No Surfing Baby!

Today I went to check out the 'Surf Baby' collection which is the new collection from Mac that was released in the UK today. I was SO excited about the collection that I even blogged about it a while ago. However, I was totally disappointed and even after swatching EVERYTHING twice I wasn't even tempted to buy anything. The 'My Paradise' blush was such a dark shade of orange/coral and I basically hated it. The bronzing sticks were nice but nothings going to beat the Chanel cream bronzer. The eye shadows were not in my comfort zone, the lipglosses were nice but they didn't wow me and don't even get me started on the lipsticks. I basically ended up dismissing the collection. *Sigh*

I did however, get a few things from the permanent line...
  • Cremeblend blush 'So Sweet So Easy'
  • 130 brush
  • Studio Sculpt Foundation NC25 (The MA took off all my makeup and I'm apparently a NC25 at the moment *shiver* I need a tan.)
  • Moisturecover concealer NW20
  • Pencil sharpener

Here's a swatch of the blush, it's a cream formula but not greasy. It's a soft baby pink and I'm thinking (hoping) it will be my go to blush for the summer.

I also got this beautiful yellow linen kaftan from Zara. It will work with my bump and I can be 'IN' with such a bright colour. I'm really loving yellows and lime greens right now!

Here's a look at everything I got *horror* I spent way too much, the rest of the clothes were from H&M, I'll show you them in outfit posts. If you see all the hair stuff it's because I got my hair highlighted, click HERE to see some twitpics.

Oh I love 'Twirl' chocolate! :)

Did you pick up anything from 'Surf Baby'?


that cremeblend blush is SO pretty! let us know how the 130 brush works out for you. i've been wanting a small duo fibre brush and am doing my "research" (a.k.a. reading reviews on various brushes :p).
Nyx said…
Report back on the foundation! I also have this and I hate it, it was such a wast of money for me. Than I thought maybe it is my oily skin and gave it to my best friend who has combination skin. She also hated it and gave it back to me...:( It is so nice when I apply it but after a short time it is a mess...shining through, transfers, pick up fine lines, horrible!!!

Hope it will suit your skin!

Laiqah said…
So sweet, so easy looks very pretty!
*adds to wishlist*
I also have loved Studio Sculpt Foundation and might buy another as I'm up!
Look forward to your review and seeing you with your cute baby bump in outfit posts :)

Mehtap said…
The "Surf Baby" Collection didn´t wow me too :( Studio Sculpt Foundation nasil? Review yaparsan cok sevinirim canim...Greetings from Munich ♥
cbsg5861 said…
The Surf baby collection doesn't appeal to me at all. Judging from Temptalia's pictures, the colours are so... off!

Do let us know what you think of the 130 brush! I recently got Chanel Bronze Universel (since you rave about it, I figured it must be worth it!) but I don't own a proper brush to apply it with! Which one would you suggest?

Oh also, is the brand "KUM" inscribed on the the back of the Mac sharpener? If it does, you can rest assured it's the top quality sharpener on the market ;)

LauraSummer said…
I swatched everything for about 20 mnutes too and couldn't find anything I liked enough except the bronzers. I have the soleil tan de Chanel too but still got the gilty bronze bronzing stick. It's really nice though!
Bethany said…
I MUST get that Cremeblend blush! Thanks for the swatch!
EllysMakeupbag said…
I adore the new blush formulas, but i skipped this colour. It's way too cool toned for me. None of the MAC collections interest me lately...
That blush looks so pretty, I want it!
Daniela M said…
Review on the studio sculpt pleace
Sophie said…
I used Marilyn also when I had lighter highlights in my hair! Great choice! Also, love twirl chocolate :) The blush looks really pretty too, I might have to take a look. You got some great purchases! Also, if you got the brush to go with the blush (try saying that fast 5 times!) could you do a review on whether it's worth it or if it works just as good as blending with your fingers? Thank you! xx
wicked haul!! I love the yellow kaftan its gorgeous! Perfect for summer with bump :) xxx
Kaushal said…
Love this post & especially the blush! I recently got the studio sculpt too (I'm not a fan of full coverage foundation) but it's great! x
Anonymous said…
That blush is gorgeous :) x
fantastic said…
Wow, that kaftan is so pretty!

As for me, I probably won't pick up anything from Surf Baby...but I'll still take a look :) I always end up doing the same thing as well--go in to look at the LE line, and then pick up something from permanent! x
i_dz said…
I have the Studio Sculpt Foundation too and it works great for me, I have dry skin. The woman at the counter said it is a foundation for normal to dry skin, so for oily it wouldn't propably work. She said it has something in it that moisturises the skin.
I have the blush as well, and I love it for a every day look, because it is just a hint of colour. I use it with the 130 brush too.
Lucia said…
I´m interested in the Avéne stuff. May I ask you what exactly did you get?
Jodie said…
The blush looks lovely :-)
Anonymous said…
I was so disappointed with Surf Baby Collection, I only picked up one eyeshadow which was the teal colour Surf USA.

I love the top you got from Zara I'm finding it so hard at the moment to shop for clothes, baby bump is growing so much.

I hope all is going well with your pregnancy, great haul btw! :)
Anonymous said…
i was disappointed with the new collection aswel. There last couple of collections have actually been disappointing.

the worst for me has got to be MAC wonder woman that collection makes me cringe! eurghh the packaging =/
EllysMakeupbag said…
Your new hair looks fantastic! I skipped this cremeblend blush because the colour looks way too baby pink but i got something special instead! I don't really care about the MAC summer collections, the Estee Lauder ones are brilliant.
I agree with you about surf baby and I LOVE the blush you got xxx
Alma said…
oh that's so sad to hear about the surf baby collection because I was actually looking forward to it too! i haven't had a chance to get to a MAC yet though.

and yeah love your top from zara...everytime I go in there I just can't find something I like :(
I never keep up with any of the MAC collection lol.

Nice haul! I can't wait to see outfit post with the stuff you got.

I hope all is well with your baby bump :)
JennyNiemann said…
I love that blush color!
LionLovingTiger said…
Nope - I'm like you and gave it a miss. It was just a bit blah for me. My purse is happy for it :)

I'm definitely going to check that blush out now though!

Anonymous said…
I did actually pick up 2 of My Paradise blushes. I know that it's intense but it's like Virgin Isle only need a tiny bit and you get a gorgeous colour on your cheeks.

I agree with the bronzer sticks..I thought exactly the same..nothing better that the Chanel cream one.

As for the rest...there was just nothing for me.

I lovedddddddd the photo of you holding Peanut. i hope he doesn't get jealous when Baby arrives. Terriers are very territorial.

farah said…
u look gorjuz! Just a question regaring ur higlights, isit ok for us to colour our hair during pregnancy? I am bit sceptical over this as I wanted to do so before but few ppl had told me that its best not to put any chemical on our hair as it may be absorped into our blood streams and might has some effects on our pregnancy.I even browsed certain forums, some said its okie if u have passed the first trimester.

Just wanted to know that isit safe for us to do so?
i got the my paradise cheek powder mail order, if i would have seen it in person i wouldnt have bought it, its straight up orange on me and patchy, absolutely not unique and not a patch on mac ripe peach or marine life. so disappointed with it that i gave it to my daughter. i must have 10 peach mac blushers and there all really similar when there on so i swear im not buying another one.x
Andrea said…
Why "shudder" at NC25? Great way to offend people!
I totally agree, the new line looks so underwhelming. Even the packaging is awful, it all just looks so cheap and nasty in my opinion

I'm not a huge fan of MAC anyway in all honesty (I know I'm going straight to blogger hell for that comment)but i really dont see what the fuss is about with this line
Muhsine said…
Thanks for your comments, blogger deleted this post on Friday and then it came back but without the previous comments. I know someone asked about what avene products I got, they were:

Skin soothing mask, extra gentle cleanser and extra rich skin recovery cream.

Also, I will do a review on the studio sculpt foundation once I have made my mind up on it.

@Andrea I have never been so pale, I'm not used to it. Those who follow me from way back know I'm NC30-35 normally. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Everyone likes different things, some people use fake tan and some people use skin lightening creams, it's just what you prefer.
bubblegarm said…
@farah Its best not to put any chemicals in your hair for the first trimester. I did alot of research too and they say it's better you have your hair done than feeling down with yourself. Plus, I had highlights so no chemicals actually touched my scalp. As long as it doesn't become a habit it should be fine. :)
OhMyJemimah said…
yeah i didnt like the Surf Baby Collection. I was actually more impressed by the new NARS collection :)

BTW i gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award :)
farah said…
Thanks for the reply Muhsine.Thinking of doing it too after Ive passed my 1st trimester.And as much as I love your highlights, would u mind telling me what are the brand? Isit Wella or Redken or Loreal? The number of the highlight would be helpful too ;)
farah said…
thanks for ur reply Muhsine.Im thinking of doing it as well after I've passed my 1st trimester.And as much as I lov ur higlight shades, would u mind telling me what r they brand?Wella or Redken? And the number of it would be helpful too ;)
Muhsine said…
@Farah Yes, def wait until your first trimester is over. I had foil highlights scattered all over with thin strands of hair. He did some closer to the route and some halfway down to create a slight ombre grown out effect. He then used a toner to make the colour more natural. Not sure what brand he used :/ Good luck with your pregnancy. xx
Anonymous said…
I'd be really interested to hear what you think of the cremeblend. I bought one in Something Special and really didn't like it. NOT a patch on the blushcremes. Don't like the shades and especially don't like the texture.
Hollie Ann said…
How do you like that concealor? I need a new one, everything I've tried..smashbox, cover fx, bobbi brown, and benefit comes off after 15 minutes or is two heavy after 1 hour.
farah said…
thank you muhsine!Good luck with urs too:;)
Summer Loren said…
I reviewed that blush a couple of days ago it's a gorgeous colour I've been using it nearly every day! It's such a pretty colour! x

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