Dior purchases..

I have a few new family members for my collection.

First up is the infamous 'Amber Diamond' powder highlighter, I put off buying this for a long time as I just didn't feel like it was as special as people deemed it to be. I swatched it several times and finally it's mine.

Could it be the perfect highlighter? I don't know yet, but it sure looks good.

It looks very natural, and looks like it would suit almost any skin tone.

It actually looks like a powder version of the Jemma Kidd 'Dewy face glow' but with more of a sheen to it.

I also got the Matte bronzer in shade 02.

It's quite warm and natural looking for my skin tone.

It's actually the exact same shade in powder form as the Chanel bronze universal (Soleil Tan De Chanel). You can see how cool 'Hoola' and 'Laguna' look compared to it.

I also got their new mascara 'Diorshow Extase'..

The 'Lip Glow Lip balm' which has no colour but changes to a shade of pink according to the PH level of your lips. It's also a colour reviver, you are supposed to be able to apply it on top of the lip colour you are wearing to make it look fresh.

Lastly, the 'Dior Skin Nude' foundation. I tried a sample of this foundation from a magazine in the exact shade I purchased, and loved it. It's totally different to what I am used to as it has no dewyness to it whatsoever. It has a totally skin like finish with medium coverage which is buildable.

I haven't tried these products properly yet to give a full review on it as I just got them yesterday and wanted to share my initial reactions along with swatches.

What's your favourite Dior purchase?


Unknown said…
I really want to try the foundation, it may be my next foundation purchase. I love the Amber Diamond highlighter. Like you I put off buying it then my friend got me it for my birthday and I am so in love with it. Truly beautiful highlight colour. I really like Dior Iconic mascara x
Karleigh said…
Lovely haul, would love to hear your thoughts on the lipbalm xx
Unknown said…
cannot wait to see what you think of the mascara & the highlighter is gorgeous!


nicoletta said…
ooh you have purchased some gorgeous looking products. Looking forward to seeing some FOTD from you using them xx
Devea said…
I plan on buying the highlighter as a birthday present for myself. :)
Georgina said…
I think I need to take the plunge and buy the highlighter - there are only so many posts a girl can see on it before giving it and buying it!
Anonymous said…
They look stunning, especially the Amber Diamond. I've been thinking about getting that for ages... hmm. Please do a FOTD with it?!
Unknown said…
I've got the Lip Glow Lip Balm and I love it. It's perfect for those days where you want to look polished but not over-polished and it's a very pretty colour.

I think the packaging is lovely too, very classy.

Mehtap said…
♥ Amber Diamond ♥ :)

Marisa said…
woww gorgeous products!!! Dior has such a beauty range of colors!
Lydia said…
Sadly I have loved all of the Dior mascaras I have tried except the Extase :( it got donated to my mum in the end.
I really want to try Amber Diamond - please let us know how you get on with it or do a FOTD :-) x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for your comments girls, I will be sure to do a FOTD with the products, I was going to do one today but am having a lazy Sunday instead :)

h-factor v 2.0 said…
my favorite dior purchase *ever* is my mom's lady dior from 15 years ago...but my favorite realistic is diorshow black out(insane!) or pure poison perfume.
EllysMakeupbag said…
I loathe the smell of Dior lipglosses and lipsticks, but i really want lip glow, i know it smells minty and the colour seems amazing. I am selling all my MAC highlighters and will get the Dior one, which i heard is one of the best, at least it has no glitter :-)
Lydia said…
Diorskin Nude is my HG foundation. It is amazing, you will love it and start swearing by it!
Kaushal said…
The lipbalm looks great, as does the highlighter!

Kaushal xx
Amazing Dior haul! They should have given you a gift with purchase for buying so much stuff!

Love the bronzer - the shade is beautiful! I have the diamond highlighter, but don't really use it that often because I'm finishing up a shimmer brick at the moment.

I love that Dior foundation - it makes skin look AMAZING!
Lilit said…
I've never tried Dior products actually, but the highlighter and bronzer look gorgeous.
Vida said…
I don't have any Dior products, but I am dying to get my hands on some! I really want to try the foundations and the eyeshadow quads!
Sandra6719 said…
Wow great haul!!

Ive tried a sample from the foundation and really like it, but I really need to finish some stuff first.

The amber highlighter is on my wishlist :)
25FLNDN said…
I love the look of the bronzer! Especially because it's the same colour as the Chanel. I love Soleil de Tan, but i don't always want to apply a cream bronzer.
Hannah said…
the highlighter looks greatxxx

River said…
I've never used a highlighter, but that one looks gorgeous!
Lizaboo said…
Wow fabulous buys, i always say that its all about paying for quality and it is soo true, these pieces look incredible :o) x
Now I need that Lip Balm and foundation.... xxx
Ali said…
I've been in two minds about that highlighter too for ages - might splurge come summer. I have the dior skin nude and it's good though i think it's not so great on my combo skin. you should check out the diorskin concealer (in the tube) if you haven't already it's amazing.
Anonymous said…
i alos love dior shimmer palatte but my favourite ones are the pink and copper. i have not tried its bronzer but I think you seriously should try Barry M's bronzing palette, if you haven't already. You'd look naturally gorgeous with it on as you have the colouring for it.

Awesome post!
Stephanie said…
I love the Dior Nude foundation. It's my HG. Feels so lovely - smooth and weightless - on the skin and as you mentioned, with a very natural finish. Other foundations feel so heavy and icky in comparison! Hope you love it as much as I do xx
Anonymous said…
love the highlighter!
I love the Dior skinnude foundation, one of my favourites for sure.
Jennifer said…
i've always wanted to try dior foundations! i'm waiting for Amber Diamond in the mail <3 but i'm not too impressed with my experience with the Color Reviver balm... :D
Dionne Castillo said…
Do let us know how the Dior lip balm worked out for you. Would love to give it a whirl if it turns out to be a good product!
La Petite Olga said…
Ahhh I feel like I totally need this highlighter ;-) but I'm on a makeup ban for now, so this will have to wait. But thanks for the photos they look great!!

xx Olga
farah said…
Have u tried MAC Gana blusher/higlihter from the Mickey Contractor collection? I have LOADS of highlighters, but this is the best on medium, olive and desi skin.Beats my NARS albatross,MAC Vanilla pigment,and MAC Trace Gold.

MAC Gana is the best,better than the above mentioned as it doesn't have chunky glitters,flakey shimmers, just a glowy lit within sheen.Another good one is Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, its in a liquid form and more to goldish sheen.
I also have these products and they are amazing. Diorskin Nude #30 is my colour too and I love it! I actually have finished the bottle which is unusual for a makeup junkie like me!
Hope you enjoy!

Sara said…
Loving the bronzer...hmm want to try it now! I have had the Amber Diamond highlighter and it is very pretty but like you said nothing spectacular. I need to get it back out, been awhile! I'm a highlighter junkie though and the packaging is lush! ♥
Celinius said…
Oooh I simply adre the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter. I use it almost everyday and I´ve gotten so many comments on how radient my skin looks. I´m sure you´ll love it sweets! ;)

Unknown said…
Hello my dear!

I read yesterday your tweet about your Dior purchases and I have not had the time to read your post properly until now!
Of all the products mentioned, I would definitely go for that gorgeous highlighter!

On a different sidenote, I had to return Dior Nude foundation because it broke me out really badly... I loved how it looked on my skin but my skin hated it... I will try again, though, since that happened some time ago and maybe my skin is not so prone to blemishes as before?

To finish with, I have just wrote about my daily makeup routine. I would be thrilled if you found a minute to have a look.
Beth said…
I have had amber diamond and rose diamond on my wish list forever!! I might just go and get them now I have seen your review.

Also, your blog is lovely, and has inspired me to start my own (prettyladyloves.blogspot.com)x
Gorgeous purchases. Amber diamond looks so pretty and I love the pink packaging of the lip balm x
Unknown said…
I have that Amber Diamond. I love it! I also have The Nude foundation in the same shade as yours. Unfortunately it is too moisturizing for my skin.
My favs from Dior are : Creme de gloss, Mono Eyeshadow.
I'd love to try the Collagen bronzer!
Marguerite N. said…
I love Diorskin Nude and I'll take it this week, but my friend remembered me that has a little problem: it's very difficult to get the last drags beacause of the pump. So I think that is a hard problem considered the price.
I'm curious to know if you'll have the same problem!

Finally I love the Amber Diamond highlighter!
lucia said…
Good purchase :) but personally I hate this mascara. It isn´t perfect at all. I expected more.. :-/ After few coats it makes "spider legs" . Eyes to kill excess from Giorgio Armani is much better :) I´ll be waiting for your review about this mascara and other products.
Andy Vicious said…
I absolutely love Dior Style Liner. Best liquid liner, hands down. I can honestly go to bed with this on, rub the heck out of my eyes in my sleep, and wake up with PERFECT eyeliner above the eyes. It also has the best thin brush ever, applying it's so easy.

Haha, I realize that was like a mini review. I highly recommend getting some if you use liquids!
Sugarpuff said…
gorgeous post!

I am giving away gorgeous false lashes and other goodies in the Boots in Oxford street on Saturday with any two Pixi make up products you buy please check my blog for details! Its such a bargain as they have absolutely gorgeous products I hope to see you there!

Omggg I love Amber Diamond!!! I hope you love it too! It's my fav highlighter.
Kim said…
Very very very nice Blog.
Great hairs *_*

I have Dior shimmer powder in 01 Rose Diamond - I love it! You're gonna too! xoxo
Anonymous said…
Oooo gorge haul. I got the Matte bronzer today too. I was torn between 02 and 03. Went for 03 in the end. I hope its a good shade on me. Also thanks for the JK Rose Gold swatch. I have Iced Gold and was wondering about Rose Gold.
Love to you and Peanut and hubby.
Tina A. said…
Personally I swear by my Amber Diamond! :)
Do let us know how u get on with it!!!

Hope you're well!
Leigh said…
i love all of it! the dior highlighter looks especially amazing though :)

Milly said…
Dior mascara rocks!

Brilliant blog - I'm following!

Last chance to enter my giveaway:


Unknown said…
Amber Diamond doesn't suit darker skin tones, it looks ashy as hell. I sold mine.
Jan said…
Wow looks amazing,
especially the first two!
I'm not that much of a 'make-up-buyer' though ^^

the Lip balm is my favourite.
I really like also Dior Addict lip colour in the 'flamenco' shade, it's fantastic!!
Anonymous said…
Hm..my favorite Dior purchase I think was always the lipsticks and glosses. I have bought eyeshadow palettes but had issues with a lot of fall-out and they didn't blend so well together. I also absolutely LOVE their bronzers, but I don't think I could ever love their bronzer as much as Chanel's.
Rene Braun said…
I adore DIOR!!! Mascara, make up , lipstick, remover everything is excellent!


You are welcome to visit my blog too! Kisses:))
Anu said…
The highlighter is gorgeous! I think I've found a dupe for it though! Marcelle's Luminous Veil! Check out my blog for up-close pictures: beautyisubiquitous.blogspot.com
My ♥ Passion said…
Love the dior highlighter, suits your skintone very well, it looks gorgeous :)
Veils And Roses said…
Hey there pretty lady. So glad i came across your blog. I was actually on Google searching about the Dior nude foundation. In march 2009 I received a sample in the Glamour Magazine but have no idea which shade the nude foundation was! It was tooo perfect for my skin!! I've always kicked myself for not keeping the little packet because it was just the one for me! Please tell me if the sample you got was the same one and if so what shade?? I would highly appreciate it!!!

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