Sigma Contest Winners!

Today is the day to reveal the 4 winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Sigma 'Make Me Up' Contest, I had an overwhelming amount of entries and I am saddened that there can not be more winners. It was so hard making the final decisions. I appreciate your effort and time that has gone into the contest, and wish I could reward all of you.

Without further ado, the winners of the brush sets are:

The Black Set - 'Make Me Classy'

Her look is so simple, creative and striking and captured my attention as soon as I saw it.

Teal Set - 'Make Me Cool'

This look is clean and crisp, the teal colour manages to look sultry without losing the fun and fresh feel. The sequins add a pop of glamour without becoming overpowering.

Pink Set - 'Make Me Blush'

I love the creativity and striking block of colour with the use of the pink feather, her look is flirty and feminine without looking too sweet. It's incredibly cute and fresh!

The Purple Set - 'Make Me Crazy'

I love the rock chick feel to this look, it's dark and daring but eye opening. I love the way she has contoured her eye and added dimension to her look.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Please e mail me your addresses so that I can forward them to the Sigma team. I hope to have many more contests so please don't be sad if you didn't win this time. x X x


All great looks! And an extra 'well done' for Sarah - always love her FOTDs :)
Alex said…
Very nice looks. great work guys! and congrats!
sunbeam said…
Oh, congrats :). Great looks!! :) <3
Anonymous said…
All these makeup looks are so creative. Congrats! I forgot to enter, I will next time.
Anonymous said…
Very nice looks! :)
sugarbumpkin said…
wow! these looks are all amazing!
what are these people's links to their blogs/yt channels if they have one? their looks all look great so I wanna subscribe to them!!

Laura-PBN said…
Wow they are fab - well done ladies! I particularly love the black one! x
Rebecca said…
All very out there
Computergirl said…
Love these looks. Well deservd winners x
LottieE said…
Wow! Thank you SO much! I can't believe it!!! Thank you, thank you thank you I am honoured to be posted with these beautiful looks and on your blog! xxx :) :) :)
h-factor v 2.0 said…
these are all great...purple is one of my favorite colors to use, and sarah in particular caught my attention. nice!
ABrisson said…
congratulations!! great looks, love the black one!!
sad i didn't win :( hehe
could u put links to their blogs??? thanks
Diane said…
Wow all the looks were amazing, congrats to the winners!
Sonstaar said…
wow really good looks :) well done to the four winners!
Anonymous said…
Congrats to the winners!
Loved the black and the purple.
Magda said…
Oh my :) Thank you so much for choosing my make up. Love all the looks !
LANEY said…
I'm super new to blogging and I came across your blog Mushine, everything is so fab! I think its great you have contests like this and I hope to be a part of them in the future! XO!
Great looks! Congrats for the winners!
Unknown said…
Everyone has put in so much effort and the looks are so beautiful(well done everyone!) but my favourite one has to be Magda's look. I dont know how she did those square cubes at the side but it looks so cool!!
Also I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog :)
laura mj said…
Nicely done! I'm curious to know what brand/shade of silver eyeshadow Sarah is wearing. I need some more shimmer in my life.
Unknown said…
they look awesome, congratulations to the winners♥♥♥
Oh my god, thankyou SO much! I'm...speechless.


The silver eyeshadow in my purple look is Tiara chromalust by Sugarpill Cosmetics, an amazing colour.

And for those that have asked, my blog is:

Thankyou again so much!!!! :)
kaizokumousy said…
congrats to the winners!
Congratulation to the creative & original winners!
Enjoy the brushes!
Hannah said…
love all these looks, especially the first one, the brush set look so good too!X
Sjaar said…
Wow. Those are some pretty well done looks. Great picks you made. Nice blog.
Unknown said…
follow me !
molto carino il tuo ti seguo!
Jewelz said…
Wow the first one is stunning!

Check out my blog :)
enjoy your life said…
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