Jelly Pong Pong..

A name like Jelly Pong Pong and you have already slashed your target market, it immediately appeals to the young and funky. I somehow don't see the more sophisticated lady whipping out a Jelly Pong Pong blush. With that said, it is cute. I have never actually tried the brand before as it was 'too cute' and didn't expect it to deliver.

I was recently sent a few items and wanted to share my thoughts with you. Overall, I think the packaging is cute but not too keen on how the products perform apart from one which I will save until last.

First up, the Popsicle soap with the scent of a watermelon. These don't come cheap at £7 a pop, the scent is absolutely delicious and would make a great little present for a girl in her early teens. Nothing bad to say apart from that it contains sulphates... Hmmm.

The Shoe palette - Vertigo Stiletto contains a bronze cream eyeshadow and champagne lipgloss, it's very compact and light with a great mirror. However it has cardboard packaging which equals a tatty product after time. The pigmentation and texture is lovely and a great product for the handbag but nothing special.

The Cystallizer has a beautiful metallic domed packaging with 4 different shades which you swirl together to highlight, I disliked this as it contained chunky flecks of glitter, however, maybe on holiday applied to your legs it can work?!

The Venus magical pearls in Aurora is probably the most exciting product as when you swipe your fingers over the beads it can be used as a highlighter, and when crushed as an eyeshadow as it reveals a different more intense colour. One major problem though, I don't want to swipe my fingers all over the beads for hygiene reasons and I want a more precise application so I need to use a brush. I can't use a brush as all the beads get stuck in the bristles. Also, to use as an eyeshadow is a long process, who wants to sit there and crush a tiny bead and then spread it on their eye, I thought applying pigments were time consuming this is a whole new level.

Finally the best of the bunch, the Muffin & Meringue gloss set, these 2 tubes are huge and beautifully packaged, it comes in a cute box and will make the most ideal gift for a girly girl. They smell absolutely amazing, one of sweet cakes and the other of cherries. They feel smooth and silky on the lips with no drying. They add a sheer wash of colour to the lips making them look juicy and plump.

Overall I am still intrigued but I basically think you are paying more for the cute packaging rather than an actual good quality and thoroughly thought out product and I also think it's priced too high for what it is.

Have you tried anything from Jelly Pong Pong?

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were sent for consideration for review, I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with the brand. Honest opinion as ALWAYS!


LillianZahra said…
I've not tried anything by this brand but the name sounds very "young". The products look a lot cheaper than they are which is definitely not a good thing! x
Sophie said…
Bit of a weird brand name, as Pong means a really bad smell. I don't think I want to try these products, they look very child-ish, unlike brands such as YSL etc.
Hannah said…
seven quid for soap :O looks like they're trying to hard to make their products different and quirky, but not focussing on the quality of the productX
luckiebeauty said…
The name sounds funny!
Never heard about it before!
Lisa said…
Im 'young' and Im really off putt this brand, I just dont see any of it looking nice on me, its expensive for what it is too!!
Devea said…
The stuff kinda looks cute!
I am afraid, this level of cuteness makes me think of additives... Sort of weird colourings and parabens - you get the idea. And the name is a bit weird. :( The boxes are pretty, though.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I am still curious to see what look you did on new years eve. I've been wondering how you used the glitter on your eyes. I just recently bought a blue and a purple glitter eyeliner pencil. I hope you're still going to post.
Lydia said…
I have only tried their lipgloss in meringue and I have to say I was so disappointed in it. my expectations were surely high and the product was in the end nothing exciting at all
got it, love it said…
i use their fairy lashes mascara, it is absulately amazing! but must agree with the pricing..too expensive for what it is..
Stina said…
I would never want to buy any of this brand- it does not appeal..

I wonder why they chose to send it to you- I am guessing you are over the age of uhhm 14? (lol)Maybe they thought they could win you over..?

I think the blue beads are a bit..?

And generally it looks a bit cheap and like it should be half that price, on the shelves of Superdrug...
petitechouxx said…
never heard about this brand, maybe i would try
Kerry said…
I've been somewhat interested in this brand so your review definitely helped me out. Thanks for being so honest :)
EllysMakeupbag said…
the packaging is so cute and girly.
Sophie said…
Jelly Pong Pong reminds me of Benefit or Soap and Glory and i find too that sometimes these brands do compromise the product for the packaging. The venus pearls look interesting though.
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i received it as a present some time ago & wasnt impressed either, gave it away...
Christina Key said…
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Sheefa F said…
Looks uber cute and to be honest I would actually buy it for how cute it looks lol. I guess that would only apply for the lip glosses though as the rest does not seem cute to me.
xxShivvyxx said…
I used to have a highlighter that was little balls (but not blue...) and i used to shake it with the lid on before i used it and then open it and there would be enough powdered product in the lid to use with brush! Hope that helps :)

Jana said…
Hi Muhsine! I love you blog which is why I have just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger award!

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Matea said…
I've never tried anything by this brand because it's not available in Croatia. The packaging seems a bit childish, but maybe the product is great.
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Barbie said…
Hmm... I don't think I'll be trying those. Also, not a fan of the name.

And thanks for the honest review! :)

PS - You are very pretty!

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Sami said…
I'm not a huge fan of this brand... have used some of their stuff and it's left me underwhelmed !
Anonymous said…
Wow the products are all so adorable! Even if they didn't work well I would feel cute just whipping some of those things out of my purse haha. I saw a couple of Jelly Pong Pong products for sale at and was definitely intrigued.

Well I'm loving your blog! You're so pretty and have some interesting product reviews! Just subscribed :)

Please check out my blog if you get a chance!

<3 Kelly
Love your blog Muhsine, very inspiring.

I'd love if you check out mine =)
Nuha said…
I am such a sucker for anything in cute packages! These are really cute, but I agree I think that its more about the packaging than the product. xoxo
Unknown said…
I always wanted to try this line but they don't sell in the US your soo lucky
asherf said…
People worried about scares online concerning sulphates and parabens and the like. Talk to the actual scientific community. I think you'll find the scares are really just trying to play to your anxiety.
I have anxiety issues but I'am also scientifically-minded so I asked around. Found out a lot. Synthetics are regulated more than naturals. As I suspected, natural doesn't mean safe. Cinnamon, potatoes, common table mushrooms, carrots all contain natural poisonous substances.

But anyway, check Jelly Pong Pong's sit they are apparently against Sulphates.

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