What's new?

Quite a lot actually.

Yesterday I picked up a fresh bottle of Face & Body foundation by Mac, I am still loving it! See my full review HERE.

This time I picked up the shade C3, instead of C4 as I am much paler at the moment *sigh* There is quite a big difference between the 2 shades, but as it's so sheer you can't really tell once blended. For reference I am NC30 at the moment instead of my usual NC35+ and C3 is a perfect match.

I joined a gym along with the rest of the nation this time of year, :) my aim is to feel fitter and look more toned, and if I lose a couple of kilos on the way, then great! I have also reverted back to my healthy eating throughout the week where I give myself a cheat meal on Saturday.

I purchased my final cushion for the bedroom which I got from John Lewis for half price. I have wanted this for AGES, but every time I went they were sold out, which turned out great as I didn't pay full price.

I got a new wardrobe which I am ecstatic about, I have all my dresses in this now with some trousers and jeans at the bottom, and some of my favourite shoes underneath. This means no more vacuum bags and I can see everything I have!

I am loving the new Sigma brush collection, it's called 'Make me up' and available in 4 colours. I have the purple version which is called 'Make me crazy'.

The great thing is that you have all of your essential brushes in a durable container which protects your brushes making it ideal for travelling and also transforms into two brush holders. Pretty neat!

What's new with you in 2011?

Disclaimer: The Sigma brushes were sent for consideration for review, I was not paid and I am not affiliated with the brand. Honest opinion as ALWAYS!


Yu said…
Ah I'm loving the Sigma kit! I really wanted it for a while but now I'm wondering whether I'd like that or a travel kit! :) I'm glad I've found another blogger who is NC30-35, that's what I am :)
Anonymous said…
uhh that Sigma set looks amazing! Haven't tried any of their products but I guess I will one day.
Sharon said…
aww Im so loving ur new wardrobe its great..I need that Sigma brush set
i really want those brushes
Danielle said…
That sigma kit looks perfect for travelling like you mentioned and I love the colour of the brushes!
luckiebeauty said…
The brushes are really interesting!
Thanks for sharing this :)

And continue your good work at the gym!
It feels so good when you've complete a session.
beautylogicblog said…
I heard that sigma collection is fantastic. Also, I love the gym. It's like therapy for me. scientist have found running actually makes you a happier person. Nothing is really new for me. I'm getting a new dslr camera so I'm excited about that. New York Fashion week starts soon, so that's always exciting. Other then that nothing else
bu fırcalara bende bayılıyorum
mor da favorı rengim.
cok güzel görünüyorlar.
Unknown said…
your sigma brushes are adorable & good for you for joining a gym (: very admirable (even thought you already look amazing!)


Sheefa F said…
those brushes look awesome! Colour surely does make a huge difference in making the brushes visually appealing. I heart Mac face and body too and will pick up c3 once I run out of my c4 :)

Seanna said…
I seen them brushes in teal and loved them but I think they are even nicer in purple. Good luck with the gym...i intend to join as well...soon! :D

Gloria said…
I'm going to give the mac foundation and try one of these days. I love your taste in decorating and wardrobe.
Anonymous said…
i recently started to use Mac F&B and im really liking it and omg love the sgima kit.
Shadowy Lady said…
I also recently started to use MAC F&B and love it. I also love MUFE F&B though so I alternate between the two. I wear shade N2 most of the year and N3 when I'm tanned.
Unknown said…
hi muhsine!
luv ur blog soooo much
i just came back from out i was searching for the neutrogena cleanser the one u r using:visibly clear oli free facial wash and i found instesd of it : oil free acne wash ?? is it the same ?
clear it plz to me :s
kay eh tea ei. said…
i keep hearing good things about face&body, although i'm in love with pro longwear, maybe i'll have a try next time i'm at mac.
love the wardrobe, your house must be looking sexy! x
Anonymous said…
Great new stuff! I want that purple brush set. I love purple!
Hinna said…
Oooh. I love the Sigma set. Could you please give us the dimensions of the holder? I'm a bit OCD in making sure things are the right size :) xxx
I love the colour of those brushes, makes me want them even if I dont need them! You should do a blog post on what your healthy eating habits are, I love reading other peoples so that I can copy them :) xxx
Hannah said…
wow, i'd love to own those brushes!

Anonymous said…
Woaw, love that Sigma set! looks amazing.

Houda said…
ooh the sigma kit looks good I love the cushion so elegent Muhsine I love your taste its so similar to mine we have to meet up soon im still waiting since ramadan! lol xxx
wow at the sigma brushes they look amazing such a gorgeous colour too!
Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot
Katy said…
Do you know where you can buy sigma brushes in the UK? I'd really love one of those new sets :D
Rebecca said…
Good luck with your gym thing :)
and why not embrace fair skin hehe
White Bazaar said…
Love the cushion, its so pretty! And wardrobe is so organised, I bought one not so long ago, have a whole room with just my wardrobes now!
Ooooo the Sigma Kit looks fabulous! And looove the purple :) Best of luck to you with the new healthy regime hun, although I have to say that I think you look incredible :)

Aysh xoxo

La Petite Olga said…
I love purple!! And now I want this purple set :)
Never tried sigma before but maybe now ;)

Melly said…
Your new wardrobe is so colorful! how exciting :)
Andrea said…
Would it be possible for you to do a full review of those Sigma brushes please? x
Sakina said…
Love this bruhes! Tell me what is your camera please?
iheartvintage8 said…
the brushes are so cute! I want to try mac face & body too!
I just followed! :)

Muhsine Emin said…
@Rasha I think they are different, the oil free version doesn't say anything about acne on mine. x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Hinna It's approx 10cm X 24cm
Muhsine Emin said…
@Houda I know, we are so terrible at organising a date, we have to! x

@Katy You should check their website, they ship worldwide. x

@Andrea I have reviewed other sigma brushes, maybe that will help? xx
martienn said…
hi ; *
UR blog is really amazing ! :D
i like it !
more !

if U want follow me and write comment ;*
Muhsine Emin said…
@Sakina It's a Sony cybershot. x
FiFi said…
Wow the Sigma brushes look soo pretty!
I'm lusting lol

I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I must say I love your blog and you are beautiful

Nikki said…
I love sigma brushes! These colored ones that are being posted everywhere look like they cross a fine line between cute and cheap looking. Since I don't own them I don't know.... how would you rate the appearance?

Glamour Diaries said…
Total love for the new Sigma Make Me Up sets. Tres chic! I did a post on them too recently

enjoy your life said…
i am started your blog recently and i love all the post that you put on your blog shoes uk

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