25 Weeks..

My mind at the moment can't really focus on anything but the baby hence the lack of posts lately. I'm still working, but next week is my last week so I can't wait to put my feet up and relax! I still feel good but tired and have a little back pain, but it's nothing serious.

Here's what the belly looks like today, I'm exactly 25 weeks pregnant (6 months + 1 week) and I feel her moving constantly. They feel like mini kicks and punches which sometimes keep me awake at night, but I love it! :)

I went a little crazy in the 'Baby Gap' sale, I would show you but there's far too much! Ooops! :) We have decided on what cot we are getting which is a small one from Ikea, and the style of bedding I want. We fortunately got a feeding chair from Ikea already and I love it. However, I am so undecided on a pram. I want one that is suitable from birth and will last her until she grows out of it. It needs to be lightweight as I live on the 2nd floor and we have no lift so I need to think about how I will manage when I'm alone. So far, we are thinking of either the Icandy 'Peach' or 'Strawberry', or Bugaboo 'Cameleon'. But, then there's always the one's from Mama's & Papas and then I have to decide on a colour! Oh decisions decisions.... Any advice and suggestions would be great! By the time I have this baby I'm going to be an expert in pregnancy I tell you! :)

So far, I am loving my bump and dressing for it, all is good and I hope to update again soon!

Kisses from me and baby bubbles! x X x


Anonymous said…
Good to see your keeping well, and your pregnancy is going good :) x
Alisa said…
My one piece of advice would be to not decide your pram based on price. It's the one thing you really shouldn't cheap out on. You will use it every day for about three years! If you figure out how much it costs per use it's actually the cheapest thing you'll buy, no matter how much you spend. Get exactly the one you want, you'll thank me later.

You look lovely, enjoy these last few months. They go by fast!
Leanne OCD said…
You look radiant! Glad everything is progressing nicely for you x
you are looking fabulous and glad to hear things are going well. I can just imagine how hard a decision it is to pick a pram and i would be going crazy in Baby Gap too! :) xx
Anonymous said…
You look so well :). Glad to read all is well :)
Sophie said…
My brother and sister in law have the Quinny push chair in black. Have a look at the make (they are also on sale on mothercare just FYI, I just checked!) http://tinyurl.com/63pxxj9 It folds easy and I think is light enough. Another piece of advice i'd give is to not to get one in pink, but get a unisex colour. Because you never know, you may need it for another baby and if that baby turns out to be a boy i'll bet he won't be too happy in a pink pushchair! lol :) Oh and also, I think black is the most expensive colour in all things baby, but red is cheaper. I hope you find one soon! xx
Muhsine said…
Thanks girls :)

@Alisa I totally agree! :)

@Sophie Yes it has to be a unisex colour, I was thinking of red... but I like the Bugaboo Cameleon in yellow :)
jennie said…
You're absolutely glowing, I'm so happy for you! Xo
I'm glad you're enjoying your pregnancy. You look really glowy and beautiful.
Farah said…
aww! you look beautiful and from what i can tell, i think you'll be a wonderful mother. :)
Olivia said…
I'm glad to hear you're doing well. You look so radiant and very happy. Best wishes, Olivia <3
You are glowing and looks simply beautiful! Congratulations...enjoy the journey and new adventures ahead of you! So fun!!!

Liesl :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!!! Enjoy it!
Anonymous said…
You're absolutely beautiful! You look fantastic. Baby Gap will become a serious addiction, just warning you ;)
lamia said…
Mashallah You look stunning Muhsine !!!

♥ Sarah ♥ said…
Awwwww you look so beautiful in your pregnancy! Stunning! :) xx
Multibooklover said…
You look so gorgeous!
Czarina said…
Your one of the preetiest moms I've ever seen. So pretty. && congrats.(:

Twelve52 Blog said…
Well it certainly seems pregnancy suits you! I'm glad to hear you're doing so well, congrats again xxx
Anonymous said…
Best of luck! <3

Sakina said…
Mashallah ! What a beautiful mummy you are ! Hope you show us the bedroom after the transformation. Lot of kiss from France !
You look great! Your baby bump is so perfect and so cute. Wishing you all the best in the weeks to come!
Anisa said…
Good to see your pregnancy is going well. Just some advise on the pram, i work at mothercare so i have a bit of experience with these things. icandy look lovely but i have heard parents coming back for a pram because they find them to be too heavy and as you said you're looking for something light, I would take that into consideration. Would recommend the bugaboo or maybe the Mothercare Spin?

Good luck with everything :) x
lil_cutie89 said…
aww its so obvious how much you are happy :) wish u everything well <3
Patricia said…
looking really good :)
Aw you're looking fab, good to hear everythings going well, you look so happy & radiant x
You look fabulous doll as always!

M said…
I've had the bugaboo cameleon and it was one of the best decisions i've made in my life (and ofcourse the 800 euro pricetag, i know :) but that thing is just perfect in every way, lightweight and fairly slim to go shopping in stores without hassle. Most important thing is the doublesided mechanism so you can turn the pram and the baby so they can watch mommy when they are little or turn it away from the parent so the baby can watch the outside world when they want to. Whatever brand you choose be sure to buy one of those because it's gonna save you a lot of baby's tears and discomfort. btw. i have never used my ikea cot, never ever and he is still sleeping with me (L)
Gosh ur belly's grown so much already? Time goes by so fast!
Best advise i can give u for the pram is:

1) One handle instead of 2 (coz a lot of times u'll need ur other hand free)
2) Lots of space under the pram (for baby's bag or shopping bags, believe me u will need that extra space, u dont want to impose extra weight on urself)

Enjoy ur well deserved rest, dont buy too much things because a lot of presents should be coming...

Focus on making friends with other mums so ur baby will always be surrounded by other kids, its more important than anything else.

Have lots of sex, the sperm liquid is great for preparing your vagina to the birth

WARNING: Something we are shy to talk about: Eat liquids days before & after the birth, believe me, its the worst time to be constipated, because of your vagina's sensitivity. Same goes for colds, make sure u dont catch one, sneezing provoks a push reaction down in that region, already very sensitive...

Jen said…
I would say both of those prams are are on the heavy and big side and would be very hard to get up and down stairs. If you don't want to be buying another one after a few months I would reccomend a quinny zapp xtra or a phil and teds smart (I have this one :]) Im on my 3rd pram now after getting a big mamas and papas, great for the first month or two but then becomes too bulky, then a maclaren pushchair, nice and light but bumpy. Its hard to get right to be honest! I would reccomendy trying a few too see how big/heavy they are first x
Jen said…
If you really like the bugaboo's maybe look at the bee?x
I LOVE this look! I'm featuring it on my weekly Irresistible Links post!
Tamara said…
Muhsine, gorgeous, you are glowing!!! By far the most beautiful pregnant woman I have EVER seen <3 xoxo
Marshall said…
Now you're talking, I am a baby buggy maniac!!! Owned many and made the mistake of going for looks and not suitability! As good as the Bugaboo is, it really is a nightmare for lugging about! It's heavy, bulky and if you travel anywhere, its a right pain in backside!! My advice to you is, chose a buggy that folds in one, by that I mean, one that you don't have to remove the seat 1st to fold. I had the Silver Cross Surf (which is fantastic for new born but not much else) and bugaboo chameleon, got rid of both for this reason. I've now got Baby jogger city select and it's the best buggy I've owned by far (and there has been MANY!!)
If you get a plain colour, like Black, you can funk it up with gorgeous seat liners. I really hope my advice helps ;) x
Nilufar said…
hi muhsine

i'd probably say to get a darker colour like brown, black, red. only because buggies get really dirty in flats my sister got a baby blue one and it just did not want to stay clean.

the cameleon is good but yellow isn't practical.

hope you well

Nari-Elle said…
lovely belly and you are looking fabulous
Makeupaholic said…
Don't get pushchair in any bright colour my friend got the yellow one and it was always covered in flies and wasps were attracted to it!!
Calista said…
cok tatlisin Muhsine. Hamilelik yakismis.
Pari Coleini said…
beautiful blog :)
I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx

You look glowing and beautiful!
Come check out my blog!
Elle said…

I think I tweeted my blogs to you but, I really love my Quinny Buzz!

We have the dreami cot, and my daughter slept in that during the day which was awesome to have around.

It's nice because you can get the maxi cosi which snaps right into the stroller from your car.

It was also super convenient as we didn't wake her up after a walk and putting her into the car.

Hope that helps :)

Saif Imtiaz said…
wish you and your upcoming baby all the best
Animal Planet

I've just stumbled across your blog.

Have you though about the Bugaboo Bee? It is a great pushchair and suitable from birth. My sister has it and her 2yr old still uses it.

Best of all, it is extremely easy to manoeuvre in shops, especially clothes shops where things are packed tightly together as it is not very wide. The front wheels are great and my nephew has always seemed very comfy in it.
Congrats on your pregnancy.
I'm also due on October 1st i'm having a boy!

Hope all goes well for you


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