Lucky me..

My dad came back from his mini trip to Turkey today and he came bearing gifts. He got me LOADS of semi precious stones as he knows I enjoy making my own jewellery. *Yay*

Just beautiful...

He also got me a pair of Demi curve Levi's jeans, another yay! :) Thank you Dad!

They are straight cut and soo comfortable.

I quickly made some cheerful pieces of jewellery as soon as I got home. My photographs are rubbish today as I had to use flash.

My husband also got me the Clinique 3 step system as I asked him to (thanks baby), I used to use this a couple of years ago and decided to try it out again as my skin has gone a bit mental. I know the toner is drying but I will see how I get on, don't hate straight away.

Lastly, the Hubs booked a 3 day break to Tunisia, Our flight is in the early hours of Sunday, so I have to pack everything VERY QUICKLY tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be fine with regards to safety & protests e.t.c, just pray I return safe and relaxed from my much deserved mini break. X


Irixz said…
Oooo, i am loving those semi precious stones, just the colours themselves in those boxes look amazing.

also be safe in Tunisia, i am sure things would of calmed down by now, either way political strive, its a beauty country with a rich culture. have fun! i would love to see holiday snaps!!!

EllysMakeupbag said…
You should do a post on what makeup you are taking with you, i cannot wait to see that.
TINA said…
Love the stones!
cik chinta said…
yippei..surely it's a lucky to b u..x0x0
Chloe said…
beautiful stones! Can't wait to see the jewellery that you make out of it. Have fun in Tunisia!
Mary Ann said…
Wow, what a nice box of beads!!
Colourful World said…
These stones are really cheap in Turkey,when I go I buy lots of stones and jewellery ornaments ^_^
JustAGirl said…
Gorgeous stones, you have a wonderful dad bringing you such lovely gifts.

Enjoy your break!

Can I ask where you got the clear drawer sets the stones are in? They look fab.
Unknown said…
gorgeous!! cannot wait to see what else you create!

Unknown said…
Gorgeous stones... You can make some really pretty pieces with those! I hope you post anything you make!

Enjoy your trip :)
D said…
Amazing stones!

I'm sure Tunisia will be fine, hope you are safe and have a wonderful time. x
Hannah said…
have a good trip, you're very luckyxxx

LillianZahra said…
The stones look so pretty.
Hope you have a lovely break :) x
Claudia said…
I love Turkey!! My hubby and I go there every summer! So much to see and do :) Stones look beautiful! Stay safe in Tunisia!

Unknown said…
new follower ^^ so lovely blog!
Who is looking after our little peanut while ur away??? (& love the clinique set)






Nadia said…
Beautiful! Enjoy your vaca!
Policosmetics82 said…
Beautiful presents have fun on your trip! :)
Asiya said…
Hi Muhsine,

Here's to praying that you have a safey and happy trip.
Lizaboo said…
Wow your such a lucky girl! Totally spoilt :o) love it! Love those beautiful stones , they are amazing! xx :o)
Kaushal said…
I need some of those Levis jeans in my life! LOL xx
Be safe on ur holiday...i want to go on a holiday too...
soo need a break from my life

plz visit my site
Stacey said…
I love the aqua/turquiose colour stones. Have a nice time x
RS said…
what a lucky gal you are! when I saw all the colourful stones, I practically shrieked. Love the colours.

I'm mostly in love with the green ones. I love green stones. Its so calming and nice to see!
Caroline Cooch said…
Have a fantastic hols and don't forget, we're all waiting with bated breath for your news!!
Fabi√©nne said…
love this!!!

Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!!
Alexa said…
The colours are amazing! Can't wait to see more of the pieces you'll make!

Have a wonderful time in Tunisia!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Yasmine Little gorgeous Peanut was looked after by my parents, they actually take care of him most of the time as my mum has a big house with a garden and is at home most of the time, but I still see peanut every day as we live very close, we also take him on the weekends when were not working, Peanut is the best! X
licorice said…
Hi Muhsine,

I visit your blog very regularly even though I don't even use make up, but it's just fun following you.

I know you have tried loads of different skin products, but have you ever tried keeping it simple with only a moisturizer and cleanser from a biological/organic line like Weleda/Lavera? Because I notice you use so many different products on daily basis and since I've been only using these two things on daily basis my skin has never been better!
House of Brooke said…
i love stones! i can make some nice jewelry sets with it.
hopefully you enjoyed yourself in Tunisia...

love that blue dress.

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