Maxi skirts, white lace and hats..

We have been having some gorgeous weather here in London and here are a few outfits I wore over the past few days!

Yesterday I wore this ensemble which included a white maxi skirt!

I got it on Friday from H&M for £19.99. I contemplated on getting it as it's high waisted and wasn't sure how it would work with a pregnant belly but actually it looks fine and there is plenty of room for growth.

I added some summery earrings to complete the look.

I also got a plain black cotton maxi skirt from H&M (£12.99) which I teamed with lime green and a statement necklace.

As you can see I have a tiny problem with shopping. I also spotted this white lace/broderie anglaise blazer that had to be mine. (H&M - £29.99)

And these hats! :)

I'm not usually a hat person, (I used to be) but am liking that I have to do nothing to my hair!! Here I'm just wearing a plain black cotton dress teamed with a loose belt and sandals.

Next to me is Ema (on the left) and Layla (on the right) which are my sister-in-laws gorgeous daughters. Ema thinks I'm having a boy, and Layla says I'm having a girl and that I should name her Baby Annabelle or Glitzy lol. :) I made Ema wear the other hat as the blue ribbon matched her dress perfectly.

Have you been rocking maxi skirts, white lace and hats?

Until next time.... x X x


That skirt is divine, so gorgeous. I'm jealous of your good weather as we're now heading into cold autumn/winter here in Australia.

PS: Love the cat eye eyeliner, looks gorgeous!
hannah said…
love the hats!! and those skirts are gorgeous! hope all is well with you and the baby-to-be!!

Karen said…
You look fabulous, and the maxi skirts looks great! I'm pregnant too and have been stuck in a clothes rut lately so will definitely be trying on some maxi skirts myself asap!
Can I ask please, where did you get the bat wing cardi that you're wearing with the skirts? I love it!
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, you look seriously beautiful. Love the maxi skirts on you. And you're still so tiny!!!!
Shirley said…
I love the skirt, and the hats too! The girls are soo cute and LOL @ glitzy! hehe!

Gracey said…
The hat looks so cute on you! I'm not much of a maxi dress or skirt person, but you rock it! Hope everything is going well!
EllysMakeupbag said…
I love maxi dresses and skirts, so effortless for summer! You look AMAZING.
Houda said…
I looooove the first outfit!!! very nice and fresh :) lol @ the name Glitzy x
JennyNiemann said…
Love both looks! And you look great in a hat! So cute!
FaceFixers said…
I love the maxi skirts - especially the white one.

What it you thinking of styling the blazer with, it's really nice?

Dee x
Get Gawjus! said…
You look gorgoeus Mushine! Those maxi skirts flatter you really well :) I would love to rock them but at my hieght it would look a bit odd hehe.
Loving the Broderie Anglaise details - and the hats are adorable!

I love how you're using regular clothes as maternity wear - I was the same when pregnant with my twins - it's great to buy items that you can use later on too.
Frankie said…
I love the white skirt its gorgeous! x
Lovely outfit there! Love how you put the outfit together! <3

frecklie said…
Those two maxi skirts are beautiful! I wish I could get away with them but im just too tall.. maxi skirts are never quite long enough! :( Loving H&M at the moment - some really cute stuff!

Your sister in laws girls are super gorgeous! Annabelle is a beautiful name! :) xx
Angelica said…
You look gorgeous as usual!! I'm not a hat person, but I love how it looks on other people. Too bad I have bad weather over here. It's been too cloudy and cold.
Lulu B said…
I only have one maxi dress, seriously need to invest in some more , loving the items you have picked up. I was looking at hats in accessorize for my holiday, but couldnt decide which one to get as there were too many lol xx :o)
Andee Layne said…
super cute!!! i purchased that same skirt from H&M and LOVEEEE it xo
fantastic said…
you look great! i've been doing the maxi skirts, and they are so comfortable--especially as your belly grows! they typically have that wider panel, so i just let it sit under the baby, and they become so easy to move around in. i'm currently looking for a khaki/creme colored one--hopefully i'll find it soon!

your nieces are super cute xx
La Petite Olga said…
You look great!! haha I know it is sometimes hard not to go overbord with shopping!

xx olga
La Petite Olga
Esma ♥ said…
Oh i love the firt maxi skirt from h&m, looks awesome on you!
Nawshin said…
You look like cheryl cole facially, has anyone ever told you that?
Tamara said…
Oh wow, white and lace are my favourite clothing details for this summer...You look lovely as always and must admit, you will look wonderful as a mother. Just checking that last photo out, and its beautiful!!! xoxo
Love it's clean look. I adore maxi skirts and dresses.

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farah said…
where r u getting all those tank tops for mom to be? What size is that?
I luurrvve the black and lime green you put together, you've managed to make a really summery outfit but still using black, an achievement in my books!!
Now I really want to buy loads of maxi skirts- garrrghh!!
Hope you a BabyBubbles are doing well, love Lou and Baby Glitter

Muhsine said…
Thanks girls :)

@karen the cardi is from primark but from about 4 years ago. xx

@facefixers It will go with anything as long as it's not too fussy, it looks really pretty and smart when worn, I'll take a picture the next time I wear it.

@Fantastic A khaki maxi skirt sounds amazing :)

@Nawshin A few ppl have told me that :)
Emily said…
You look soo good Muhsine :)
Emily said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Muhsine said…
@Farah the top is from next, it's a UK size 8 from the standard range, my belly isn't that big so normal clothes still fit and they are strechy anyway so will work for a while :) x
Ag said…
Love the straw hats!!!
love the hat ^^

Bad Joan said…
Love the white maxi skirt paired with the striped tank. Perfect for spring!
Dylana Suarez said…
Love this!

Anonymous said…
Love the first outfit, you look gorgeous!
you have a great sense of style.
Girly Notes said…
love that black skirt so much :)
Anonymous said…
Hey love the blog, i have just started a blog.
Was planning to blog about maxi skirts in my next blog. Doing research and i stumbled on your blog. Do you have any advice on getting readers? xx

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