x
civciv said…
Laguna looks great *_*

sevgiyle kal
sternchenslove said…
Check out the Givenchy bronzers. There are great. Check out my reviews on my blogs.
Kartopu said…
hoola is my favourite Bronzer, i love it!
Muhsine Emin said…
@sternchenslove I have, they are beuatiful and rather expensive :)
Kate said…
I have Laguna and Hoola and love the idea of bronzer but sadly it doesn't really look great on me as I'm pale with freckles :s I do love MAC MSF in Light Flush however.

If you like Urban Decay check out my Book of Shadows III Giveaway!
Kat x
Glam tan does look fab

ellamarie84 said…
I think I need to give the Chanel another chance...I actually bought it and ended up returning it. I LOVE Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, it's my absolute favorite! It is a beautiful true matte brown, and smells of cocoa. I'm almost on my 3rd compact I love it so much. Maybe that's why I didn't give the Chanel as much of a chance as I should have, cause I'd already found my HG :)
EllysMakeupbag said…
i want laguna so much, im not really into bronzers, i prefer having a bronzed cheek and use them as a blush.
E V E L Y N said…
Laguna looks so pretty!
I've recently bought Hoola, do you have any tips for using it for contouring/sculpting? I'm quite new to this xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Kat O - You need a light hand and a fluffy brush, I use hoola on my mum too and she's much paler than me, you just have to apply it correctly. x

@Ellamarie - We always do that, once we have something we love we almost don't want to replace it, the chanel one is perfect for summer, use up your too faced one and then give it a try :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@E V E L Y N - To use hoola as a contour, you need a small headed blush brush, it can be angled or dome shaped, even a fan brush will do. Make sure to pick up little product and build it up as you go along.
E V E L Y N said…
Thanks, I'll give that a go! :) x
Kaushal said…
Laguna looks like a GORGEOUS colour! I must check it out :)

Kaushal xx
Anonymous said…
Love Glam Tan!
It gives me the perfect glowy look on my cheeks. Brilliant for summer AND winter. Love love love it!
I'm giving my Chanel another go at the moment. I like it much better when I use it with a fluffy brush and more on my cheeks rather than on the hollow of my cheeks as it looked as if I was dirty. We're all ok now.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Mercedes, yes I like the chanel on top of my cheeks too, it adds a nice warmth, if you apply a light dusting of the glam tan over the top it's heaven :) X
Holly said…
Love Laguna, can't believe i've still never had Hoola looks a lovely contour shade but I just hate the packaging, oh how i wish they would scrap the box :)!!

My faves at the moment are Bobbi Brown and my Givenchy Prism! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Holly I know the packaging sucks, the bobbi brown bronzers are lovely too, I love Bobbi brown! X
Fab choices!! The first three also happen to be my favorites too!! I love how there is absolutely no red in Hoola, so you can never look orange! And the texture of the Chanel one is simply divine, not to mention the smell is delicious!!
Unknown said…
gorgeous picks!! can't wait to try them!


Computergirl said…
I have Hoola and Chanel amongst others. I have to apply with a vry light hand due to being very pale! I norally just apply to my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, but not 100% sure that is right. Also havent found a perfct brush yet :( Thanks for sharing xx
Anonymous said…
Uhhhh..never thought of those two together! Now that I think about it it should be a perfect combo. I'll defo try it. Thanks!!
How was Peanut and his first(?) encounter with the snow?
got it, love it said…
great post as always! after reading one of ur previous post, i finally got my hands on laguna today...not quite sure wat to do with it though, ( i still cudnt find a way to make bronzers work on me :) )

auuww about the bronze universal! i have tried every single chanel counter around me! no way! btw i use glam tan as an eyeshadow and loving it!


Supergirl said…
Love Chanel and Laguna:)
kylie said…
i don't usually wear bronzer, i tend to stick only to blush!
Andrea. said…
I don't like to wear bronzer during winter I enjoy being pale and being able to wear lipsticks/blushes that I'm not usually able to pull off. My favorite is Hoola though I usually wear it to contour if I do decide to wear it during winter. I've definitely been eying Laguna though.
Kiki said…
I'm not usually a bronzer person (because I am so so pale!), but recently I've been loving using my Benefit Hoola for a lovely all over glow. I've also been using their One Hot Minute - its subtle but so pretty.

Steph1990 said…
I love the look of bronzers, but I'm so pale that I can just look a bit dirty sometimes. I have Hoola at the moment and it's a gorgeous colour, and I always apply with the little brush that comes with it. If I got a different brush do you think I would get better results?
Thanks :)
Anonymous said…
Every item of makeup or beauty related you make me want to buy it! :) I love bronzer as well, I have 3 from MAC and 1 from Benefit.
Andee Layne said…
i have all of these except the glam tan which i will def be checking out! thank you!! xo
Tiffany said…
I love bronzer posts! I've been addicted to Hoola lately and I've just started to get back into using Illamasqua Burnish. The Chanel bronzer seems to be that one product that never seems to get crossed off of my wishlist, unfortunately. I just need to suck it up and buy it one of these days!
Abbie♥ said…
that channel bronzer looks promising! :D

Marisa said…
I love to wear bronzer with moderation... Because it's winter I just wear a little bit of benefit one hot minute and I'm good to go (: I really want to try the Nars Laguna and the Hoola bronzer, just have to wait a couple of months 'til it's warm ;)
Unknown said…
Really love the nars,
I have bought a few bronzers but they dont really suit my pale complextion :(

HOLLY said…
i really want to try hoola! i definitely reccomend the urban decay baked bronzer in the shade 'toasted' (:,xxx
the solar flare said…
Beautiful post :D i’m new on blogger :D and your blog is awesome :D if you want to follow me i’ll follow you back :D xoxo
Tina A. said…
Ok, now I 'm more confused than ever.... I love Laguna on me and from swatches online I think I 'd get along great with Hoola too..
but looking at the Chanel swatch, I 'd guess it would look muddy and dirty on me...
I never realised that it was that warm compared to the two others, thank u for this post!

luckiebeauty said…
Hoola is one of my best also! It's really rare that you can find a matte bronzer but not to dark/orange.
I like also Bourjois's bronzing powder (smells like chocolate) and Lise Watier's bronzing Powder in ''Soleil Doux''.
Orla Lorenza said…
I can't live without hoola! xx
Anonymous said…
All great choices! I Especially Nars.
Love your blog, btw.
feel free to have a looksie at mine if you have a moment:)
Ola said…
love u so much!

please visit


I am with you I love bronzer and I think chanel has to be my favorite too! Great blog!

BrooklynBlonde said…
love this! My current favorite is Nars Laguna but def not holy grail status. I'm going to check out some of these!
Martina Gallo said…
Fantastic blog =)
I hope you pass to mine and follow me!
Anonymous said…
Love the colors! Bronzers are great!
Kate Gene said…
I always end up liking the most expensive items, too! Figures, doesn't it? LOL!

I have been using N. Y. C.'s bronzer in "Sunny" for almost a year now. I really like it! I'd still love to give "Laguna" a go, as well as BE's Faux Tan.

Thanks for sharing your collection with us!

Happy Holidays! :)

Kate Gene said…
P. S. I just realized I sort of contradicted myself in my last comment. Ha ha! I almost always gravitate towards pricier items. However, I definitely love less expensive products as well. N. Y. C.'s bronzer is the perfect example of that! :)

Anonymous said…
i really want the Soliel Tan De Chanel. i'm going to treat myself in the summer when i tan up - love your blog have just followed you xx


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