Gaga for my Hallway..

I love candles, and always have (who doesn't?). Today I went to TK Maxx and picked up a few things for our apartment. For those in London, did you know that the Border's on Charring Cross Road is now a TK Maxx? Well you do now, but it doesn't have a home section! *sigh* But, I still managed to find some things for the home. Score!

I got a couple of spiced cranberry and ginger Pecksniff's candles and a cranberry room spray. Gorgeous!

I also found these wooden tea light holders that go perfectly in the hallway.

I have placed them next to my shell/coral ensemble, the 3 large shells are from Butler's and the rest are ones I have gathered from the beach. Sssh!

I have a huge mirror made from Reclaimed timber hanging in my hallway, I purchased this from what looked like a random garden boutique.

Here's the hallway from afar, it's very plain and empty, I may add a shelf below the mirror and place a few glass bottles and more candles, with something colourful to liven up the space. I am also planning on adding a picture frame with one of the photos from our beach wedding to keep in with the theme of the rustic beachy look.

My lampshade is from Argos for those wondering, it was less than £10, and looks amazing! In my opinion obvisouly. :)

I also have a letter/key cupboard, with a chalk board door for reminders, I got this from Butler's, when we first moved in, I love it so much and I only put it up yesterday. I can't believe we STILL haven't finished all the decorating and finishing touches.

On to the Gaga talk.

I hopelessly gave in and picked up Viva Glam Gaga lipstick after swatching it about ten million times since it launched, slight exaggeration but you get the picture. I hesitated to buy this when it first came out as I really don't get the Lady Gaga hype, I'm not a fan and actually find her annoying which is why I didn't want her name on my lips. But, with a pink this pretty and subtle I couldn't resist any longer.
Here are some swatch comparisons for 'Viva Glam Gaga'..

Today I wore it and thought I would show you what it looks like on my complexion. It feels very brightening, therefore I skipped on the eyeshadow. At first I thought it was too bright, but after a couple of applications the colour felt softer and more wearable.

Do you like the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and any ideas/home decor tips for livening up my hallway?

P.S. I Missed you all so much, sorry I haven't updated regularly, I have just been so busy! xXx


love the mirror and lampshade :) i really must pick up gaga after christmas as my treat to myself :) LovelyGirlieBits
Try a bench! My hallway was so empty and boring and no matter what I put on the walls, it just wouldn't do it. I ended up going to Homsense and finding a retro fabric bench for just $99 CAD, and it even has storage underneath for shoes.

Also, maybe try a floor to ceiling wall decal on the wall with the mirror? Could look beautiful!
Unknown said…
The lipstick looks lovely on you!

p.s check out my blog ^-^
i LOVE all the little details in your house! especially the lamp shade and cupboard!

i wanted to buy viva glam gaga, but i felt it was too cool for my skin tone. i'm paler than you, but i'm definitely warm toned. it's too bad, because i LOVE soft pink lipsticks :(
EllysMakeupbag said…
It looks gorgeous on you, but i am sick of the baby pink lipsticks now and how many MAC has comes out with:P I am more into cherry colours on the lips.
alongcameaspydr said…
I love how you decorate! Trust me... decorating never stops. I'm still working on my condo and I bought it 2 years ago. I've focused on the kitchen, entry way and living room. And even though they look done, it's not fully done. Something always changes. I haven't even had a chance to work on the bedroom or the powder room. But it's such a fun project and my mind is constantly changing. :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Michelle Ooooo sounds beautiful, I think a bench would be PERFECT! a wall decal on the wall with the mirror sounds lush!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Elly Cherry coloured lips are gorgeous, I am feeling it myself. :)

@alongcameaspydr I know, there's always something to be done, it never ends but that's the beauty of it.
Anonymous said…
Your skin is seriously so perfect!

I love the organic touches in your entry way, that lampshade is amazing!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Andi Thanks, but it's not perfect :) X
Kaushal said…
I love my Gaga lippy!!

Kaushal xx
That lippy looks lovely on you huny :) you have such a talent for interior decorating as well as beauty! One thing I can suggest that really adds character to our hallway is a lovely large vase like pot in metallic gold? We bought ours back from Morocco but I'm sure ya can find em here! We've put a few brown & gold wooden branches & some fairy lights in it & looks lovely :)

Aysh xoxo
Roshni said…
you are soo beautiful - and i love your decor :) xx
Anonymous said…
Loved all the decoration. It's so personal and chic. My favourite is the key locker. Brilliant idea.
Anonymous said…
You have amazing taste when it comes to decor. I absolutely love it!
your hallway looks fab!! less is deffo more

Vikki @ Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot x
Lilit said…
I love the lipstick on you, very similar to Snob.
luckiebeauty said…
Love the lipstick!!

&& the decor is beautiful. it looks like a chic hotel room in the Bahamas : )
Tali said…
Stunning. I love how welcoming and beach it is. So much nicer than the frosty cold outside. looks so cosy!! xxx Hellooooo coffee sooon!!!!!
White Bazaar said…
Love your decor style, love the mirror and lighting, I have candles everywhere!
Becky said…
Your hallway looks lovely, I love TK Maxx!
That looks gorgeous on you :). I love tkmaxx for home stuff :) - there's one a two minute walk from me :)
Sharon said…
U just reminded me I need to pop to TK maxx for homeware ths Friday thanx a lot. I lile the mirror&lampshade...Gaga looks pretty on u hun
Houda said…
I love your beach hallway but in answer to your question I am one who hates candles I can't stand wax or candles I like the look they give and the atmosphere but I hate them! I love your mirror its lovely! I think maybe you could put i nice colourful basket for the umberellas when they are all wet, or maybe you could put vase of dried plants from ikea nice tall ones that look like they want to grow lol if you get what i mean xxxxxxxx nice to see you back I love your posts :)

I actually like the lipstick on you too not so scary on you x
Ebru said…
Gaga ohh la la, it looks gorgeous on you lady! I love Lady Gaga for the most part, I mean we all know she is far away from normality, who on earth wears a meat dress?! But I love her music and I think that's what she should be recognized for, not for the crazy things she does lol Your hallway/entrance is adorable and designed very tastefully even though there is empty space, I love it! :) I like the idea of putting a shelf under that beautiful mirror. I have that same thing going on in my place and I think it looks cute. I usually change up what's on the shelf, usually there are few picture frames and festive decorations or a small flower/plant..Let us know what you do with that area :) xoxo
Im following your blog!
it's amazing! :D

hope u will take a look at mine.
Unknown said…
your hallway decor is stunning!

Computergirl said…
Love your choice of decorations :) Wish I had your sense of style! x
got it, love it said…
u r looking so gorgeous with that lippie on...i share the same story with you, swatched it million times in mac and finally coudnt resist the offer of my boyfriend who is sick of we going mac every week :))

and about the hallway..i really like the conceptual design of ypurs..i am an architect and done my masters in interior design, so my thoughts are kinda professional :))
manifesto said…
hey, i just wanted to ask, did you buy the light shade in the brown or the natural beech wood color?

regards F x
Feda said…
haha I thought I was the only one who didn't get the lady gaga thing. She looks and acts out of the box but I find her voice and music to be very unoriginal. I'll never get the hype.

Awesome home renovating!
Unknown said…
I absolutley love the mirror! Lovely hallway, Ive just done up my bedroom and posted it on my blog, please have a look!!
khmari123 said…
love the seashells! have to go to Marshalls ot Tj's
Stephanie said…
I think a rug with a bit of colour would really warm the hallway up. And like someone has already suggested, some dried flowers (or even branches put into a vase!) would look great x
Anna Saccone said…
You look so beautiful with this minimal makeup, Muhsine! And your hallway looks divine, I absolutely LOVE TK Maxx's home section!! It's amazing for candles :) <3
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks so much girls :) You have given me some good ideas! xXx

@Manifesto I got it in brown.

Patricia said…
i loooooooooooove that lampshade!!!
Firdaus said…
You're beautiful!
I really like you're blog :)
I love that mirror, wow!
Firdaus XX
Marguerite N. said…
Love your pics and your house is awesome. I always follow you. ;)
Lazy Day seems very gorgeous, I think I will buy it.
Anyway I like the empty hallway because I prefer the minimal style.
Emmi said…
Mac's Gaga lipstick is probably one of my favourites! I'm a lipstick freak :D. I love it how you can do different looks with it. Really lightly aplied it looks very natural or go crazy and do the barbie pink!
Anonymous said…
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