28 Weeks - 7 Months Pregnant!

Today I'm officially in my 3rd, and last trimester of pregnancy! Woo :)

The baby now weighs over 1kg, and can measure up to 38cm. She can open her eyes and turn her head in my womb. She is getting used to blinking and now hopefully has eyelashes. Her fat layers are forming and her bones are almost developed. Apparently I will gain 5kg in the last trimester.

Here's the baby bump, my lovely little lump..

I have 12 weeks until my due date and I can't wait, I feel like time is dragging but then I stop and freak out and think "I'M NOT READY"! I still need to organise and get so much stuff. I'm going crazy nesting and thinking about layouts, colour combinations, and space saving. The good thing is we have decided on the buggy we want which is the 'Bugaboo Cameleon', it's lightweight and does everything I want it to do. I think I want a dark base and a cream top. I realise cream may sound crazy but I have stopped and questioned so many people on the street and nobody is complaining. Plus everything is washable so all is good.

Overall I'm feeling good and don't have any complaints, with regards to symptoms, I'm peeing A LOT more and I am experiencing some heartburn which is supposed to mean a full set of hair. But, I doubt that will be the case, I was bald and so was my husband so I'm not expecting much, but time will tell! :)

Baby Bubbles is kicking a lot more and each time I'm happier and can't stop smiling!

I did a quick trip to the Monsoon kids section yesterday and found these...

Seriously who can resist? Even more reason to buy them when they are on sale!

I love the detailing on these white linen trousers, I have been buying all these pretty things in 6-12 months as I want her to be comfortable in them for next summer. ROLL ON NEXT SUMMER! :)

Oh and the hubby got her a little Arsenal kit with her name on it on the back, it's SO adorable!

I'm loving reading 'Pregnancy & Birth' magazine and 'Babies - The mumsnet guide' which has some great tips and advice! I totally recommend reading as much as you can, you can never have too much information.

Kisses from me and baby bubbles, thank you for all of your support with my pregnancy posts! x X x


nicoletta said…
Aww how exciting not long now really. You have such a gorgeous neat little bump xx
Bilgentolis said…
inanılmaz tatlı görünüyorsun, Allah sağlıkla, mutlulukla kucaklamayı nasip etsin bebeğini. bir ömür çok mutlu olursunuz inşallah :D sabırsızlanıyorum görmek için bebişi :D bilmiyorum bloğunda yer verecek misin fotolarına ama verirsen eğer sabırsızlanıyorum işte görmek için hehe :D
Muhsine Emin said…
@nicoletta Thanks hun :)

@Takhisis Cok tesekkurler, amin! Bende cok sabirsizlaniyorum, gunler inan gecmiyor, blogumda gostericem resmini ama herzaman degil, bir iki kere belki, emin degilim ama! xxx
Unknown said…
Hi Mushine!

You look great! Baby bubbles will be here in no time, you'll see!
I'm the Mum of a one year old boy, I can tell you that my life has changed... I'm so happy and proud to be a Mummy!
Your little princess will look so adorable in these cute clothes!
I wish you all the best...
(By the way, I'm the girl whose husband painted her toe nails while pregnant!! Do you remember?!)

Lots of love from Switzerland!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Cara Thanks, Yes I remember I'm still trying to convince my hubby to paint mine hehe :) x
Monika said…
Your bump is cute! haha so excited for you and I'm glad everything is going well!
Love the moonsoon stuff...I'd be going crazy buying pretty girl clothing esp in the sales.
Hey Muhsine! Aww how exciting for you! Time has flown by! Haven't commented but have been following all of your posts as usual! Love all the things you've bought for baby bubbles, she is gonna be one trendy baby :) Wish you all the best hun!

Love Aysh xoxo
Charlotte Amber said…
Clothes are super cute.

Your bump is super cute!!

heavenrain said…
that's so adorable!
can't wait to know the name you have picked :) All the best !
Take care X
got it, love it said…
looks like we have to wait for the name!!! :) u r looking so amazing! maybe u wont believe this but i was in mamas and papas to get few things for my nephew and got a lil gift for the baby bubbles, i was so cute, i cudnt resist :) and so far she is the only baby girl i know :)))) how can i send that lil package to you muhsine?
Unknown said…
I Love reading your pregnancy updates so much, sweetheart! I feel this Baby Bubbles is going to have so many loving aunties in the Blogging community!
Take Care and enjoy the last trimestre!!
P.S: The pictures are wonderful, as usual, love the baby pink, white and fuchsia combinations.
Emma said…
between you and watching sprinkle of glitter's past youtube videos im starting to feel quite broody haha! i work in monsoon and am glad you picked up those bits, so lovely! when it gets a little colder they have gorgeous little shrug cardigans too :) x
Sabina said…
awww such pretty clothes. im really wanting a girl too.i find out on friday.fingers crossed xx
h-factor v 2.0 said…
you guys sound psyched. continued prayers and best wishes. <3
Anonymous said…
congrats on your 7 months! I really love how you have taken the pictures they look so summery & fresh! x
Wow, I hope my body looks like yours when I'm prego one day!!!
KillaCamilla said…
you look amazing! You're almost there! I'm almost 38 weeks and it's literally a waiting game now. Don't stress over the small stuff. baby will be here soon and none of it will matter anymore! Just get the essentials and it's even more fun to shop after wards with your little bundle :)
fantastic said…
sooo cute :) that second little top is adorable! xx
Sakina said…
You look beautiful like always !!! I have a question Muhsine, I'm algerian I live in France and I don't know how can I do about make up in ramadan period! What advise can you give me about this period? And you, what can you will do ? I suppose you will not do ramadan because of your pregnancy ! I Love you Muhsine ! ;)
Nausheen said…
Aww, good luck in you final trimester. Loving the cute outfits!

Please visit my blog http://nudelipstick-pinkblush.blogspot.com/

Thank you. xx
Houda said…
aaaw lovely post mashallah i waited ages for this one I still cant blv ur pregnant lol its so surreal mashallah I cnt wait to see the little cuty inshallah all goes well!

Muhsine Emin said…
Oh my, thank you so much for your heartwarming comments girls :)

@misssarch email me, u really shouldn't have!!!!!

Jen said…
Lovely little clothes! Have you had a go pushing the chameleon? Everyone I know who has had one gets something more lightweight 8/9 months down the line they are meant to be quite heavy and are a 2 piece fold as well. Lovely to be able to customise and swap colours though
Lived With Love said…
aww you have such a cute little bump! she's going to be gorgeous :)
Anonymous said…
Baby bubbles is going to be one fashionable little lady :)
In the last week I have started to experience heartburn too which isn't very nice, but not long to go now :)
Glad everything is going good for you! x
s said…
your baby bump is sooo cute!
Miss Katy x said…
Aw, well done :) Is it your first? x

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