Guide to sale shopping..

DON'T DO IT! By that I mean London high street shops, just after Christmas the shops are overcrowded and full of angry bargain hunters. The good stuff are snapped up by the sales staff or the early birds, everything is a total mess and you wont be able to find your size. The ques are ridiculous to pay, try something on or even get into the shop. It's just a whole confused mess.

But if you insist, (sometimes I do) be prepared.

Here are a my 10 tips:

  1. Don't go shopping in the obvious areas the first 3 days of the sale, it's just too much to handle, plus once the preliminary stock has sold the rest will be marked down even more.
  2. Go early in the morning, everything will have been sorted out the evening before and you will be able to find what you want.
  3. Don't wear too many bulky layers. Wear something simple and comfortable so it isn't a mission to try something on. ALWAYS wear flat shoes, I see some girls in heels and just look puzzled.
  4. ALWAYS wear a cross shoulder bag, keep it small and neat. Only carry what you need as the last thing you want is something going missing.
  5. Don't do impulse buying just because it's on sale, do you really need it? Do you have something similar?
  6. Only buy it if you love it that much and you would have paid full price for it, that way it really is a bargain.
  7. Always check the actual size matches the label, there will be a lot of mismatch labelling.
  8. Make some lunch at home, perhaps some sandwiches as the ques to even get something to eat is ridiculous at times, also keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  9. Stick to a budget!
  10. If in doubt, shop online.

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How do you fight the crowd?


Miss ♥ Nikka said…
Thanks for sharing these tips. :) They are all so true! I went today to shop for a new xmas tree and didn;t find anymore. They all sold old on the 26th?! Waahhh! :(
Gemma said…
The topshop sale early in the morning was quite aggressive, but i left with 80 quidds worth of bargains and a couple of scratches x
Unknown said…
I didnt go this year :-/ really depressive. Feels weird :) Love ur tips!

SO did u go this year?
Nichola said…
very good points! i avoid sales like the plague! I'm like a bloke when it comes to shopping, plan plan and get out as fast as you can! I used to work for Topshop in their Oxford Circus store, and one Xmas sale - it was early in the morning (so say 10am) my first customer passed out at the till points - as she said - she wanted to get to the sale as fast as she could - she skipped breakfast!

So please make sure if you are heading out early - you have breakfast before you leave your home - so you're sugar levels are up! :) nothing worse than fainting in a shop when your hot and bothered! :( xox
Chloe said…
i went yesterday, and believe it or not but at 12-1pm topshop was relitavely quiet! xx
NXZCHY said…
Good tips! So going to follow them next year :) x
Unknown said…
Great post & great tips!! Definitely helpful after the holidays!

Post Christmas sales always terrify me! I'm not at home in the UK at the moment but if I was I would have opted for online fact I may go and do that right now! X
shoe devotee said…
Thanks for the tips. I prefer online shopping. :)
great tips and i agree with all of them. but perhaps the BEST tip is your first: DON'T DO IT :p

i can't stand crowds so i generally just don't go.
Adele said…
great tips! loved them ! <3 xx
dianeuk01 said…
Fab tips, I always like to pack a snack of fruit of cereal bar, all that shopping and those hot stores can make me dizzy! :-)

I'm going to brave the shops tomorrow, not really looking for sales though, due to the bad weather this is my chance to spend my Boots points on a Christmas treat for myself. Poss 1-2 items from Chanel, now that would be a treat - for me anyways.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Diane x
kylie said…
great tips! i went shopping on monday and came home empty handed >.<
Sheefa F said…
True said Mushine! I went Lakeside yesterday and it was a stamped there :S Hardly got anything coz I am not someone who is able to fight crowds. No idea why I went lol.

Online shopping is heaven!
LillianZahra said…
Great tips. Sales shopping can be so stressful - not just with the crowds but I always put pressure on myself and feel like I SHOULD be finding loads of amazing bargains. This year I've loved online sales - no queues and I can try everything on in the comfort of my own home! x
Anonymous said…
Great tips I totally agree! MY BF goes to London every year & she said London has great clothes but theyre super expensive! So yea I go to the American Apparel Factory Sale every year in Downtown LA & its crazy, & all of those tips apply! That is the only time I will fight the crowd, bc the prices are too darn good! I mean something $40 will be $7 @ the sale! Def my favorite shopping event!
EllysMakeupbag said…
Those tips are really helpfull, i should have read this post before i went shopping this morning. I wore so many layers and was so hot:(
Good tips - I generally avoid sales like the plague and try to go shopping a few days later (as everyone brings stuff back then). I did go to Debenhams yesterday at my boyf's insistence, but that was because we wanted something in the sale especially. It wasn't too bad. I used to work in Next and sale day was hellish, which is probably why I can't stand them now! x
Sharon said…
true facts and great tips hun,hope u had a lovely I tried to shop in The Liberty in Romford yesterday couldnt do it lol
Ana Sofia said…
Great tips haha! im definetly the type of girl that sticks to her online shopping :)

x o x o
Sami said…
I've tried to avoid the sales this year as I find it so hard to find anything in my sizes (shoe: 3, dress: 6) !
great tips :-)

even in my small town sales are crazy so the thought of shoppin in london terrifies me LOL

im deffo sticking to online shopping

♥Soso♥ said…
love ittt, totally agree with you,
Sophie said…
I nearly got hit with a handbag by an old woman in Topshop. She went in to grab a top that I was next to and I nearly got thrown into the clothes rack! I was a bit stunned, but still got some good bargains :)
Anonymous said…
Oh great tips!
ellinelle said…
..Very good tips for those who shopping ..I hate sales , it's just total madness around ..
MsEclectic said…
DONT DO IT...that tip is the best one!!! i cant believe i took my three kids and a pram to oxford street was i thinking!!!???? We passed winter wonderland on the way and the kids really wanted to go. i wish i had listened to them. Hubby said well atleast it was an experience and one we WILL NOT be repeating hehe x
Anonymous said…
LOL it really is a trek in the jungle when I go sale shopping. This time round though, I'm moving soon so I decided to get what I wanted online and avoid the temptation to impulse buy. I wanted 2 new dresses - specifically one silver and one nude for two occasions, so I sat and waited to find what I wanted and then snapped them up when I saw them on sale. Love bargains, hate the rush! xx
Shortiee31 said…
Love the handy guide! Will hopefully be using it over the next few days... Especially tip 9 ;)
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