Why is this allowed?

I purchased this 'Happy Hair days' shampoo the other day from Boots as it states it is sulphate and paraben free... I think it's new as I have never seen the brand before. Price approx £4.07.

NO parabens, NO sulphates.

Yet in the ingredients what do we have? Ammonium lauryl sulphate! Click photo below to enlarge.

In the small print on the back of the bottle it says, “Our shampoos and conditioners are free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate and mineral oils." I say RUBBISH! Sodium laureth sulphate isn't the only sulphate.

A sulphate IS a sulphate. The most common sulphates are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Xylene Sulfonate and TEA Lauryl Sulfate.

I don’t understand how a they can clearly state that it’s SULPHATE free and then lie about it. I will be writing to them to share my thoughts.
Happy hair days hair care, I detest you and what you are doing shouldn't be allowed as it's very misleading!!


Sophie said…
I totally agree, that's misleading and shouldn't be allowed! xoxo
Agata said…
i never heard of the brand before. i think it's wrong to deceive customers like this - low morale!
the same way companies stamp a natural seal on their products when in fact, they aren't.

it's always best to look at the ingredients. brands will do pretty much anything to get you to buy their product; so as consumers, we need to be smarter and know what to look for to make sure we're not being lied to. we can't just take ads and labels at face value anymore.
jennie said…
That's awful & surely can't be allowed! I wonder what the company would say to defend themselves, it's so deceptive x
Wow, how cheeky. They probably think that people will just read the front and take their word for it..I have to say that I would have done that as I assume if the say something, they mean it..
Holly said…
You should write and complain - that's terrible.
hannah said…
thank goodness you checked the fine print! very smart of you!! i agree, it is very misleading to print that statement on the bottle! thanks for the heads up!


Lisa. said…
They probably have a policy that if it isnt a type of sulphate then it doesnt count. Your right a sulphate is a sulphate but I guess they all have special qualities and them one's arent as bad as the old sulphates. Such a lie though isnt it.
Rosanna said…
Make a formal complaint I see! We don't complain enough here in Britian!
Amey Jane said…
I would complain - trading standards (I think...) would have a great time with them :).

If they wanted to advertise that it's free from Sodium Laureth Sulphate,then fine - but on the front it clearly says 'No Sulphates'!
Which means it shouldn't contain any!

Really annoying....I guess you always have to read the ingredient list and not just the labels nowadays.

Fee x
Shortiee31 said…
Trading standards seem to good to me too! Very unacceptable!
HannahsBlogger said…
I notice that in the ingredients it spells it 'sulfate.' Does that even make a difference, and if not they can't use that against people surely? xo
HannahsBlogger said…
Oh dear... just checked... its the spelling that they are relying on. Shouldn't be allowed, so sneaky! xo
Hannah said…
thats ridiculous! hope they respond to your complaint!X

Anonymous said…
This is so disgraceful!!!!
Please let us know what they say in response... if you get one!!


Ebru said…
That is pretty ridiculous! I can't believe someone approved this product to even be placed on shelves, what a joke! I guess we will just have to read the entire ingredients section. It's so hard to trust companies these days, unfortunately!
Houda said…
wow thats so bad yet y am i not surprised it seems like they only do what they do to sell anything !
Omg what a lie! I'm sure that is illegal within consumer laws or something like that! I hope you didn't use it out of protest lol!

Mia said…
Ah yes, that sneaky fine print!

Btw, what shampoo have you been using since you had your Brazillian blow out? I'm getting one done on Thursday!
Patricia said…
oh wow. please do write them and let us know about their response. that's indeed shameful :(
Georgina said…
bloody hell..talk about false advertising! That's awful!
Meowcake said…
I definitely think you should complain!
Kate Gene said…
Ooh, that is a little sneaky! :X
Mimi said…
That is so wrong on so many levels!They lie the customers in their faces!
I agree, that is so bad. Hate it when brands do that

Anonymous said…
How irritating! Good job you checked the ingredients.. I hate when companies lie about stuff like that! Really gets on my nerves!

-Sriya xx

Pearls&Politics said…
AH! That is absolutely crazy that they can do that!!

It sucks how wording can change things-- take for instance, animal testing: the label may state "this final product is not tested on animals" but in actuality, the final product isn't tested on animals, yes; however the ingredients were!!

I wish products would be completely upfront, but they just aren't :l

I am glad you exposed this problem though because now others can know too :)
sugarbumpkin said…
i know that the FDA here in the U.S. doesn't really regulate that kind of stuff =(
Brooke's Closet said…
Soo many prods are saying this now. however we sometimes fail to red the "Fine Print" which is where most hide everything!

Olga said…
that's so bad, I always look at the ingredients. Had the same problem with Aveda stuff and silicones. but that was because the SA didn't know that there are all kind of silicones. Went back to the store and exchanged it.

Andrea said…
That's really bad, have you contacted them? I'd love to see what they say.
Holly said…
omg Muhsine i bought these too from Boots believing they were Sulphate and Paraben free and noticede they arent! awful con xx
Muhsine said…
Thanks for all your comments girls, I will be contacting them and will let you know what they have to say for themselves, I will direct them to this post too to let them see your comments too. X
Vi said…
Hi Mushine, i totally agree. I've been in London a few times and I know you can find a lot of better products there. If you can, try to avoid also ingredients like cocamide MEA, TEA, DEA, sodium EDTA, BHT, BHA, they're really terrible for our skin and the environment!
MsNana_ said…
i absolutely agree with you. They should not be allow to advertise it as sulphate free if it includes it. xoxx

xxShivvyxx said…
If they are relying on the different spelling of sulfate then you should inform them that the official spelling of sulfate is sulfate...not sulphate...it changed when the official spelling of sulphur was changed to sulfur!

I'm interested to find out what they have to say! xx
David said…
They can get away with something like this because companies have started to jump on the band wagon that natural products are better which in some cases is not always true.

The sulfate that they left out, sodium lauyrl sulfate has gotten a lot of attention lately. It's been labeled everything from a cancer causing agent to a surfactant that can irritate and cause hair damage. While it is in fact an irritating agent, it isn't dangerous. However, "chemicals" with scary sounding names are being phased out and replaced with "green" ingredients that can only do a fraction of what a synthetic ingredient can do.

The sulfate that you are pointing out is actually derived from coconuts and despite the name, is very gentle. While the product packaging is misleading and they should have listed on the front what kinds of sulfates they left out, this isn't a product to toss or worry about.
Ella said…
ugh you just hit on my pet peeve! read this article on the subject (daily mail i know bleh but it actually has a point backed up by hard evidence!) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1325389/Luxury-shampoo-Its-just-hogwash.html

the bit that angers me most is those companies which show off about having natural ingredients when really they make up less than one per cent of the actual shampoo! id stick with liz earle if i were you, am loving her shampoo atm.
Natasha said…
Hey <3

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Glamour Diaries said…
Please write to them & let us know goes on with that
Andy Vicious said…
So many company's do this! I was noticing on Sephora that a lot of company's say they're free of any harsh chemicals or toxins. I found this website and found out it's a total lie! I found out NARS has extremely harsh stuff it in! Also found out BareMinerls also contains Bismul (the ingrediant in pepto), and dries the face out and causes acne. Check out this website! You'll be shocked to see how many products lie and contain horrible toxins. When you select a product, the first few pages are the least toxic, the last pages are the most toxic!

Rebecca said…
Oh my goodness! That is so bad! That isn't even misleading....that is blatent false advertising!

I know I should chill about it but stuff like this really hacks me off!

Dyna said…
I hate it when products lie :/ I mean - even w/ concealer - doesn't cake. Then you put it on and 5 minutes later, I look like I have wrinkles -- and I'm 19 so that's not even possible
Anonymous said…
Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate/Sulphate (ALS) is the only sulfate/sulphate certified by the European organic regulator (Eco-Cert) as OK to use in organic toiletries and cosmetics.

So the manufacturers of this shampoo are not deceiving the consumer.

The sulphates that you want to avoid are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ALES)

You can find the information here: http://www.mypure.co.uk/sulfate-free
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