People Tree..

I accidentally found this scarf and these gloves in Topshop which is by a concession called 'People Tree'. I instantly fell in love with the colour, texture and style and had to have them.

They are 100% wool and handmade in Nepal.

Check out the rose detailing on the gloves, and the fact that the fingers are short means I can operate my phone even when I am cold. I have checked on the website and I can't see these 2 items, maybe this colour combo was produced specially for Topshop? But, there are so many other cute things, it's definitely a brand I will be checking out more often.

I LOVE love love the colour combination! It's perfect for this time of year as it's not too wintery and instead leans more towards fresh summery tones.

  • Scarf £28
  • Gloves £20

I love discovering odd things, do you like these colours and are you still wearing a scarf where you are?


Emmy♥ said…
:O CUTEEEEE! I love them! They look so soft and warm :)
Gloria said…
I absolutely love them! At this moment, I wouldn't wear it cause it's very hot! It doesn't feel like winter anymore.
love the colour combo! gray is one of my favourite colours and the added yellow just brightens it up.

i still need to wear scarves here in vancouver but i don't mind at all because they're my favourite accessories :)

great find, muhsine :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Angelica Lucky you, it's not that cold here in London too, I mean it is but not as cold as last month. But it's not hot and probably wont be until August.

@dani scarves are great, they liven up any look. x
Tali said…
I like the colors. The grey balances out the green very nicely!!!! xx
Marguerite N. said…
Great colours!;)
In my country the time is changed and the temperature finally is raised, so I don't wear scarf or gloves.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, just discovered your blog and love it! (I love this color combo btw!)

I have one too:

Great finding you, just followed you on Twitter! :)
Unknown said…
so beautiful! the colors are gorgeous!

Christina Marie said…
I love People Tree (mainly because Emma Watson has participated in it). Cute scarf! x
Fifi said…
Wow that is so cute. The color makes it so unique, me likey! :D
yourstrulypam said…
I love the gloves. They look so warm and comfy.
La Petite Olga said…
I love the gloves and the flower details on them!!

xoxo Olga
Hannah said…
oooh cozy :)
Green isn't particularly my colour but it looks nice & warm, & it's for a good cause... Nice find

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