Thank you SO much for your beautiful comments in my last post about baby bubbles. if you haven't read it, I'm 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant! :)

We have just got home from a nice meal where we celebrated our wonderful news after the scan. Here's what I wore, I actually felt good today and that has been the complete opposite of what I have been feeling the past few weeks.

All smiles!

I straightened my hair with my GHD's. The cut looks different as I had it cut just before I went to Tunisia. My hair has been growing super fast thanks to the pregnancy, so I didn't feel guilty chopping off a much needed 3 inches.

I rocked black eyeliner on the rims of my eye and also used silver on my lid which is something I never do but should do more often.

On my face I am wearing:
  • Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation mixed with Mac face and body.
  • Benefit Erase Paste
  • Mac Studio finish concealer
  • Benefit Hoola

My skin has been going a bit mental due to the hormones, I have been getting spots mainly on my cheek area, they are fading but keep doing unexpected and uninvited return visits. The Clinique 3 step system I recently switched back to is doing a good job eliminating them and keeping my skin clear and smooth as it's oilier than normal.

On my eyes I am wearing:

  • 'Bullit' (silver) e/s from Bee luscious garden girl palette on the lid.
  • Mac 'Satin Taupe' and 'Brun' e/s on the crease.
  • Shu Uemera painting liner in black on upper lash line with Urban Decay 'Zero' 24/7 pencil smudged over the top and on the waterline.
  • Dior Extase mascara.
  • Ardell 'Demi Wispies' false lashes.
  • Mac 'Brun' & 'Cork' e/s lightly on brows.

On my lips:

  • L'oreal 'Cappuccino' lipliner
  • Mac 'Innocence Beware' lipstick
I was sent some Ardell lashes to try a few weeks ago and haven't been able to due to my lack of energy, tonight I was finally able to test out the 'Demi Wispies' and I love them. Usually when I apply false lashes which is about twice a year, I take them right off as they feel too heavy and just piss me off in general. These Ardell Demi Wispies, were so lightweight, I didn't have to cut them and they look so natural, I could easily wear them everyday.

Here's the obligatory shot of the eyes closed! :)

Here's the outfit I wore, just something casual with a slight smart twist. You may realise I am looking thinner than usual, that's because I lost 3kg (half a stone) due to the morning (all day) sickness during the past few weeks. I have started eating properly the past few days and I think things are almost back to normal.


At times I think I am massive and sometimes I think I'm tiny, it all depends on the time of day and what I am wearing. There's a tiny pooch that is popping out and it just looks like I am bloated. :) My twaistline is disappearing and I am already thinking about workout routines for after the birth. Currently I weigh 57kg and am 164cm tall which is all normal.
I have been using plenty of things on my belly and will do a separate post on it.

Everyone tells me I look different or fresh and I tell them it's new "fresh" makeup, do you notice when people are pregnant? Long post I know, I just had so much to update you on! X


EllysMakeupbag said…
Congrats on the pregnancy and you look GREAT, glowy and happy. Loved the makeup too.
Unknown said…
You look wonderful hun, definitely going to be a yummy mummy ;) congratulations to you and your hubby for the pregnancy! x
25FLNDN said…
Congratulations on the baby news! Your skin looks glowy, & the lashes really suit you!
Roxanne said…
Ypu've defiantly have a glow about you. I was the same with morning sickness, lost quite a bit but it quickly creeps back up on ya but its all for a worthy cause :)
Congrats again to you and the hubby.x
Chrissy said…
Congratulations on the baby! I'm sure you'll be an excellent mommy... Good luck with the products you're using, I hope you don't get stretch marks!
You look fabulous, Muhsine, I hope you'll be feeling better from now on! Your baby bump is adorable :) x
Anonymous said…
Aw congratulations that is great news! Pregnancy is suiting you :) x x x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks so much girls :) You are all going to be aunties!! x
Heidi said…
Beautiful as always and congratulations!!
beckiangel44 said…
Congratulations Muhsine :) such lovely news can't wait for all the little updates on baby bubbles!xo
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ohhh my goshhh!! Congratulations! It's a tad strange being excited for someone I don't know in the offline world but I'm really excited for you =)

MashaAllah, hope the pregnancy goes well.
cik chinta said…
still look gojes even u r pregnant..i tink u gonna have baby boy..heheh..becoz u look beutiful during pregnancy
fantastic said…
you look great! love the lashes too--i had to re-read that section because i wasn't sure if they were that way naturally! x
Andee Layne said…
oh my goodness what exciting news!!! congrats beautiful is this your first baby?! my hubby and i are planning on starting this year too and im rather nervous :) look forward to your bump watch posts xxo
Supergirl said…
You look shining:)
Wish you and your baby all the best, hun:)
My brothers wife is pregnant as well and I can't resist for babys clothes, I want to buy so many things for that baby!!!! :)
Stephanie said…
Congratulations Muhsine! Baby bubble is going to be so cute. Your eyeshadow looks amazing! Should definitely wear silver more often xx
civciv said…
cnm herzamki gibi harikasin <3

bebek haberine senin adina cok sevindim *__*

Allah herseyi gönlüne göre verir insallah :D Darisi benim basima, dermisim ;))

Kaushal said…
Congrats again - you look lovely as usual, the eyes look amazing! x
Miss Renew said…
Hello Mushin, a thousand congratulations to you enjoys state of good hope, is a unique moment in life has been blessed, I wish you a big hug;)
got it, love it said…
U R LOOKING MORE GORGOUS THAN EVER!!!! get pregrant more frequently just for the sake of beauty :))) just kidding :)) god bless ur lil angel!
Anonymous said…
just want to drop a line to congrat you on the motherhood. still long way to go but you are already a hot mama! :)
You look Great, happy and beautiful!!! congrats again.
I'm so happy for you. Kisses.
Av said…
Huge congratulations Muhsine what fantastic news!! You look amazing as always you will make such a yummy mummy!!
Such a great news! Congrats!! You look so beautiful and happy!! Really happy for you!

Love how you applied your make-up!

jos xx
shoe devotee said…
Sizin adınıza çok sevindim. Tebrikler. Ne derler, Allah analı babalı büyütsün inşallah. :)
Patricia said…
you look gorgeous, the lashes look really natural on you! cute little bump, best of luck x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls, you are all very kind :)

Cok tesekkur ederim, allah herkeze nasip eder inshallah :)

@AndeeLayne Yes, well Peanut is our baby too, so our first official human baby haha :)

Schnelle said…
Congrats!! How exciting! Your makeup is gorgeous (as it always is).

Schnelle Couture
Anna Saccone said…
You look absolutely stunning Muhsine! I love the navy blue tank on you! And your makeup and hair are flawless! <3
Muhsine Emin said…
@Schnelle Thanks, you are very kind :)

@Anna Thanks hun, now hurry up with the pregnancy style video :D xxx
Unknown said…
Hi sweetness!!
Not a long post at all! I was so eager to know about how you are feeling!
I predict I am going to get hooked on your pregnancy posts!!
By the way, there is a product by Clarins if ur legs feel tired at the end of the day, it is called "Lait Jambes Lourdes" perfect for future mums!!!
All my best
ioanna said…
you look wonderful! you are glowing :-)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations :)You look amazing, so happy and glowy!
LaLady said…
Congratulations on the baby!
Very super blog!
Where do you buy your jacket? :D
Its so beautyful!
Unknown said…
I adore your blog! Congrats to you and your husband, I wish your new family many blessings!

Juli from NYC
Mehtap said…
I like your new Widget...Babystrology :)

Lizaboo said…
Yay , I love your blog and I always follow it and comment, so happy for you and your husband! How exciting xx :o)

Houda said…
I love long posts lol, yeeeeeeh Im so happy for u mashallah! dont worry too much about the weight afterwds especially if you give birth naturally mu aunt gave birth naturaly first time and lost it very quickly, she started working out 6 weeks after but my other aunt could do much bcz she had a C-section of course if you need a C-section totally different thing my uncles wife ddnt need one but its ur choice lol il try and get u infro from my mum shes had 6 kids mashallah and all healthy and well plus shes a bit like u lol so it may help u xxxx mwah

oh and the glow u have is different u have been using the same foundation and products for a few months but ur skin looks way more radiant x
Beth said…
you look beautiful and i am so pleased for you. i love your blog posts so hopefully u feel better and more up to doing them now. the sickness should get better now your past the first hurdle. Good luck xx
MediterraneanX said…
Congrats! Ginger is AMAZING for morning sickness so give that a go if you haven't already!x
Hannah said…
the lashes look great, congratulations once againxxx

Wow, you look absolutely glowing lovely!So happy for you both, can't wait for the arrival of mini bubbles!!

Love Aysh xoxox
Emily said…
Just read the last post,congratulations!!
You look like you are glowing and wonderfully happy! :) xx
Helloo! I congratulated on your last post but I wanted to say it again and let you know that I gave you a little mention on my blog- it's so great to hear about another pregnant beauty blogger! Perhaps we'll start a trend! ahaha xxxxxxx
You look glowing! :)
BeautyTidbits said…
Congrats! You look gorgeous in these pics!
Anonymous said…
Congrats!!! u look so pretty and your glowy :)
love that nail polish btw!<3
K said…
You look absolutely gorgeous
Kirsten Read said…
i'm only just catching up on the news! Congratulations! I am over the moon for you ... you look utterly radiant xx
b3boO! said…
you look NEW lol hehe..... i mean pretty en glowyyyyyyy en i don't think it's makeup:) CONGRATS!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you all soo much for your overwhelming response, you are all very kind :) xxxx
Sylvie Helen said…
Ooh, congrats! You must (both) be so pleased :) you look all pretty and glowy, there's definitely a difference xx
Congrats!!! Hope everything goes well (Inch'Allah)XXX

Being a new mum is a challenge to a fashionista/beauty fan:
The sleepless nights will make under eye circles appear; Being so overwhelmed at birth and the experience in itself will make you realize that looking amazing at all times isn't so important after all, shopping won't be as often & as simple as before... and many more ...

But I'm sure that you'll keep up very well XXX
Michelle Lee said…
amazing hair and makeup
and congrats :)

check out my Ferragamo jelly flats
twitter @divalicious_m

fashionably yours, Michelle (singer from Korea)
themakeupmami said…
First time commenting on your blog...congrats! I remember those days...they will seem like a distant dream when the baby arrives! :-)
sindylicious said…
you look great! Congrats on your pregnancy :)
Please keep us posted!
Nathalie Morgan said…
So so so so happy for you and your husband! You're a gorgeous couple and I'm sure baby bubbles will be such a beautiful little one! Congratulations to you :)
Nathalie Morgan said…
So so so so happy for you and your husband! You're a gorgeous couple and I'm sure baby bubbles will be such a beautiful little one! Congratulations to you :)
DluxEdition.com said…
Congrats on the pregnancy! That's great news!
Anonymous said…
You are beautiful :)
Gracey Williams said…
Congratulations on your pregnancy! You look amazing, I see what people mean when they say you have that glow. Good luck with everything :)
M said…
omg, you are gonna be a mother!!! Congratulations!!! It's not easy sometimes. Try vichy anti striae on your belly and mama mia breast serum :) H&M is the place to shop for cheap&stylish clothes, wish you luck...

..Check out my blog, lets follow each other....

Sharmin said…
Congraaaats :) Im sure you and your Hubby are waaay over the Moon!! Your baby is going to be beautiful! Keep on smiling :) x
Policosmetics82 said…
Yay congratulations! I will be one gorgeous mommy! Beautiful outfit! :)
Congrats! You seem to have a pregnancy glow!
Arezu said…
Congrats on the pregnancy - that must be so exciting! I wish you the best of luck and all my well wishes (:

I also LOVE the outfit you posted. Very chic.
Alexa said…
Congratulations! You must be sooo excited! You look terrific!

OMG, congratulations!!!
You look amazing, love the make-up as well! hihi!
I wish all the best during the pregnancy.

Visit my blog: (and maybe follow)

XOXO Peggy
Miss Brina said…
Congratulations on your pregnancy! I figured that was your news when you posted the hint awhile ago. Take LOTS of pictures, my little one just made 8 months and time seems to be flying by! And the pregnancy glow is the best, enjoy it all!!!

what nail polish are you wearing?
Unknown said…
aw congrats :) X
excelente blog ya te estoy siguiendo ..Amiga muy bueno tu blog y completo ya te estoy siguiendo espero que visites mi blog y me sigas. besos


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