Saturday, 28 May 2011

Nail Polish Rolls..

Yes rolls! A new way to store my nail polishes.

I stored my nail polish like THIS before which was working great apart from the fact that I couldn't see all of my nail polishes at a glance, and now I have rolls, 3 rolls from Roo. I was actually sent these for consideration for review, but as soon as I saw 'storage' in the sentence I had to try them out being the organisational freak that I am.

The rolls are made from faux leather and come in a variety of colours. Each roll fits 14 nail polishes. If 14 is as far as your collection stretches then great, but I have much more. I decided to organise mine by colour. Storing them by brand would have been a good idea too, but I own too many different ones.

The compartments are made up of elastic and mesh. I fit every brand of nail polish apart from the chunky square Estee Lauder ones. The fastening for the roll is made from velcro making it quick and easy to use. The roll itself is durable and practical to use, I know that I will have these for a long time.

The colours I picked were the black, pink and zebra print.

Overall I love the practicality of these, if I want to paint my nails pink, I just grab the pink roll and I have all of my variations. I do wish there was a larger version though, that fit say 5 rows of 10 polishes, this way it would be magical in my opinion to see 50 different nail polishes all spread out without making a mess! :) I also wish it looked a bit prettier from the outside, maybe something floral... maybe I should do a DIY project, hmmm. However 1 roll that fits 14 is fantastic for travelling!

The Roo rolls are available HERE for £14.99 each or any 3 for £30.

How do you like the 'Roll' idea for storing your nail polishes?

Disclaimer: The rolls were sent for consideration for review, I was not paid to write this post and I am not affiliated with the brand. Honest opinion as always!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

It's a GIRL!

Today I had my 2nd scan, and oh my god yes it's a girl!

About 90% of the people I know tried to convince me it was a boy, but they were wrong! Me and the hubby secretly wanted a girl so badly so we thought I would probably have a boy, and was kind of preparing for one. However, We are over the moon it's a girl! Wooohoooo!!!

Here she is with her cute little nose and lips! :)

She weighs 416g, and everything measured perfectly. (Click image to enlarge)

I am 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant, so 5 1/2 months! Here's the bump..

Uhmmm, baby bubbles already has a wardrobe! :) Oh and baby bubbles does have a name but you will all have to wait until she is born to find out!

I actually got a few things after my 1st scan all of which were girls things from Next. They were all half price, so I figured if I didn't have a girl I would give it to a friend. But, yey that I get to keep them!

Today me and the hubby popped into H&M, and got a few things for our little girl...

We also had a look in baby Gap and found these!

Me and the hubby love animals, particularly dogs, chickens and ducks so we couldn't resist this! How cute..

I'm also going to be making her some stuff as I love sewing, and yayyy I can make her pretty beads too! Awwww, and I just want to say thank you to all of you on Twitter for your sweet messages! *heart* you all! x X x

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Revlon - Blue Lagoon

'Blue Lagoon' is such a lovely name for a nail polish isn't it? I mean even without seeing the shade I would want it. It's one of the new shades that Revlon has released for the summer and I heart it!

On close inspection it's a baby blue with tiny flecks of a silver shimmer, the shimmer doesn't really translate on the nails but I know it's there.

Application was a little streaky even with a base coat, it needed 3 coats for a full opaque finish. Even though it required some effort I didn't mind as the end result was worth it.

I'm in love with baby blue at the moment, I don't know why...

Are you liking 'Blue Lagoon'?

Friday, 20 May 2011

Underwater Love..

After the rain comes Sun! And after the sun comes rain again...

I love summer and I love shopping for swimwear!

This week I picked up some gems from H&M.

How gorgeous is this swimming costume, it's truly a steal at £9.99.

I love all the sets that I got and can't wait to wear them with my big pregnant belly! :)

I love the banana print bikini and all I can think of is Pheobe from friends when she changed her name to 'Princess Consweala Banana Hammock'.

The pineapples on the end of the ties are so cute!

Check out the whole range HERE!

All I need now is a holiday. *Sigh*

Pregnancy Skincare!

This is such a tricky subject to cover in one post. Skin care is hard enough to figure out for anybody and when you are pregnant everything becomes 10x more confusing.

The first few months of my pregnancy my skin became very oily and quite spotty due to the hormones racing through my body. Did you know that a pregnant woman produces as much hormones as a non pregnant woman would produce in 150 years? Crazy, I know!

I will be 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow and for the past month my skin has been VERY dry, not just average dry but flaky and disgusting dry, so much so that any makeup I put on it made it look worse. FYI: The dryness was not due to the Clinique toner because I wasn't even using it. It's just the hormones going bananas. Pregnant women's skin becomes incredibly sensitive! Anyway, after discovering some Avene products I purchased last week, my skin looks AMAZING, in fact I haven't seen it look better in years.


My skin is super smooth, and all of the spots have cleared up completely. In the picture below I am wearing a thin layer of the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation applied with my fingers. The past few days I have only been applying foundation to the centre of my face like I would concealer.

The key to pregnancy skin care is to buy products with as little ingredients as possible!

CLEANSING - Pregnant women should look for products suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and non comedogenic. Here's what I use...

Avene Cold Cream Soap Free Cleansing Bar: I use this to wash my face, it's great for sensitive skin and balances the PH level of your skin.

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser: I use this at night to take my make up off, I apply with a cotton pad and wipe away. It's a non rinse off formula so great for when you need to be quick.

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser: I use this every other night with my Clarisonic to give my skin a deep clean.

TONING - Personally I don't think toning is essential as long as you have cleansed properly, but it's a nice treat for your skin! I use..

Avene Thermal Spring Water - I sometimes use this just before I apply my moisturiser and to freshen up and keep cool during the day.

Lush Eau Roma Water - This contains lavender and rose water and is ideal for sensitive skin. I like to use this at night time as I feel my skin really soaks it up. I also carry it in my hand bag and whip it out when I'm feeling hot and irritated.

MOISTURISING - This is my favourite part of any skin care routine as I just love a freshly moisturised face.

Avene Rich Skin Recovery cream - This is a life saver, after one application my skin looked miles better. It's amazing for sensitive and irritated skin that's prone to redness, it helps to restore the hydrolipidic film and is specially developed with a minimum of ingredients. I use it morning and night. FYI: If the foundation or TM I will be wearing during the day doesn't contain SPF when I will use a different moisturiser that does.

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask - I sometimes use this as a night time moisturiser if my skin is feeling extra dry, when I wake up in the morning my face is soft, supple and glowing. I also use it as a mask right after a shower to soothe and calm my skin. After 3 applications, the disgusting dry flakes on my face were restored to a smooth surface , a big thumbs up!


I am still vigorously using the Body Shop body butters, every time I walk past a store I pick up a new scent. My current favourite is the satsuma option, I apply this all over my body every single day after my shower.

On my bump, thighs and breast area I then apply the Neal's Yard Mother's Balm every day. I have almost finished my 1st tub, and will be picking up a 2nd tub soon! So far, so good with no stretchmarks to report, but I'm not that far stretched yet, my belly button is still an 'innie'! :)

Have you had to change your skin care when pregnant or are you one of the lucky ones that have stayed 'normal'? Also, have you tried any Avene products?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Electric Teal..

Just painted my nails with 'Electric Teal' one of the free Nails Inc polishes from InStyle magazine...

Love it!

It needed two coats, and I didn't use a base or top coat.

Are you rocking teal nails?

Thursday, 12 May 2011

No Surfing Baby!

Today I went to check out the 'Surf Baby' collection which is the new collection from Mac that was released in the UK today. I was SO excited about the collection that I even blogged about it a while ago. However, I was totally disappointed and even after swatching EVERYTHING twice I wasn't even tempted to buy anything. The 'My Paradise' blush was such a dark shade of orange/coral and I basically hated it. The bronzing sticks were nice but nothings going to beat the Chanel cream bronzer. The eye shadows were not in my comfort zone, the lipglosses were nice but they didn't wow me and don't even get me started on the lipsticks. I basically ended up dismissing the collection. *Sigh*

I did however, get a few things from the permanent line...
  • Cremeblend blush 'So Sweet So Easy'
  • 130 brush
  • Studio Sculpt Foundation NC25 (The MA took off all my makeup and I'm apparently a NC25 at the moment *shiver* I need a tan.)
  • Moisturecover concealer NW20
  • Pencil sharpener

Here's a swatch of the blush, it's a cream formula but not greasy. It's a soft baby pink and I'm thinking (hoping) it will be my go to blush for the summer.

I also got this beautiful yellow linen kaftan from Zara. It will work with my bump and I can be 'IN' with such a bright colour. I'm really loving yellows and lime greens right now!

Here's a look at everything I got *horror* I spent way too much, the rest of the clothes were from H&M, I'll show you them in outfit posts. If you see all the hair stuff it's because I got my hair highlighted, click HERE to see some twitpics.

Oh I love 'Twirl' chocolate! :)

Did you pick up anything from 'Surf Baby'?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

UK Mags do it again!

Uhmmmmm, well I don't know what to say...

UK magazines are the best, they just keep the freebies coming.

I go and do a nail polish post in the morning, then take a trip to Tesco's to fulfill my cravings and can't help but take a peak at the magazine aisle and I find this.

The June 2011 issue of InStyle magazine is giving away a free Nails Inc polish. 3 shades to be exact, I frantically looked through all of them until I found all 3 as I am a bit of a freak, plus I do love Nails Inc and these shades really jumped out.

The 3 shades are:
  • Electric Teal - A darkened teal which kind of reminds me of 'Plumage' e/s by Mac.
  • Candy Orange - A true orange colour.
  • Fashion Fawn - A muted taupe brown colour.
All colours are glossy creme finishes. The magazine costs £3.70 and a Nails Inc polish retails for £11.

What's your favourite, and will you be buying the magazine for the freebie?

Top 10 Nail Polishes for Summer..

I picked 10 of my favourites from my stash that I have been rocking and will be rocking this summer!

In no particular order apart from colour variation...

  1. OPI: Jade is the new black - This is a dark jade green with a creme finish that needs 2 coats. I contemplated whether it was a summer colour or not, but it is! It's a nice way to do a bright colour without being too loud. It looks great on the nails and toes.

  2. AMERICAN APPAREL: Malibu Green - This is a bright turquoise that's more on the green side with a creme finish that needs 1-2 coats. It oozes attention and EVERYONE is bound to comment on your nails. The only downside is if you forget to use a base coat it stains your nails.

  3. REVLON: Minted - This is a pale pastel mint green with a creme finish that needs 3 coats. It's worth the effort as the outcome is beautiful and flattering on almost any skin tone. I used to have Barry M's version, but it just made my hands look ill.

  4. ESSIE: Lapis of Luxury - This is a pastel blue with a slight hint of purple that has a creme finish and needs 3 coats. I absolutely love this colour as I love lapis, it looks interesting and every time I wear it I get compliments.

  5. MAC: Mercenary - This is a metalic golden bronze that needs 3 coats. I love golds for the summer as it just emphasizes a tan and looks great with gold / bronze jewellery. This was limited edition from the Style Warriors collection a couple of years back.

  6. ESSIE: Haute as Hello - This is a pastel peachy coral creme shade that has a matte finish and needs at least 3 coats. It's not a breeze to apply, but when done with patience achieves a beautiful manicure or pedicure for the summer.

  7. BARRY M: Coral 296 - This is a bright true coral shade that looks amazing with a tan and only needs 1-2 coats.

  8. BARRY M: Bright Red 262 - I'm not usually one for reds in the summer but this red is SO bright with a glossy creme finish and only needs 1 coat. Enough said!

  9. OPI: Strawberry Margarita - A bright hot pink with a glossy creme finish that needs 1-2 coats. I love this for a mani and pedi as it just screams summer and femininity. I also like to be extra girly and top it off with glitter! :)

  10. OPI: Mod about you - This is a whitened pink with a blue undertone that has a creme finish which needs 3 coats. It sort of looks like a pink toned tipp-ex. This colour is by far my favourite for summer, EVERYONE comments on it, FYI - I was wearing it at the Mac event in the previous post.

What are your favourite polishes for summer?
I think I want a yellow polish to add to the stash...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mac Style Suite Red Carpet Masterclass...

On Thursday evening I was fortunate enough to meet Neil Young and Lynsey Alexander who are both senior artists for Mac Cosmetics who showed us a couple of 'Red Carpet' looks, after the masterclass I felt like wiping off all of my make up and wanted to do it all over again with their tips and techniques.

Neil Young did a look focusing on the lips, he used 'Show Orchid' lipstick which is now on my wish list! He kept the skin fresh and natural.

Lynsey did a bronzed sultry eye with one eyeshadow and kept the skin and lips natural and glowing.

It's crazy how natural both the models skin look even though they are wearing plenty of make up. When you think of the likes of Angelina Jolie and Diane Kruger you just think of how beautiful they look and don't really focus on the makeup. Lynsey was explaining how sometimes make up is about what you can leave out instead of put on.

The event itself was at the Pelham Hotel in London, and it was a close group of bloggers and Youtubers. I learnt so much and unfortunately for my pocket I have a whole new wish list! :)


Here's me with my cranberry juice. I do NOT drink at all - ever! Just thought I would add that in! :)

We were given a goody bag and here's the items that were inside...

'Golden' bronzer, some lashes, lash glue, clear brow set, 'Cherry' lipliner, 'Prolong' pro longwear lipstick, Strobe liquid and the Haute and Naughty lash mascara.

Here's swatches of 'Cherry' lipliner and 'Prolong' lipstick along with the 'Golden' bronzer.

To end this post I would say that if I was going on the red carpet I would love a sultry eye, dewy bronzed skin and and nude lips... And, thank you Mac PR for hosting such a lovely event.

What look would you go for on the Red Carpet?