Underwater Love..

After the rain comes Sun! And after the sun comes rain again...

I love summer and I love shopping for swimwear!

This week I picked up some gems from H&M.

How gorgeous is this swimming costume, it's truly a steal at £9.99.

I love all the sets that I got and can't wait to wear them with my big pregnant belly! :)

I love the banana print bikini and all I can think of is Pheobe from friends when she changed her name to 'Princess Consweala Banana Hammock'.

The pineapples on the end of the ties are so cute!

Check out the whole range HERE!

All I need now is a holiday. *Sigh*


Mehtap said…
LOVE the swimming costume! ♥ I was surprised that H&M has soo many beautiful bikinis...hepsi cok güzel yaa :)..yazi dört gözle bekliyorum :D

iliana said…
You look great, thanx for the Avene tips (:
Amber said…
Ohh, how gorgeous!! I love bathing suit shopping :) VS is my fave for bathing suits!
Supergirl said…
I bought one in H&M too. And I get a lot of compliments:)
Summer said…
oooh, those are all so pretty <3 I bought one in H&M as well, really cute!

Unknown said…
I like the first swim suit! It's really nice.
civciv said…
bikiniye bayildim :))

cok güzellll <3

güle güle giy canim :)

Stephanie said…
ooh i got the grey one too :) with the textured matching bottoms with the tooth/elephant tusk detail and gold zip! h&m's bikini prices are so reasonable!

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